Smart Nora Review


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Even when presented with video evidence, most of us will swear up and down that we don’t snore.

It’s an embarrassing problem, as are several of the methods used to prevent snoring – like those funny things you stick on your nose. Nonetheless, it is hard to ignore the issue that snoring presents.

Snoring can keep your family awake. Disturbed sleep can have detrimental effects to one’s health over time, and it certainly doesn’t make for a happy family. This is where the Smart Nora comes in to save the night.

smart nora review

An elegant and subtle means of reducing, if not stopping, snores from interrupting your sleep, this is a sleep aid that works wonders.

Though pricey, the Smart Nora is effective and adapts to each individual’s needs.

If you’re on the search for a product to help stop snoring, then check out our Smart Nora review to see if this is the right solution for you.

Smart Nora: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 7 inches.
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds.
  • Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Power Source: Batteries.

Product Composition

There are three parts to the Smart Nora; the pump, the insert, and the microphone.

The pump is tucked away in a pleasantly styled box and is attached to the padded insert (the part that sits underneath your pillow) by a thin airline.

The insert itself is unobtrusive when not in use, and can be paired with a variety of pillows – including foam, cotton, and feather-stuffed.

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the microphone – which detects the severity of your snoring and instructs the air pump when and how to inflate the insert – can be placed anywhere around your bed.

Smart Nora: The Brand

Smart Nora was created by a group of designers and engineers with years of experience.

The Smart Nora snore-aid itself was crowd-funded on Kickstarter, with blazing success, and holds a glowing reputation with customers.

The fact that the Nora was crowd-funded shows that there are thousands of people out there desperate for a snore-aid that actually works, and that the Smart Nora showed promise.

Even just looking at their website, you can tell that Smart Nora really cares about helping people overcome problems with snoring.

smart nora review

This is a group trying to help others learn how to solve this night-time problem, and we couldn’t be happier buying from such a company.

Every return that falls within the 30-day money-back guarantee has been honored, and very few customers have anything remotely negative to say about Smart Nora – the product, or the company.

Smart Nora is also partnered with the innovation think tank MaRS, a center dedicated to sleep sciences and products.

That is some serious pedigree! Seeing this kind of industry backing the Nora really raises our confidence in the product.

Smart Nora Review

Stand-Out Features

  • Discreet: No wires attached to your face, nothing dangling from your mouth, the Smart Nora is a contactless solution – you just need a pillow.
  • Quiet: The pump included with the Smart Nora is also undetectable, so you won’t be distracted by whirring, or random device sounds that could keep you (and your partner) awake through the night, doing the opposite of what the device should do – keep you ‘soundlessly’ asleep.
  • Customizable: Smart Nora understands that not everyone sleeps the same. The device is customizable to your needs including a timer-delay for those who take a little longer to drift off, and microphone adjustments to control the sensitivity.

The Positive


The Smart Nora is highly adaptable to different people, which is not the case with several other products of its kind.

Lots of sleep aids only work one way, on one setting, and it either helps you or it doesn’t. This can be frustrating for those that desperately need a fix for snoring!

The Smart Nora, however, can be tweaked to work for all sorts of needs.

In adjusting the microphone’s sensitivity, those with light snores, or those that want the Nora to work at the first hint of snoring, can set the machine to begin its job right away. This is great for those who live with light sleepers!

Plus, if you struggle to drift into dreamland, you can flick on the 30-minute delay. This function will prevent the machine from doing anything while you fall asleep, ensuring you can relax and slip into the REM cycle without being disturbed.

Easy to Use and Set-Up 

This is one of the easiest snoring solutions to set-up and use so those without patience need not worry.

Simply slide the end of the pump into your pillowcase and under your pillow, attach it to Smart Nora, and set the Nora Pebble at the most optimal position for you (on your nightstand, above your bed, etc.).

smart nora review

You can then test the Smart Nora by laying on it and seeing if the pump gradually raises and lowers your pillow. After that’s all set, you can let Smart Nora do the rest.

You can tuck the box next to your bed to keep hidden, and keeping the Pebble out doesn’t take away from making the device pretty much undetectable – easily blending in with your overall bed set.


