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We do recommend the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress for its cool and breathable design, lack of motion transfer, and cloud-like softness.

Looking for a mattress that fits your preferences seamlessly can feel impossible. How do you know if it’s truly right for you? Every bed promises a delightful night’s sleep – but not all of them are correct.

You may not have to look further than the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress. We’re here to provide the full story, so you can make an informed decision on an important purchase. It’s both comfortable and supportive, and despite being created entirely from memory foam, stays cool no matter how long you rest on it.

early bird mattress review

Unfortunately, there are some complaints about the thickness of the mattress and the odor that comes with memory foam. Are these major issues or rare complaints? Let’s take a closer look at the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress and find out.

Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 79 x 59 x 10 inches (Queen).
  • Hardness: Medium soft.
  • Item Weight: 64 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: High-density support foam, cooling gel memory foam, high airflow cooling foam, and Tex-Cel cover material.
  • Cover: Tex-Cel cover.
  • Expansion Period: 24-48 hours.
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Material Composition

The Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress is composed of four different layers. The first is the high-density support foam, which ensures you don’t immediately sink into the mattress. It provides a strong foundation to cradle the weight of your body.

Next is the cooling gel memory foam. This keeps the mattress cool even on the hottest days of summer.

On top of that is the high airflow cooling foam. This layer also keeps the mattress cool, while enhancing its breathable design to prevent lingering odors.

The final layer is the high-tech, Tex-Cel cover that surrounds the other three layers. It wicks away moisture, promotes air flow through the mattress, and is silky-smooth against the skin.

early bird foam mattress

Corsicana: The Brand

Early Bird is owned by a company named Corsicana, which prides itself on making high-quality but affordable mattresses for their customers. They want to provide people with mattresses that “give you the quality sleep you need to wake up ready to blaze new trails. We’ve been in the mattress business for a long time and we decided it was time to make a mattress especially for you.”

In their Early Bird line of mattresses, they offer memory foam and hybrid models in a variety of different sizes. The hybrid models include an inner spring system within the memory foam. The memory foam versions are several layers of different types of foams, including cooling gels, higher density supportive foam, and breathable high-airflow foam.

Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress Review

Stand Out Features

  • Cool temperature: This is a surprisingly breathable memory foam mattress, unlike many other mattresses made solely from layers of foam. It includes “cooling gel” foam to keep you from overheating as you sleep.
  • No motion transfer: The Early Bird absorbs movement, keeping a tossing and turning sleeper from disturbing his or her partner.
  • Certi-Pur: No harmful chemicals, no formaldehyde, and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) means that this is an environmentally-friendly mattress.

The Positives

Comfortable Feel

While comfort is definitely subjective, most people report the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress as very comfortable. With multiple layers of memory foam cradling your body, and cooling gel sapping away excess heat to prevent sweating, it’s not hard to see why. The combination of the gel and the foam helps the mattress contour specifically to your shape, so it personalizes itself to your body each time you lie down.

The memory foam mattress does not have an internal spring system. Without the spring system, it will not develop “hot spots” like older spring mattresses do – there’s no metal embedded in the foam to eventually press uncomfortably against your body as you try to sleep.

The hybrid Early Bird mattresses do have an internal spring system, but the purely memory foam mattresses just have the multiple layers of comfy foam all the way through.


The foundational layer provides the stability needed to support your body and prevent sagging in the upper, softer layers. When matched with two extra layers of foam that reshape to your body, the result is a very supportive mattress. Just firm enough to hold you steady, but soft enough to remove pressure from your back, hips, neck and shoulders. This is true no matter the sleeping position you prefer.

Even if you like to sleep close to the edge of your bed, this mattress is soft and supportive all the way to the sides. Any spot you choose to sprawl out is fine with the Early Bird.

Plush Firmness

The Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress has a plush-firmness. As such, it’s ideal for those seeking pressure-relief over full-on back support. It’s also perfect for anyone who likes a soft, cushy mattress over a more firm option.

