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The Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss memory foam mattress offers excellent value for money.

It’s a firm and supportive night’s sleep and can be found for an incredible introductory price to boot. It does take a while to soften up and not everyone will like the lavender scent, but at least there’s a 30-day trial period to take advantage of!

The Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Foam mattress is breaking new ground in the sleep comfort game.

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Lavender calms people down.

This is not groundbreaking knowledge: for centuries lavender has been used in and around the bedrooms of the sleepless, the tired, and the middle-of-the-night worriers.

And while the herb has definitely dominated the soap game for some time, it seems that the mattress world is somewhat lagging behind on the lavender love.

But Perfect Cloud’s Lavender infused mattress is here to do some serious catching up.

Beyond the infusion of calming essential oils, Perfect Cloud has put an incredible designer team to making this mattress a joy for all the senses – for the eye as well as the touch.

What does that entail? Let’s take a look…

Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Foam Mattress: The Details


The following details have been taken for the Queen size, but Perfect Cloud’s Lavender Bliss mattress is also available in all the traditional configurations—Twin, Full, Queen, and King.

  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Item Weight: 67 pounds
  • Mattress Composition: from the bottom to the top—a 6” base of poly support foam, followed by a 2.5” gel-infused memory foam, then a 1.5” surface layer of plush memory foam.
  • Cover: a removable stretch knit cover
  • Expansion Period: a few hours.
  • Warranty: 10 years

Material Composition

The mattress is made up of three layers: the base is a 6” poly support foam, a sturdy grounding layer carrying the next layer, a 2.5” ventilated gel-infused memory foam.

perfect cloud lavender bliss

That means that this layer has been designed in a way to allow as much airflow as possible, making sure that even the hottest sleepers out there will stay comfy and cool on the Lavender Bliss.

The final layer is a 1.5” plush memory foam, also ventilated. The lavender essential oil has been infused into the foam itself, making for a soft scent to enhance deep sleep.

The combination of these layers creates a laddering effect of softness and breathability, the top layer being the plushest, the bottom the firmest, ensuring that no matter your weight, your preferred sleeping position, or your level of tossings-and-turnings per night, the Lavender Bliss mattress will conform to your body in just the right way.

The mattress itself is covered by a removable stretch knit cover, one that features a mesh gusset meant to enhance the ventilation quality built into the top two layers.

Next to preventing what some might say is memory foam’s most noticeable flaws (overheating), this ventilation element also ensures the mattress’ durability — which alongside the 10 year warranty offered, sounds like a pretty solid deal.

Perfect Cloud: The Brand

One of the most notable things about Perfect Cloud is how much they invest in the quality of their product.

This shows in their design as well as in their business model.

First off, this mattress (sold through Amazon) comes with a 30-day trial. Yep: a whole month of risk-free, get-your-money-back-if-you’re-not-sold, lavender-infused night’s sleep.

Their prices are reasonable and in the mid-range, although we’ve seen some impressive sales for this bad boy. For an average memory foam mattress, it’s already at a very kind price—so for the quality you’re getting with Perfect Cloud, it’s quite impressive.

According to the company, they manage their reasonably pricing by removing unnecessary middlemen in the retailing process, putting the saved costs back into the materials.

Perfect Cloud is CertiPUR-US certified, which means their mattresses are made without a lot of the toxins found in some memory foams out there: no ozone depletes, no PBDE flame retardants, no heavy metals, and no formaldehyde. Good for your health; great for the environment.

Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Foam Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

There’s a lot going for the Perfect Cloud mattress, but here are the things that really stand out about it:

  • Lavender Oil Infusion: keeping your bed smelling fresh and your mind at ease. The infusion is bonded to the foam itself, which stops it wearing off.
  • Triple Foam Layers: 3 layers of foam support — 2 of which are memory foam — add up to plenty of comfort and support.
  • Cool Cover: the stretch knit cover enjoys Perfect Cloud’s Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer technology, keeping things cool throughout the night.

perfect cloud memory foam mattress review

The Positives

Welcomes All Sleepers

When it comes to memory foam mattresses, one of the main worries you see expressed before purchase is: will it be compatible with my body, whether in terms of weight, size, or disability?

