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Helix Mattress does a great job at catering to your personal sleep needs and combining them into your perfect personalized mattress.

Because this store is only based online, you may have to do some trials before finding the right fit.

Thankfully, Helix combats the guesswork with quick and convenient shipping, all included into its reasonable pricing.

When looking at online retailers for mattresses, you’ve probably noticed that many of them offer a singular, standard model that claims to be perfect for any sleeper. Yet you’re aware that you’re not just “any sleeper” – you’re you, and you’re looking for a mattress that will cater to your specific needs.

Helix Mattress is a brand that offers a unique experience that will change the way you shop for mattresses.

helix mattress review

They’re one of the first online companies to offer a personalized mattress that you can create through an online quiz.

Whether you want a little or a lot of support, a plush or firm feel, Helix can help you make the mattress that’s right for you.

But do they live up to the hype, or are they the same as other companies? Here we break down the details so you can make the best buying decision.

Helix Sleep Mattress: The Details

Since Helix mattresses are all customizable, the specifications below may vary, even if the mattresses are of the same size, but here’s an idea of their Queen-sized mattress.

helix mattress review


  • Product Dimensions: 60”x80”x10”.
  • Hardness: Varies (Helix mattresses range from medium-soft to medium-hard).
  • Item Weight: Varies between 80 and 90 lbs. depending on the customization.
  • Mattress Composition: Helix dynamic foam, pocketed microcoils, high-grade polyfoam.
  • Cover: 100% polyester.
  • Expansion Period: 45 min. to 1 hr.
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty.

Helix mattresses also come in these configurations: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and California King.

Material Composition

Though no Helix Mattress is configured the same, their layers are made with the same materials.


The cover is made of 100% polyester which is thin and isn’t made with padding.

This allows for easier cooling by letting air move more freely, as well as giving sleepers more contact with the micro-coils and foam beneath.

Helix Dynamic Foam

Helix has a unique foam called Helix dynamic, which offers a happy medium between memory foam and latex.

It doesn’t cause allergies like latex nor is it too hot like memory foam. It serves to contour to the body while offering cooling relief for the sleeper.

Pocketed Microcoils

If the idea of a traditional spring mattress makes you uneasy, don’t fret!

Helix designs their mattresses with hundreds of individually pocketed micro-coils that promote both weight distribution and pressure relief, while offering a bounce that you’ll enjoy.

They also help to reduce motion transfer so you both won’t be bothered if the other is tossing and turning throughout the night.

best foam mattress

High-Grade Polyfoam

No mattress is any good without a solid foundation, and the Helix mattress is made from a high-density polyfoam.

It provides strength and durability in the base layers, whereas the densities of the upper layers are varied. This creates different support layers and profiles to ensure your comfort.

Helix: The Brand

Based in the city that never sleeps (New York, New York), Helix was founded by people who understood just how frustrating the process of finding the right mattress can be.

They believe that there is no one-size-fits-all type of mattress, because everyone is different and therefore everybody sleeps differently.

This is why they developed a customizable experience – so that everyone can get the mattress that best suits them.

Helix believes that “People’s differences should be recognized and celebrated,” and they choose to honour this through their passion for comfort.

Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

  • 100 Night Trial Period: Whether you’re getting a new custom mattress, or just buying one from your nearby department store, this is a feature not offered enough. With Helix, you’ll get the chance to really test out your mattress before committing to it.
  • Extended Warranty: In addition to the trial period, Helix wants to ensure you’re definitely satisfied with a 10 year limited warranty. A lot happens in 10 years so this offer creates an extra piece of mind.
  • Split Mattresses: Helix is all about customizing mattresses to suit the sleeper and they keep everyone in mind. If you’re living with a partner or just happen to share your bed, you won’t have to compromise thanks to Helix’s split mattress offer that combines both preferences.

The Positives

Customization and Personalization 

Before you order your Helix Mattress, take a sleep quiz hosted on Helix’s website in order to determine which one is right for you.

This quiz is very intuitive, asking questions like: “Do you toss and turn at night? What is your primary sleeping position? Do you wake up with pain in the morning? What type of feel do you prefer in your mattress?”

These questions contribute to the building of your own personalized mattress. From the type of firmness to support or temperature, the choice is yours!

Mattress Types

For those of you who aren’t solo sleepers and have a partner who doesn’t share your preferences, Helix has an answer for that, offering a choice of either blended or split mattress types.

