Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow Review

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The Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow offers comfort and support along with a luxurious feel.

Backed by an amazing customer service team, these pillows are made to last a few years while providing a better night’s sleep throughout its lifespan.

At Hack to Sleep, we know how important a good night’s sleep is, which is why we create these reviews.

A pillow may seem like a simple thing. However, a good pillow makes a huge difference between a bad night’s sleep and a great one.

Typically, 100% down pillows can be too soft for most people. This is not the case with the Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow.

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While there are the odd occasions of the pillow being too soft, the fantastic customer support and ability to customize your pillow certainly make up for the odd dud – alongside a heap of other positives that make this down pillow a tempting buy.

Let’s get into it!

Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow: the Details


  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 16.3 x 6.3 inches (standard)
  • Material Composition: Goose down
  • Cover: Cotton
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes

The Superior, aside from an incredibly cool name, comes in three basic sizes: standard, queen, and king.

Each goose down pillow has a 700 fill as standard, but you can contact Continental Bedding directly and have your fill customized to meet your needs.

Material Composition

The Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian Goose Down Pillow is made with 100% Hungarian goose down encased in a 100% cotton, down-proof fabric cover with a 300-thread count.

This ticks all the boxes in the terms of extending the lifespan of the pillow, and it certainly makes it one of the best goose down pillows out there.

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Continental Bedding: The Brand

Continental Bedding has the delightful tagline of ‘There are people who love pillow fights, we respect their love’ emblazoned on their website.

Such a bold statement, one that we happily agree with, as you know that if this is their motto, they take the quality of the pillows they create seriously.

Continental Bedding has made a name for themselves through high quality products, but also wonderful customer service and a dedicated team of professionals that do all they can to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow Review

Stand Out Features

  • Customizable: This isn’t your ‘off the shelf’ kind of pillow. Customers who purchase the Continental Bedding Hungarian Goose Down Pillow will have the option of customizing their firmness so your pillow wont be too soft, or too firm, but just right.
  • Efficient Customer Service: Continental Bedding’s customer service won’t leave you hanging should you have any questions or concerns in regards to these pillows. Their responses are usually quick, so you’re not left wondering about the next step.
  • Easy Washing: We know cleaning is daunting, and we’d hate to add another task to laundry day. Fortunately, these pillows are easy to wash. They’re machine washable so you can just toss it in your washer on laundry day.

The Positives

Customer Service

When trouble comes knocking and you need a replacement, have a question, or want to voice a concern, the last thing you want is to jump through customer service hoops.

Continental does stand out for having timely, helpful, and polite employees working in their customer service department, who will be able to address most issues.

Having a quick, informative response to product issues is definitely a big plus.

Customizable Pillows

If 700 fill is too soft or too hard for your needs, you can customize pillows fill to your desires.

This is a great bonus for people struggling to find the perfect pillow, or who want to treat themselves to extra plushness.

No need to conform to the pillows the company offers – you can make it just for you.

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Super Fluffy and Soft

The benefit of 100% goose down is that you get an incredibly soft pillow, almost akin to sleeping on a cloud.

You will go to bed, lay down, and be immersed in gentle, luxurious comfort.

This is the best of the best when it comes to high quality feel.


Good for sleepers of all kinds! Side, back, front, you name it, and the Superior will offer you good support while you are in dreamland.

In fact, the support this pillow provides makes it good for propping you up during movie nights – or for helping the kids make truly spectacular pillow forts.

And if you get so used to your pillow that you can’t live without it, the smaller sizes are perfect for making your travels a little less hectic.

Machine Washable

No one really has the time to wash bedding or clothing by hand, these days, so the fact that (using a gentle cycle) you can chuck the Superior in the washing machine is a nice plus.

This way, you won’t have to dread lugging your bedding to your local dry-cleaners, and you can avoid using any harsh cleaners on your pillows.

No Clumping

Fluffy down feathers seem to clump over time, especially after years of use or washing. This is not the case with the Superior.

Whatever Continental Bedding has done (magic?) to the goose down keeps it from clumping together in uncomfortable lumps.