If an anti-snoring method works at home, that’s great. But what about on vacation? What about a friend’s house?

Vacations and visits are designed to be relaxing, and it’s hard to accomplish this when your partner’s snoring keeps you awake all night.

Therefore, it’s wonderful that packing the Smart Nora up for a getaway is easy. The whole machine is rather compact, allowing you to carry or store it easily during a move.

The largest section, the air pump, is roughly the size of a medium handbag and will fit in even small suitcases.

Moving the Nora around to different rooms so that other people can use it too is no trouble at all.


Some might look at the Smart Nora’s air-pump and cringe; pumps are typically pretty loud, and in the dead of night, even quiet noises can wake people up.

We are pleased to report that Smart Nora’s pump is super quiet. Unless you’re sitting right next to the pump, ear pressed to the box, you’ll barely register any noise at all when it powers up.

This is great for light sleepers! Besides, the whole reason for this machine is to stop you from snoring and waking up your partner.

Swapping snores for a noisy air-pump seems pointless, right? It’s not fair to everyone else to replace one disruptive noise for another, and sleeping on the couch really isn’t good for your back.

Have no fear of noisy air-pumps with the Smart Nora! It’s quiet as a mouse.


While some people might find that adding a device to their bedding makes for an uncomfortable sleep, customers are really surprised by how comfortable the Smart Nora is.

While it takes some adjusting to, it is one of the most unobtrusive devices on the market. Those who did find it uncomfortable found that by upgrading their pillow, they were able to achieve great results.

smart nora review

If you’re someone who doesn’t like things touching you at night, or want to sleep a little more freely while addressing your snoring, then the Smart Nora should definitely be considered.

Great Customer Support

As we’ve mentioned, Smart Nora has built up solid credibility with their customers through their service, so know that you won’t be left alone.

Not only are you promised a 30-day money back guarantee, but the Smart Nora also comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect customers against any manufacturing or craftsmanship damages.

Should you find a fault with your device, simply contact Smart Nora and they’ll be able to repair or replace your device at no additional cost to you.

While some companies give you hassle, Smart Nora gives you support.

The Negatives

Not For Everyone

It says a lot when this is the only negative mark we could talk about. No product will satisfy every customer. It’s impossible to think that one ever could!

The Smart Nora isn’t for everyone. Though the vast majority of customers are incredibly happy with the Nora, there is a small number who aren’t – this may relate to what causes their snoring in the first place, and also how some people sleep.

stop snoring device

Some customers have found that all the Nora does is give them neck pain, and others find that even after weeks of tweaking the settings, their snores are hardly affected.

Customers with these issues comprise only a very small percentage, however, plus…

The 30-day money-back guarantee is a good reason to take the risk, even if the Nora doesn’t later work for you.

As Smart Nora has honored this guarantee in the past, we feel that the hefty price of the machine isn’t so much of an issue.

It is important to note that there is an adjustment period when you use the Nora for the first time. A deal of tweaking the settings is needed, as is adjusting to sleeping in an altered position.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but Smart Nora customer support is there if you’re unsure.

Here’s a video showing what the Smart Nora looks like out of the box.


Overall Verdict

Snoring is a problem that plagues many people. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, especially since this machine is a solution with a 99% success rate.

This machine reacts only when it detects snoring, elevating your airway just enough to cease the snores, and is practically perfect in every way.

Though there have been issues with the Smart Nora causing neck pain, this is only with a very small percentage of customers; the rest are tickled pink with their new, restful sleep patterns!

So, if you are on the hunt for a snore-aid that is almost always guaranteed to work, check out the Smart Nora.

Where to Buy the Smart Nora

The Smart Nora is a breath of fresh air for snorers, being a product that suits most sleepers and is actually effective.

It’s risen in popularity and has been featured on a number of tech and sleeper blogs, with raves about its performance.

It can be a little hard to find though, and it’s a shame it’s not offered by more retailers.

To start your search, you can check out their website.

smart nora review

That’s all for our review on the Smart Nora. Would you give it a try?


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