Blended mattresses consider the needs of both you and your partner and blend them into an option you can both agree on.

The split mattress has two halves that are designed for the needs of each person. These halves are affixed and cured to form one seamless mattress.

However, this option is only available in the Queen, King, and California King sizes, and takes an extra two to three days to manufacture.


The foam and micro coils contribute to the bounciness of this mattress.

Bounce makes your mattress perfect for both whimsical and amorous play, or if you are coming home from a long day and you just want to plop down.

Cool Sleeping Surface

Due to the thin cover and breathable foams, this mattress will keep you cool throughout the night.

Forget about waking up in a puddle of your own sweat – Helix knows that nobody wants to sleep in an oven.

helix mattress review

No Off-Gassing

Unfortunately, that new mattress smell isn’t as appealing as that new car smell.

This notorious smell usually forces you to leave your new mattress in a separate room for a few days to get rid of the stench, despite wanting to break it in right away.

Thankfully however, the Helix mattress has no off-gassing, so you won’t have to pinch your nose or wear a mask while you rest.

This is probably thanks to their mattresses being pretty eco-conscious. Helix mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified meaning they’re made with no harmful materials and won’t be detrimental to your indoor air quality.

As a bonus, everything is recyclable.

100-Night Trial Period

All Helix mattresses come with a 100-night trial period, which is pretty good.

You have 100 days to try out your mattress, and if you’re unsatisfied, you can send it back for a full refund.

That’s more than enough time to break in the mattress and see if it’s one you want to keep for years to come.

We should also note that Helix doesn’t even try to re-sell their mattresses that haven’t passed the trial. Instead, they try to donate them before recycling them.

10-Year Limited Warranty

All Helix mattresses also come with a 10-year limited warranty, which covers any manufacturer defects.

This warranty is for Helix mattresses but can also be extended to Helix mattress covers as well.

Whatever is wrong (so long as it isn’t caused by you) Helix will repair.


You would expect customizable mattresses to be more expensive than your traditional mattress, but Helix mattresses are decently priced.

Even if you just get your standard custom mattress without all the extra bells and whistles, you’ll still stay within a reasonable price range, including taxes.

As for shipping, well, shipping is free, so no need to worry about that!

Easy Shipping

Speaking of shipping, Helix mattresses are assembled by hand and shipped from factories across the United States, making these customized mattresses feel a little closer to home.

The mattresses are usually delivered quickly in 6 – 10 business days so you’re not left waiting in agony wondering what sleeping on your new custom bed will be like.

personalized mattress

Another thing you won’t have to stress about is how you’ll get your mattress from your front door to your bedroom.

Helix mattresses are delivered to your door rolled and compressedly packaged in an easy to manage box. The removal of the mattress is also complimentary if you’re not totally satisfied after your trial.

Financing Options

While the Helix custom mattresses are offered at a reasonable price point, sometimes we just don’t have all the money up front.

You won’t have to delay trying to get a proper night’s sleep due to your wallet limits thanks to Helix’s financing options partnered with Klarna.  .

You have the option of making planned payments over 6 months with a chance of waving the 19.99% interest fee or you can subscribe to a flexible monthly payment with no commitment.

The process is similar to that of applying for a loan and may not be for everyone, but can be a bonus for those looking for flexible payment options.

Here’s a video showing what the mattress looks like unpacked:

The Negatives

It’s a Combination Mattress

Some people don’t like memory foam mattresses and others don’t like spring mattresses. If you fall into either category, then this mattress wouldn’t be the right fit.

Though you get the best of both worlds with this configuration, you’ll be stuck with the qualities of both of the aforementioned types.

There is no option for an all foam or all spring mattress, despite the customization, which can be annoying for those especially particular to one or the other.


No matter how much you customize your mattress, you won’t know how it feels until you get it.

This is what trials are for, sure, but buying a mattress, not liking it, sending it back, shopping around for a new mattress, then getting a new one can be a hassle you don’t want to go through again and again.

There’s no way to be sure that this is your dream mattress until you receive it, so be prepared if you don’t happen to like it.

Overall Verdict

If you want a custom bed made for you, then Helix is the go-to brand.

Helix sells their personalized mattresses at a competitive price-point comparable to other regular mattresses you’d find on the market.

Their sleep quiz will configure your ideal Helix Mattress, with a variety of questions to try to get the right fit, but be aware – it might take some trial and error.

helix mattress

That’s it for our Helix Mattress review. Tempted to give it a try?

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