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The Aviya Mattress is a great option for those looking for the comforts of both a foam and a spring mattress.

Aviya mattresses offer top quality while providing great support and comfort throughout the night without harming the environment.

The free shipping, warranty, and price tag are all bonuses to the Aviya Mattress’ comfort.

Everybody has their preferences, especially when it comes to mattresses. With the rise of memory foam mattresses on the market, it can be hard to find the mattress you want if you’re just not that into memory foam.

The Aviya Mattress is the answer for sleepers who want an innerspring mattress with the comfort of foam.

aviya mattress review

Traditional innerspring mattresses can be expensive and may not offer the perfect combination of comfort and support you need. While memory foam mattresses are great, but you run the risk of sinking into your bed, accumulating too much heat, or having that stinky off-gassing smell that will linger for weeks.

This hybrid option sleeps cool, gives better edge support, offers a variety of firmness levels, and has a great price. So if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress, consider Aviya.

But first, here are all the details on the Aviya Mattress.

Aviya Mattress: The Details

These details are for the Queen-sized configuration.


  • Dimensions: 60”x80”.
  • Hardness: Plush/soft, luxury firm, firm.
  • Mattress Composition: Quilted top with cooling foam, no-sag comfort foam, support foam, premium foam edging encasement, individually wrapped innerspring core, stability layer, Aviya foundation.
  • Cover: Premium quilting with cooling foam.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty.

The Aviya mattress is also available in these configurations: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and California King.

Material Composition

The Aviya Mattress is constructed with many layers that provide comfort and support, as well as features that keep you cool at night.

Here’s a look at what this mattress is made of.

aviya mattress

Premium Quilting with Cooling Foam

The top layer is super soft and quilted with one inch of cooling comfort foam that prevents unnecessary night sweats.

No-Sag Comfort Foam

This layer provides long-lasting comfort with enough stability to keep your mattress from sagging over time.

No more you-shaped depressions in your bed!

Support Foam

The support foam serves to enhance lumbar support as well as ease all of your pressure points, improving spinal alignment.

Premium Foam Edging Encasement

A bed that is perfect in the centre and lacklustre on the edges doesn’t make for a good quality bed.

The Aviya Mattress has edging encasement that covers the entire mattress for a large edge-to-edge feel.

This helps to prevent rolling off the bed in the middle of the night.

Individually-Wrapped Innerspring Core

These dense set of springs are located in the middle of the mattress to give extra support along with the premium support foam.

They’ve elevated the traditional spring mattress by adding a deeper spring depth for that extra springy support.

The active support of the springs work together with the passive support of the foam to really support your body through various tosses and changes throughout the night.

Stability Layer

This thin layer helps transfer energy and weight evenly to provide the ideal sleeping surface from the bottom up.

This serves as the transition layer of the mattress.

Aviya Foundation

The Aviya foundation is the last layer, made of quality wood and consisting of twelve slats.

The slats are split for the Queen and King beds and can range between five and nine inches in height.

Aviya – The Brand

Aviya was founded in 2016 and is based in Ohio. Its mission is to provide a high-quality innerspring mattress at a fair price.

They understand that not everyone wants a memory foam mattress, which is dominating the online mattress market.

Instead they want to provide a comfortable, affordable hybrid mattress constructed by expert craftsmen and made with only the best materials.

Aviya Mattress Review

Hybrid mattresses are different in that they combine foam with springs to give you a comfortable sleeping experience, and the Aviya option does just that.

Here are some things to consider if this mattress has caught your attention.

Stand-Out Features

  • Free Shipping: In addition to the Aviya Mattress’ reasonable price tag, they’ve also included free shipping on all mattresses delivered right to your door – cancelling any need to calculate or worry about shipping costs.
  • Eco-Friendly: It’s great to know that Aviya has your comfort in mind, as well as the environment. Aviya’s foams are certified by CertiPUR promising the lack of harmful materials which also add to reducing that off-gassing smell.
  • Customer Satisfaction In Mind: Not only do they offer a 100 day trial period, but a 10 year warranty is included too. They also have an open customer service line and chat line to help you figure out anything in regards to your mattress.

The Positives

Best of Both Worlds

The Aviya Mattress is perfect for those who don’t want an all-memory-foam mattress or a traditional innerspring mattress.

It combines high-quality foam with an innerspring centre to give it a balanced, comfortable feel with the back support you’ll appreciate.