Perfect Cloud’s lavender infused mattress doesn’t have any of those issues we associate with poorly engineered memory foam: no sinking or giving way under your body.

It can accommodate any sleeper, doesn’t give way, and most certainly doesn’t compromise in terms of firmness.

Whether you’re a back, side or front sleeper, heavier or lighter, we’re sure that you’ll find the Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss mattress offers just the right combination of comfort and support.

Sleeps Cool

One of the biggest complaint with cheaper memory foam mattresses is that they don’t keep their cool very well in the night.

Thankfully, Perfect Cloud have worked in various features to their mattress to ensure that you don’t get sweaty and uncomfortable in hot weather.

Firstly, the middle memory foam layer is gel infused, which keeps the product cool to the touch.

Secondly, the stretch knit cover is imbued with Mesh Gusset Air-Transfer Technology — a breathable material that keeps the air-flow going, and your bed cool and fresh all night.

perfect cloud lavender bliss mattress review

Safe and Secure

Especially with online purchasing, the fear of spending a lot of money on a falsely advertised product is one of the biggest reasons people name for why they’d rather buy from a physical retailer.

Perfect Cloud does a good job at mitigating that uncertainty (a 30-day trial, 10-year warranty), making happier customers of all of us.

Beautiful Design

Okay, so once you get the sheet around it, you won’t even see it, but still — how many manufacturers go out of their way to create a design so tailored from head to toe?

We love the cover on the Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss mattress — the deep purple is elegant and sophisticated, while the scalloped texture top is unique and forgiving when it comes to stains.

Easy Shipping

Smart shipping has been a game changer in the mattress world, and we’re happy to see that this jewel of a mattress is available for purchase in the easiest way possible: it comes vacuum-sealed in a small box (and shipping at a 67lbs, it’s easily transportable).

You can unpack it in the room meant for it, allow the magic that’s an expanding foam mattress to happen, and within a few hours, it’s ready for any and all nap-related use.

The Lavender, Of Course!

The medicinal qualities of lavender are indisputable: the soft and calming smell can work charms for those having trouble either falling or staying asleep.

Infusing the foam with a modest undercurrent of lavender is, if you ask us, a stroke of genius. It doesn’t just promote a better sleep, it also goes quite a long way in masking those pesky off-gassing smells that you often get with recently unpacked memory foam products.

The Negatives

Takes a While to Soften

As we’ve mentioned, Lavender Bliss has been designed for optimal support and the promise of firmness.

That’s not to say it isn’t soft, but it will take a little while for your body to get use to the foam — and the foam to soften to your body.

And by little while, we mean a week, tops.

So if you’re looking for a mattress for immediate use with immediate comfort, Perfect Cloud’s lavender mattress might not be the best option this time around.

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The Lavender, Perhaps?

Now, we know that we’ve just praised the lavender to the heavens — so how can it possibly be on this list, too?

Well, the reality is: smell is also a very personal matter of preference, and while lavender is popular with a good majority of people, it’s certainly not universally liked.

However, some testers have reported that they hadn’t even noticed a lavender scent—while others caught on to it right away.

The disclaimer is: reactions may vary, so keep that in mind if considering purchase.

Not Suitable For All Platforms

Again, this is down to the design of the mattress, aimed for optimal support: the mattress is made to be used on a solid deck bed, which means it’s not suited for all platforms.

Overall Verdict

The Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Memory Foam Mattress is a very impressive product, particularly considering its price.

It offers a firm and supportive night’s sleep, with a faint whiff of lavender to ease you into a state of dreamy sleep.

The memory foam and cover is expertly engineered for a cool experience, while the mattress itself is quite a looker.

There are a couple of niggles — the memory foam taking a while to soften being the most important — but overall, we think this mattress offers excellent value for money.

Where to Buy the Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss Mattress

The Lavender Bliss memory foam mattress is relatively new to the market — although we anticipate it attracting something of a cult following soon.

It’s available direct from the Perfect Cloud website and, of course, on Amazon.

perfect cloud lavender memory foam mattress

Have you tried the Perfect Cloud Lavender Bliss memory foam mattress yet?

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