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Sealy Response Premium Mattress Rated

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The Sealy Response Premium Mattress is without a doubt one of my favorite mattresses on the market right now.

Incredibly comfortably, wonderfully supportive, sleeps cool and has impressive durability — what’s not to love?!


  • Sublimely comfortable
  • Highly supportive
  • Ideal for bad backs
  • Enough support for heavier sleepers
  • Sleeps reasonably cool
  • Handles to ease placement
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • No sagging
  • Strong edge support
  • 10 year limited warranty


  • Not as plush as advertized
  • Bulkier than your typical ‘bed in a box’

You just can’t say comfort without saying Sealy Response Premium Plush Pillow Top Mattress.

The Sealy Response Premium (available on Amazon) is one of the most luxuriously soft mattresses I’ve ever slept on. And, believe me, I’ve slept on a lot.

While not advertised as a hybrid, it does come with integrated cooling gel memory foam and an encased innerspring coil system. If you’ve been doing your bed research, you know that means better temperature management overnight and more support in the areas that count.

The most impressive features are surely the precise attention to support this mattress has in the places that matter, a hypoallergenic cover, and its super durability.

My only note is that it’s not quite as plush as advertized. So, if you’re looking for a softer than soft mattress, this may not be the one for you.

Let’s get into it.

Sealy Response Premium Mattress Review


  • 16 inches thick
  • Medium hardness
  • Composed of gel memory foam, Posturepedic support, responsive fabric-encased coils and a reinforced coil border
  • SupremeLoft cover with MoistureProtect and AllergenProtect
  • Requires at least 24 hours for expansion
  • 10 year limited warranty

Here’s a quick video overview of the Sealy Response features:

The Positives

Insanely Comfortable

best mattress

Most of my time is spent reviewing cheaper bed-in-a-box style mattresses which, while sometimes very high quality, often pale into insignificance alongside the legacy brands like Sealy.

To put it simply, sleeping on the Sealy Response Premium is like sleeping in a cloud. Pretty much perfect in every way.

Wonderfully plush on top, it reminded me of staying in a luxurious hotel when you don’t want to get out of bed at all. Thankfully, it’s also got a huge amount of well-constructed support below so you don’t have any of the normal aches and pains that sometimes come when sleeping on a softer mattress.

Highly Supportive

Speaking of support, this mattress has it in spades.

There’s a reason why it’s so popular with people who suffer from back problems — it’s groundbreaking in its construction. Underneath the layer of gel memory foam is the Posturepedic Support that Sealy are best known for. This ensures that the heaviest parts of your body are properly aligned and supported all through the night, no matter what position you’ve slept in.

Sealy have designed this with the help of orthopedic specialists and it shows.

Good for Heavier People

In line with the above, the Sealy Response Premium is also a great mattress to choose if you’re heavier and need a more specialist supporting mattress than your usual bed-in-a-box.

We’ve been over what makes it so supportive, but you should definitely rest easy if you’re worried that your weight might affect both your night’s sleep and the longevity of your mattress.

No Allergies, No Moisture

sealy mattress review

With all of the experience backing this Sealy mattress, it’s no wonder it has a few tricks up its sleeve. With the special cover you’ll find bedbug-related allergies have a harder time of getting to you.

And, if you’re concerned about all the moisture that science says is creeping inside your mattress every day, there’s no need to worry.

This is a great note for warm sleepers, or those living in hot climates. We all know how hard is to sleep when our room and our mattress is just too hot for comfort.

Thanks to the ventilating capacities of this mattress, you’ll find that moisture is quickly taken care of, leaving you to sweet dreams.

Duraflex Edge System

Who hasn’t almost fallen out of bed after rolling over once and finding it was downhill after that? The edges of a mattress are often the saggiest and it doesn’t improve with age.

With the Duraflex Edge System of the Sealy Response Premium Mattress, however, your new bed is firm in all the right places, saving you a nasty tumble and fall after a sweet dream.

If you’re the type to use the side of your bed as a place to put on your shoes, or the spot where you slowly awaken from your slumber, this mattress won’t let you down. Toss and sit to your pleasure.

