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Welcome to Hack To Sleep! 

Our mission is simple. To arm you with the tools, resources and products that will beat insomnia for good.

We are a small team of writers that has each been directly affected by patterns of broken sleep. We know how disruptive it can be, and we want to help. We are passionate about ensuring you have the tools and advice you need to improve your sleep quality.

On this site you will find our take on some of the world's most popular sleep tools, aids and products. Our different areas of expertise allow us to cover many of your common sleep complaints in our FAQ section. We have also spent hundreds of hours reviewing and assessing the latest sleep gear.

Optimise Your Bedroom For Maximum Comfort

Hack your bedroom for better sleep

We’ve reviewed hundreds of different sleep products, and this is what we’ve discovered:

There is more to an optimal sleeping setup than a good mattress and suitable bedding.

Much, much more!

The growing industry of sleep tech is packed full of innovative solutions exploring the latest cutting edge sleep science. Areas such as climate control, audio soothing and sleep tracking make it possible to customise your bedroom in a way that is perfect for you – the individual.

We know from studying various sleep disorders – and your own questions – that every individual has a unique situation calling for different treatments, sleep aids and tools. As such we encourage you to take an open-minded approach in to how you can target the factors that are most likely to produce better sleep for you.

This might mean improving certain aspects of your diet, cutting out caffeine or alcohol. It might mean introducing white noise or soothing soundscapes to your sleep environment. Maybe you would benefit from black-out curtains if you are affected by the lighting in your bedroom. Perhaps you are affected by the stuffiness or humidity in your room, in which case optimising the air quality of a sleeping area can work wonders.

Our belief is that sleep quality can be improved exponentially through lots of small marginal improvements.

Add those improvements together and the difference to how rejuvenated you feel in the morning is night and day.

To help you on this journey we have curated and reviewed hundreds of different sleep solutions. From anti-snoring devices, to white noise machines, to humidifiers, to wearable tech that can help you measure the results.

We know first hand that insomnia (or broken sleep) can be gruelling. It sucks the life and energy out of our waking hours. But no matter what is preventing you from accessing quality sleep, there are solutions and treatments that can help.

Our mission on Hack To Sleep is to present you with those options, and our honest unbiased account of how effectively they have worked (or flopped!) for us.

Sleep Gear: Buyer Guides

It's not easy keeping up with the latest sleep gear. If you search Amazon or go hunting in your local superstore, you'll find dozens of products wrestling for your attention... all promising better sleep.

Our Buyer Guides are designed to arm you with an accurate picture of the best options for a variety of sleep related products.

From the best mattresses for side sleepers, to the best noise-cancelling headphones, to the best supplements to promote deep sleep. We've deep-dived in to dozens of useful product categories that can help you customise your bedroom environment and truly hack your way to better sleep.

Be sure to check out our latest guides for inspiration on the sleep gear that could make a difference for you.

Free Dreams Analysis and Interpretation

So you've finally drifted off... only to be awoken by vivid dreams, or terrifying recurring nightmares.

One of the things we've learnt from your questions over the years is that a lot of readers find their sleep affected by the nature of their dreams. A negative recurring theme can create anxiety about falling asleep, unleashing a vicious cycle of insomnia, unwanted nightmares and increasing desperation!

At the same time, a pattern of positive dreams can activate good associations and therefore encourage better sleep.

Our Dreams Analyst Cindy produces a regular column that delves in to some of the most common dream themes. She explores what our dreams can tell us about our underlying emotions. This can be both therapeutic and fascinating.

Be sure to check out our Dreams Analysis section if this subject is interesting to you.