Early Bird does make other mattresses that are ranked as more firm, but for those looking for a bed like a cloud, this memory foam mattress will do the trick. It provides the most pressure relief possible.

Stays Cool

Don’t worry about overheating on this mattress. Memory foam is notorious for absorbing body heat and retaining warmth from the room, but that is not the case here. The breathable cover promotes airflow and allows moisture to evaporate, while the breathable memory foam naturally expels unnecessary heat.

As such, this bed won’t grow as hot as other memory foam mattresses found elsewhere. With all these components working together, you stay cool and dry while you sleep.

No Motion Transfer

If you’re concerned about motion transfer, then look no further. Early Bird used a supportive memory foam within the layers to give the mattress great stability and reduced motion transfer.

best memory foam mattress

So, when you get up in the morning, the bed will absorb your movements and your partner won’t be bothered. The same goes for tossing and turning in the night; the motion is controlled and localized, which will help both parties get restful sleep.

Good for All Sleep Positions

The Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress also works for all sleeping positions. Whether you prefer resting on your back, your stomach, your side, or toss and turn while you sleep, the mattress will conform to support your body and make you comfortable.

Some mattresses are best for one position or another, but you can sleep any way you please with this one. The entire mattress is constructed with the same layers from edge to edge, so any spot you choose will be equally comfortable. There’s no “sweet spot” with this mattress – every inch of it is equally soft and supportive.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Memory foam is chemically manufactured, and that can raise suspicions for certain buyers. Luckily, Early Bird is very transparent about their materials. All their foam is Certi-Pur certified. This means it contains no harmful chemicals, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals, and it contains low VOCs (volatile organic chemicals).

best bed in a box

Whether it’s you sleeping on this mattress or someone you love, you can rest easy knowing that safe, environmentally-friendly materials are used to create the Early Bird.

The Negatives


Mattresses are one of the more expensive items you buy for your home, and among your choices, memory foam beds are rather costly in general. As such, you expect to pay more – but some found this bed more pricey than necessary.

At $600 on Amazon for the Queen size, the bed does ask for a notable amount – even among other 10-inch memory foam mattresses. The price also doesn’t include a bed frame. You will have to purchase that separately. It could be your perfect fit, but you’ll have to consider your budget first.


As with all memory foam beds, the Early Bird model comes with a slight chemical odor. This is the result of the shipping process and the creation of memory foam in general. It will go away after a day or two, but if you’re especially sensitive to odors, this may not be the bed for you. If you’re willing to have patience, however, you can allow it to air out in another room for 48 hours. This allows the odor to dissipate significantly.

Even though it probably will have a slight odor upon unpacking, it’s well worth remembering that Early Bird has pledged to use no harmful chemicals, no formaldehyde, and low volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which will make a difference in how much a memory foam mattress needs to air out. Some of the Early Bird mattresses had zero bad smells upon opening!

Thinner Than Expected

The expansion process takes 48 hours or less, but its final size may vary. While the mattress is supposed to be ten inches in height, it may end up thinner. To help prevent this, be sure to give it ample time to expand at its leisure. It may look done, but laying on it too soon could smash down the final result.

Officially, laying on or sleeping on the mattress while it’s expanding won’t affect the final size of the mattress, but it’s worth giving the mattress the full expansion time it needs.

These boxed mattresses are extremely easy to set up but do need some time to reach their full size after being packed down so tightly for shipping and handling.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress. It offers several layers of memory foam for both comfort and support, features cooling gel to ease warm nights, and accommodates every sleeping position. The lack of movement transfer across the mattress is also a big plus for those who regularly share their beds (or just for sleepers who toss and turn!).

So long as you have time and patience to let it air out and expand and don’t mind an inch or two of thickness potentially being lost in the process, it’s sure to give you a comfortable night’s sleep.

Where to Buy the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress

The Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress is available from a few online sellers, including:

Overstock ($585)

Early Bird ($599)

And of course, it is available on Amazon.

early bird matt

That’s all we have for the Early Bird Memory Foam Mattress. Will you consider it for your bedroom?

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