SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow Review

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HTS Verdict

The SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow is a solid choice for those looking for a more natural alternative and those looking to get a better night’s sleep.

The fact that its backed by a 5-year warranty and guarantee makes it easy to buy with confidence though those with a latex allergy should look into other options.

Sleep can be hard to come by some nights. Swapping out your old, probably lumpy pillow for a super comfortable one makes a huge difference, especially for those who struggle to sleep if they aren’t 100% snuggled up and supported.

This high thread count, anti-mite, and hypoallergenic SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow is capable of carrying you into dreamland with little fuss.

The firm latex foam core will offer enough support so that your spine, neck, and shoulders are not strained during sleep, making every night’s sleep (or sneaky afternoon nap) a restful experience.

talalay latex pillow

While the Talalay does carry the mild smell of latex even after being aired out, the natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow is a good choice for anyone who needs comfort and support for a great night’s sleep.

Let’s take a closer look!

SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow: the Details


  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 15 x 5 inches (medium), 28 x 15.5 x 5 (soft)
  • Material Composition: Natural Rubber/Latex
  • Cover: Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Warranty: 5 years

This pillow comes in the standard configuration, and is suitable for back, front, and side sleepers.

Material Composition

The SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow is made of natural latex, with a removable cotton cover and a polyester inner cover. The latex is natural, not synthetic in the slightest, and is breathable and non-absorbent.

The cotton and polyester covers are both 100%, with the cotton being easy to remove and clean.

This combination of materials creates a breathable, hypoallergenic pillow resistant to moisture, dirt, mould, mildew, and mites.

The backbone of this incredible pillow is the inner core. Made of latex foam, the core is resistant to losing its solidity; the Talalay offers great support and comfort to all kinds of sleepers.

sweesleep latex pillow review

Offering a layer of protection comes an inner polyester cover. This cover is laced with air holes that will prevent any musty scents from forming between washings and will extend the life of your pillow.

Finally, the cotton outer cover, which is fully removable, and offers another layer of protection and comfort.

This is the sort of triple-threat-hit that we love.

SweeSleep: The Brand

SweeSleep is a lesser-known brand, but all of their organic latex is certified for purity by the Eco Institute. Plus, all their organic latex also meets the Oeko-Tex standards.

While they do stand behind their product, with a nice five-year warranty doing a lot to raise our confidence, SweeSleep still doesn’t have much of a name for themselves – though that hasn’t impacted their quality.

SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow Review

Stand Out Features

  • Warranty: A solid warranty acts as proof that the company really backs their product. SweeSleep offers a long 5-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing if any problems occur, the company has your back.
  • Gross Resistant: You won’t have to worry about icky things like mildew or dust-mites with the SweeSleep Natural Pillow. It’s made to be resistant against bacteria, mildew, and dust-mites so you can have a clean sleep for nights to come.
  • Tested and Certified: You don’t have to believe everything a company says about its product, but when it’s backed by industry certifications, it’s hard to ignore. The Talalay Latex Foam pillow is Eco Institut and Oeko-Tex certified to back its claims.

sweesleep latex pillow review

The Positives


This pillow is a fantastic choice for those with allergies or skin conditions – excluding latex allergies.

Latex is a breathable material that will not absorb moisture – good for sad movies and humid nights (and the odd spilled drink) – which keeps the pillow core dry and clean over time.

Alongside these benefits, the latex core is anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, and dust-mite-resistant.

Shape Retention

The benefits of natural latex pillows include shape retention.

Plain cotton core pillows lose their oomph and fluff after a while, but this is not the case with latex foam cores.

Long after first use, the Talalay holds its original shape, and will do so for a healthy length of time.


Aside from the latex core, the other materials used in the Talalay are cotton and polyester.

100% cotton forms the removable cover, and 100% polyester (with air holes) forms the protective inner cover.

These materials make a quality pillow that will not degrade easily and won’t irritate your skin. Speaking of…

Natural Skin Care

Anyone and everyone should be changing their pillowcases at least once a week – especially if you suffer from oily skin, acne (even just mildly), dandruff, or any skin condition.

Doing so will help keep your skin clear and healthy, just like washing your face daily does.

The Talalay, due to its anti-bacterial and moisture-resistant properties, is a great option for anyone who deals with one or more of the above issues.