A nice boost to the lifespan of the pillow, a definite tick in the pros column, and definitely making this one of the best down pillows we have come across.

Made in USA

These pillows are made locally in the United States, reducing carbon footprints, and making the company more available than if they were overseas.

This pillow is also made with materials from the US, making it a greener and more reliable option  for your bed.

This could also be the reason why customer service is readily available to tackle any issues!

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Even if you do not customize the fill, the Continental Bedding Superior Pillow is still a highly supportive pillow.

Given how stuffed to (nearly) bursting it is, it is not surprising that this pillow is able to provide top notch support throughout the night.

Those who wake up with sore necks, backs, or shoulders should definitely look at grabbing one of these fluffy clouds for your bed!

Size Variety

You won’t be stuck with a standard pillow size that only accommodates some beds.

Available in standard, queen, and king sizes, the Superior is suitable for a variety of personal needs. Adults and kids can find their perfect fit easily.


Quick Delivery

Since it’s made in the USA, you won’t have to wait for overseas shipping meaning they’re able to ship your pillows in a flash.

Customers have reported that the process from ordering to delivery is a quick one, so you won’t have to wait too long for a good night’s sleep.

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The Negatives

Under/Over-Stuffed Pillows

As usual with large manufacturers, they produce the odd lemon from time to time.

Sometimes, the pillow will not be firm enough, other times the pillow will be too slack.

Continental has proven themselves to assist customers when the duds appear, so while this is a negative, the top notch customer service renders it almost benign.


Even with the stringent cleaning and sterilization systems the goose down goes through, there are times when there is a lingering fowl smell (pun most definitely intended).

Mind you, this is post unpacking and airing out.

Such a stink should not be wafting around after all of that, and if you have a sensitive nose, the aroma can be unpleasant.


This is not a cheap pillow.

Generally, the Superior, bought as a single, will cost you a couple hundred dollars. That is a hefty price for a pillow.

Considering that most people buy two or more pillows at a time, you could be looking at a bill which edges on the thousand mark.

No Warranty

After spending a decent amount of money on these quality pillow, it’s a shame there’s no mention of a warranty.

A warranty gives customers a sense of security, knowing the company has their back should any errors be found.

Fortunately, Continental Bedding has an outstanding customer service department that can rise to your help should any problems occur.


Goose down does not have the rigidity and resilience of, say, natural latex or memory foam.

After roughly a year of consistent use, these pillows tend to lose a bit of their oomph.

While you can fluff them back up with some good hand-plumping and a toss in the dryer with a dryer sheet or two, this is a discouraging point not in the Superior’s favor.

If you are looking for a long-term pillow that will stand up to heavy use for years, try looking elsewhere.


Even with the tough inner cover protecting the goose down fill, there have been instances of quills poking through.

If you have ever experienced it before, you know how uncomfortable it is – especially if one manages to get you in an uncomfortable spot.

If you are worried about someone getting scratched in their sleep, either invest in a tough outer cover or look elsewhere.

Synthetic Smells

Besides the rare cases where the pillow smells of fowl, there have been instances where people can detect a distinctly artificial scent – leading them to believe that the goose down core is not natural down, but rather synthetic down.

More than likely, what people can smell are the chemicals used to treat and sterilize the down.

Still, you don’t want your pillows smelling funny.

Overall Verdict

The Continental Bedding Superior Hungarian Goose Down Pillow is a comfortable pillow that offers good support all-around.

While it does not have the lifespan of foam pillows, lasting a few years on average, the comfort of the Hungarian goose down core is unmatched and provides a delightful luxury experience.

If you don’t mind the hefty price, this is definitely a pillow to put on your shopping list.

Where to Buy the Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

Thanks to the quality products produced by Continental Bedding, this brand is growing in popularity. Backed by top-notch customer service, Continental Bedding is becoming hard to ignore.

In hopes to bring sturdy but soft pillows to homes everywhere, the Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow can be found both in-store and online.

To start, check out the following online retailers.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

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That’s it for our review on the Continental Bedding Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow. Curious to try it out?

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