With a great combination of soft and firm, it’s great for sleepers who want the best of both from an innerspring and foam mattress.

best hybrid mattress

Sleeps Cool

A sweaty night’s sleep is an uncomfortable night’s sleep, but the Aviya mattress is designed to keep you cool as you rest.

Its blend of foam and innersprings allow for airflow that’ll make the bed cool all night long.

Feels and Sleeps Bigger

Edge to edge support is a feature one shouldn’t overlook. It’s the difference between waking up in your bed or finding yourself on the floor.

This mattress has foam edging encasement that seals the entire mattress for complete coverage. This makes the mattress feel much larger than it is and gives you enough surface area to sleep exactly how you want.

Low Motion Transfer

You don’t want to disturb your partner while they sleep, especially if you both have different schedules.

This mattress has little motion transfer, so when one of you moves or gets out of bed, the other will be none the wiser.

Base Flexibility

As mentioned, Aviya offers their own foundations to be included with the purchase of a mattress. But, they still make it easy to transition to an Aviya mattress without having to go with a new foundation or box spring.

For example, if you’re looking to be minimalistic and set your bed on the floor, or a small raised platform, the Aviya mattress will suit your style just fine.

Skips the Off-Gassing Period

Aviya takes the extra effort to use local materials from the United States so they can easily make sure they are environmentally friendly.

Their materials are made without harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, lead and mercury and are instead mixed with natural ingredients like soy.

So if you’re not a fan of that off-gassing smell you get with new mattresses, you won’t have to worry too much about that with Aviya.

More natural materials reduce the release of chemicals into the environment and your home.

best foam and innerspring mattress


Every Aviya mattress comes with a standard 10-year warranty that covers innerspring failure, broken foundations, or an impression of more than one inch.

The only cost you’ll pay is shipping, so you can be rid of your old mattress and receive your new one.

Trial Period

Aviya offers a 100-day trial period, so if you’re unhappy with the mattress for whatever reason, you can send it back for a full refund within that time period.

However, these beds are built to last, so it’s really up to personal taste.

Aviya does ask that you test the mattress for at least 30 nights before making the decision to return it. But if it’s really no good for you, you’re still able to return it without any hassles, though you won’t be refunded the shipping costs.

Also keep in mind that damage to the bed must not be caused by personal human error.


For a hybrid bed, the cost is fair and very competitive.

Their prices vary depending on the size you select but be assured you’ll be getting a quality mattress for a good price.

The Negatives

Aviya is a Fairly New Brand

Being new to the scene isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that you won’t truly know the company you’re dealing with. Aviya was founded in 2016, which makes for a short track record.

It’s too short of a time to adequately research how well received their mattresses have been (reviews aside), their business practices, or their customer service.

It’s going to take a leap of faith to do business with a new company, and this is something you need to ask yourself as you evaluate the list of advantages.

That being said, the manufacturing company who handles the making of the mattresses have been in the game for over 75 years which does give us some relief.

Not the Softest Mattress

Though there is little motion transfer with this mattress, it isn’t the softest out there. Its foams provide plenty of support with a cool feel, but these foams aren’t the best for a soft feel.

If you love firm beds and aren’t bothered by a lack of plush, then this isn’t a concern. However, if you want your bed to feel as if you’re sleeping on a cloud, then this mattress may not be for you.

It’s Not Memory Foam

This mattress is constructed with high-quality foam, but it isn’t memory foam.

Memory foam is known for being comfy, contouring, and plush with that cloud-like feel.

That isn’t to say that this bed isn’t comfortable – it is; but if you want a memory foam mattress, then this brand isn’t for you.

Delivery Hassles

While the Aviya Mattress gets a ton of points for its free shipping, it’s not an entirely convenient process.

The mattresses are delivered in 7-10 business days and are plastic wrapped in a box in it’s full size. So you will still have to lug the full mattress from your door or from “somewhere near your home” before it gets settled into its resting place.

While it’s not a real deal-breaker, it’s something to note for those who will need an extra hand.

If you have no helping hands, Aviya offers their “white glove” delivery service for an additional cost that includes setting up the bed upon delivery.

Here’s a video showing how the Aviya Mattress and foundation looks out of the box:

Overall Verdict

If memory foam mattresses aren’t your thing and you want a new spin on an innerspring mattress, then Aviya would be the perfect bed for you.

The Aviya Mattress sleeps cool, offers great support, and will keep you sleeping comfortably throughout the night, all while resting peacefully from nabbing a solid deal.

aviya mattress

That’s it for our review on the Aviya Mattress. Curious to give it a try?

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