This makes the Talalay an especially good choice for teenagers dealing with acne for the first time or for those people who need prescription assistance due to the severity of it.

When it comes to skin care, everything helps.

Comfort and Orthopaedic Support

A good night’s sleep is vital for a happy, healthy life, and should never be undervalued, so knowing that no matter how you sleep – back, side, front – this pillow will cradle your weary self with ease.

The latex foam core offers excellent support for anyone with neck, back, spine, or shoulder pain.

This pillow in particular is good for keeping your spine in a neutral position while you are sleeping, resulting in reduced pain and quality sleep time.

All around, a good combo.


Coming in at a price that rivals the competition, the SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam pillow is very affordable and a great buy, considering the quality of the materials and the construction.

This average price makes grabbing one of these pillows a smart investment – especially if you are getting a pillow for everyone in the family.


Hygiene is critical for anyone with health problems or young children. A sanitary pillow is essential!

The Talalay’s anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, anti-mite, and anti-mould properties make it a must buy when shopping around for quality bedding.

Is it the best latex pillow around? Well, no. But is one of the most hygienic? You bet it is.


Don’t just take our word for it (or the company’s) these pillows are certifiably safe so you won’t have to second guess if this pillow stands by its promises.

The SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow has a Oeko-Tex stamp of approval so you know these pillows are made without harmful materials.

sweesleep latex pillow review

In addition to the Oeko-Tex certification, these pillows are also Eco Institut Certified meaning the materials used to make the pillow do not contain even a trace of harmful chemicals and won’t lessen your air quality.

These certifications need to be updated annually so you know the quality is up to date.

Now you can buy with confidence.


Five years is a healthy warranty for bedding.

It shows that SweeSleep is confident in their product, which boosts our confidence in return.

SweeSleeps 100% guarantee also makes it easier to return the pillow if it just doesn’t give you the feel you were looking for.

Simply contact the company if you’re not totally satisfied and they will either replace or refund your pillow without any additional hassles.

If you are a fan of having the insurance of a good warranty, then this is definitely a pillow for you.

Long Lasting

Despite the warranty and guarantee included with the purchase of the SweeSleep Pillow, this will be sure to last you a while.

As mentioned, the pillow will continue to keep its shape but it also won’t break down as quickly as other pillows.

Latex tends to stand up to time, while memory foam pillows break down quicker thanks to its synthetic make-up.

While it’s important to change your pillows after a period of time, you’ll be able to lengthen the life-span of your pillow before heading to the store for a replacement.

sweesleep latex pillow review

The Negatives


Let’s not mince words: this pillow has a smell.

SweeSleep recommends to keep the pillow away from sunlight and well ventilated for about 5 to 10 days but even with proper airing out and washing, this pillow will always have a faint, lingering odour of latex.

This smell isn’t harmful or deeply unpleasant, but for those with delicate senses of smell, this may be a huge mark in the strike column.


Due to being made of natural latex, the maintenance for this pillow is a little more than what regular cotton pillows require.

The Natural Talalay Latex Foam pillow requires gentle hand-washing and air-drying – which cannot occur in direct sunlight, so you will probably need a back-up pillow the night you decide to wash the Talalay.

If you are willing to put a bit of TLC in, then no problem, but if you are strapped for time and know cleaning will need to happen on the regular, this is not the pillow for you.


If you or someone in your house has a latex allergy, this pillow is definitely out.

Luckily, there are a multitude of memory foam and other support pillows out there that can be an alternative choice.

Overall Verdict

While SweeSleep is lesser known, the proof is in the pudding – this is one of the best latex pillows out there!

Despite the odd whiff of latex and the regular washing required, the SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow is a fantastic option, especially for those who are hypoallergenic.

Plus, we can heartily recommend this pillow to those who suffer shoulder, back, or neck pain and need quality support during sleep.

Finally, the anti-bacterial properties of the latex foam core have huge benefits for anyone with acne or skin conditions.

Where to Buy the SweeSleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow

While SweeSleep has produced a top notch product with their Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow, it’s still a lesser known brand.

And with an array of well-known brands in competition, the SweeSleep pillow can be a little bit tricky to find at your usual department store.

For these same reasons, it can also be a bit of a challenge to find online.

But of course, it’s available for purchase on Amazon.

sweesleep latex pillow review

That sums up our Sweesleep Natural Talalay Latex Foam Pillow Review. Have we tempted you to try it out?

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