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HTS Verdict

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow has a misleading name since it suits just about anyone that’s looking for the support and comfort of a full body pillow.

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom, injured, or have special sleeping requirements, chances are, this pillow will be just what you’re after.

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow was designed to improve comfort for anyone who has trouble finding a decent sleeping position.

While marketed toward pregnant women in particular (as the changes in the female body at that point make sleep both precious and hard to find) they aren’t the only ones who can find solace in this pillow.

best pregnancy pillow

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, or any other affliction that makes it hard to sleep, this pillow can show you a way to finally get some rest. Simply by changing the way in which you hold your body, you’ll find that falling asleep becomes easier.

While plump and providing exceptional support, there are a few things to consider. Some people worry about the initial flatness when the pillow arrives, while others would have liked to see an added cooling gel technology incorporated to assist with the organic cotton layer.

However, are these issues really enough to make us doubt the comfort that the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow can offer?

We made sure to dig deep into the details and are ready to offer you our advice. Just read on and discover if this is the pillow you need in your life.

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 55.1 x 31.5 x 7.8 inch.
  • Material Composition: Velour cover with cotton inside, combined with a polyester filling.
  • Cover: 100% velour.
  • Hypoallergenic: No.

The Queen Rose pregnancy pillow is available in baby pink, light blue, and normal pink, in combination with blue, gray, and white.

Material Composition

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow consists of three materials.

First, you have the cover, which can win over anyone who loves softness if it comes in the shape of a100% velour. This softness is a real winning feature and one of the main selling points of this pregnancy pillow.

On the inside, you’ll find an additional layer of cotton, providing a better breathing capacity as well as counteracting the heat retention of the velour and the underlying polyester.

The latter makes up the stuffing of this body pillow, giving it the firmness and pliability needed to become truly comfortable.

While it also makes the pillow seem a bit flat upon its arrival, it’s easy to fluff up the polyester and make it into the best pregnancy pillow – like it was meant to be.

full pregnancy pillow by queen rose

Queen Rose: The Brand

With a name like Queen Rose, it’s no surprise this company puts women and their comfort in first place. Their full body pillow is their pride and joy and shows their Californian business spirit.

Their four values are pillars of a modern company, with the need for compact comfort being the first pillar,  sure to please both pregnant women and anyone in their family.

Their need for durability translates into a full body pregnancy pillow that is made to last. And with the combination of their last two pillars, organic and people-friendly manufacturing, you can enjoy your naps without ever having to feel bad.

While Queen Rose doesn’t have many products to put on display yet, after the overwhelming positive feedback on their pregnancy pillow, we’re sure they’ll continue to present more items to make home life a bit comfier.

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Stand Out Features

  • Not Just for Pregnancies: The item name might say ‘pregnancy pillow’ but don’t let that keep you away. This is a great option for those also looking for a good full-body pillow, as well as new mothers, and those with pain or injuries.
  • Easy Cleaning: Thanks to the cover included with the Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow, it will be all the easier to clean. The cover is removable, which means all it takes to clean your pillow is to zip it off and toss it in the laundry. This makes cleaning less daunting, especially when you’re pregnant.
  • 30-Day Guarantee: Queen Rose backs their product and their customers by offering a 30-day guarantee with your purchase. This means you’ll have 30 days to try out the pillow and if you decide that it’s just not working out, you can return it for a full refund within this time period.

The Positives


While it’s being advertised as a pregnancy pillow, you shouldn’t underestimate its abilities. It can also take the place of more expensive pillows and it’s more flexible in the ways you use it.

full pregnancy pillow by queen rose

While orthopedic mattresses remain static in their use, the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow can be arranged in just the way you need.

If sleeping in the ‘normal’ positions is painful, a full body pillow is an excellent way to break apart from pain and discomfort.

Those who are pregnant will benefit, but those who need a little extra body support, or those recovering from an injury may find that this is the pillow they need to make their sleep comfier.

Various Positions

You don’t need to use this pillow just to sleep. It also works great as a bed rest, a book rest, or something to cuddle while you’re watching television.