Sleeps Reasonably Cool

I have to admit that I was skeptical that a 16 inch thick mattress would sleep cool just by warrant of some gel memory foam on top.

But, color me surprised, I’ve had a number of cool nights’ sleep on the Sealy Response Premium despite living in a warmer climate.

I’ve put ‘reasonably cool’ as it’s not the coolest bed I’ve slept on and I can imagine that in some circumstances — scorching temperatures, no air con and a partner — it may start to get a little warm.

Side Handles

best mattress

A small detail, but side handles really do make it all the easier to move this mattress should the need arise.

When it comes time to flip or move your bed, having handles on your mattress takes away some of the huffing and lugging out of the process.

At 16 inches thick, this is a big beast of a mattress. We need all the help we can get!

The Negatives

Not as Plush as Expected

My only real potential negative of the Sealy Response Premium is the fact that it’s not quite as plush as I expected.

I don’t actually think that’s a bad thing — it’s still very soft and luxurious, but it doesn’t have that sinking envelopment that you expect with the softest mattresses.

But Sealy have advertised it as very plush — if that’s what you’re expecting, I’d revise your expectations a little.

Not a Bed in a Box

There’s a tendency to assume that all mattresses sold online come delivered in a nice, neat box straight to your door.

Not so with the Sealy Response Premium.

Well, it does come direct to your door, it’s just that it’s in a box the size of the mattress. Not compressed and rolled up. That means you’ll be expecting a large package, especially if you’ve gone for one of the larger sizes.

I doubt this is a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely something to consider if you live in a smaller building or you need to take the mattress up a flight of stairs.

Sealy Response Premium Mattress: The Details

Sealy Response Mattress review


The following details are for the Queen size.

  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 16 inches
  • Item Weight: 80 lbs
  • Available in: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King

Material Composition

The Sealy Response Premium mattresses has several components which help make it probably the best mattress you’ve ever rested on.

sealy response premium review

Gel Memory Foam
The top layer is a gel-infused memory foam that’s gorgeously plush to the touch. It’s designed to ease any pressure points and give you that ‘sleep-on-top’ feeling. The gel keeps the mattress cool.
Posturepedic Support
Next up is the Posturepedic support that Sealy are best known for. This highly supportive layer cradles your body while giving much needed extra support to your heaviest parts. No more waking up with aches and pains.
Responsive Fabric-Encased Coils
Providing even more support that promises to ‘hold’ the body is the layer of coils that are encased in a responsive fabric. This ensures that the support is silent and doesn’t end up poking you in the back through the night. The coils are separate, meaning you’ll have less motion transfer without having to trade any support. Great news for those who want to feel secure in their beds, but don’t want metal squeaking.
Reinforced Coil Border
Finally, the reinforced coil border makes sure everything stays in place and that there’s absolutely no sagging. That means more durability and years sleeping on this mattress.

Tempur-Sealy: The Brand

best pillow top mattress

With over 130 years of experience to their name, it’s no wonder the Sealy Division of the Tempur-Sealy company knows what they’re doing.

While the mother company houses four different brands with their own priorities, Sealy is by far mostly focused on delivering pure bliss to their clients.

They provide comfort and support, valuing these ideas in each of their mattresses. At the same time, they benefit from the expertise of their sister companies, giving way to new and improved mattresses with each passing month.

By incorporating the skills and passions of their employees for over a century, Tempur-Sealy now offers hypo-allergenic mattresses, mattresses with longer life spans, and more.

A Sealy mattress will always be a pleasant surprise, no matter which one you end up getting.

Overall Verdict

As I stated in my introduction, this is one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve ever had the pleasure of sleeping on and I’d recommend it almost without hesitation.

Incredibly supportive, the Sealy Response Premium is worth the investment — particularly if you have back problems or need a little more support for your weight.

As well as all that, it sleeps reasonably cool, has low motion transfer and an impressive level of durability.

What more could you want?

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We hope you’ve found our Sealy Response Premium Mattress review helpful. Looking for alternatives? Be sure to visit our mattress reviews section for other great options.

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