And since this is marketed for pregnancies, those who are pregnant should know that this pillow will definitely lend a helping hand during nursing, breastfeeding, and childbirth recovery, making it a great option for new mothers too!

It’s lightweight, so you can move it from the bed to the sofa without hassle. This also opens up the possibility of taking it with you on vacation so you’re never left in an uncomfortable state.

Versatility is key, and Queen Rose has found it. The only downside? Family members might try to claim your body pillow once they realize just how convenient it is.

Fits Most Beds

Body pillows should fit both your sofa and your bed since those are the spots where you’ll be using it most.

One of the most common issues with pregnancy and full-body pillows is that they tend to hog all the room, and when you share a bed, this can be frustrating for your partner.

Queen Rose Pregnancy pillow review

The Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is just big enough to fit most double beds, leaving you to enjoy a pristine sleep without having to kick your partner out of bed.

And should you be sleeping alone, this pillow will still let you cuddle up to something soft.

Firm But Fluffy

What’s the use of buying a good mattress and then messing it up by owning a body pillow that completely ruins the experience?

The polyester filling can be fluffed up nicely, providing all the support necessary during the night or while you’re reading.


Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom, or just someone looking for a better night’s sleep, chances are you’ve already spent enough money as it is on products to assist you.

While most body and pregnancy pillows tend to lean on the pricier side, Queen Rose manages to keep their price low, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Along with its durability and guarantee, we think this is a great value.

The Negatives

Needs Fluffing

While the Queen Rose body pillow is lovely when it’s fluffed up, most people are disappointed when it first comes out of the box.

Just like other pillows and mattresses that are shipped in a box, this body pillow is highly condensed when being sent on its way to you. Because of this, you’ll have to allow the pillow some breathing time and a good amount of fluffing up.

Once this is done, it’ll function as you need it to, so no need to be put off by the initial appearance.

Flimsy Cover

A lot of customers had complaints about the cover included with the Queen Rose Full Body Pillow. It’s great that it’s easy to clean, but many users mentioned the lack of quality in its manufacturing.

Some noted that it was stitched poorly, while others just thought it was cheap and less durable than the pillow itself.

While not an issue for everyone, fortunately, the cover is removable, so if you do find it to be subpar, you can always buy or make a new one.

No Cooling Gel

Some of our testers get hot quickly while sleeping and expressed some concern over the polyester filling, which isn’t the most heat-resistant material.

While the pillow itself won’t heat up, it won’t contribute to a cooler sleeping environment either. Be prepared if you already need fans or other items to help you fall asleep.

This feature does turn into a benefit if you happen to be a cold sleeper since you’ll appreciate that heat doesn’t cool down throughout the night.

Limited Colors

If pink and blue aren’t your thing, then you’ll have to settle for either white or gray.

While these colors do match with most interiors, we would have liked to see some more solid colors in this lineup.

If you’re feeling handy, you can always make your own pillowcase. All in all, this is a minor downside to an otherwise really great pillow.

queen rose pregnancy pillow review

Overall Verdict

The Queen Rose Full Pregnancy Pillow isn’t reserved for just pregnancies but is a treat for everybody who could use a bit of extra help finding the perfect sleeping position.

If you find yourself with pained joints or just need something to help you sit straighter, this is a good body pillow that combines just the right amount of fluff with firmness.

The main appeal for pregnant buyers would be the versatility in combination with the soft colors and future use, either by yourself or your children.

While this is a sure winner when it comes to relieving aches and pains, the polyester filling won’t do any favors to the warm sleepers among us. If you have your heart set on this pillow, prepare a room with plenty of ventilation for your future nap times.

Overall, we think this pillow will be the saving grace to those who need that extra bit of padding.

Where to Buy the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

While this isn’t Queen Rose’s first venture into pillows and bedding, there’s not much of a brand presence for their products. But with items like the Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow gaining popularity and attention, we hope to see their products in more outlets soon.

It’s usually best to check home department, bedding, or specialty stores, but this pillow will prove hard to find both in-store and online.

You can kick-start your search by checking out the following online retailer.

And, of course, you can also get this pillow on Amazon.

full pregnancy pillow by queen rose

That’s it for our Queen Rose Pregnancy Pillow review. Are you curious to give it a try?

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