Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper Review

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The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Topper is one of the plushest toppers available on the market. This incredibly comfortable and soft mattress topper fits any mattress and the cooling effect makes sure your mattress doesn’t become a sweaty swamp.

At such an affordable price-point, this is the perfect alternative to an expensive mattress, and ensures a great night’s sleep.

Sometimes it isn’t easy or feasible to go out and get a new mattress when your current one begins to lose its shape and comfort.

Mattresses are expensive. If your old bed starts to really mess with your sleep, a good alternative to look into is a high quality mattress topper to revitalize your nights for much less money.

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper makes for a wonderful choice. It’s plush and breathable, and it’s like adding an extra mattress to the tired option you suffer with now.

zen bamboo mattress topper review

But of all mattress toppers, is it the right one for you?

Here we break down the good and the bad, so you can find out.

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper: The Details


Details vary between sizes, so the specifications below are for the Queen size.

  • Product Dimensions (in inches): 17.6” x 13.3” x 7.3”.
  • Item Weight (in pounds): 7.8 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: A microfiber and natural bamboo rayon blend, encasing a hypoallergenic down alternative that fills the quilted pillows.
  • Cover: 18” depth, able to cover even thicker mattresses.
  • Expansion Period: No expansion period.
  • Warranty: Zen Bamboo offers refunds if their products don’t meet expectations.

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is available for ALL bed sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Material Composition

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is overfilled with a hypoallergenic down alternative that provides the softness of a cloud to sleep on. The filling itself is 100% polyester and filled just enough to snuggle into the extra cushiony padding.

The top is stitched into quilted pillows, which stops the plush filling from shifting through the topper with use and time.

With the eighteen inch deep elastic band, it’s designed to fit comfortably over the depth of most mattresses without moving as you sleep. This includes adjustable mattresses as well.

It tops the mattress like it’s part of the mattress, and the material itself, made of microfibre blend and rayon from natural bamboo, is designed to breathe.

The air can move through the pillows of hypoallergenic down to keep heat from becoming trapped between your body and the mattress. Together it makes the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper a wonderful way to relax and sleep in comfort.

Zen Bamboo: The Brand

Zen Bamboo is a company known for high quality bedding at affordable prices. Not only do they make mattress covers like this one, but also pillows, sheets, pillowcases, and other linens that will put together a comfortable experience for the whole bed.

Zen Bamboo, as a company, also offers a warranty on their products, so if they’re not improving your nights, their return policy makes refunds possible.

Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper Review

Stand-Out Features

Let’s dig deeper into the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper:

  • Cooling Bamboo Blend Material: The natural bamboo and microfibre blend  helps to regulate body temperature by stopping heat from being trapped between the mattress and your body
  • Promised Comfort That Is Soft and Plush: The topper is overfilled with high-quality hypoallergenic down fibres to make this an ultra soft mattress topper
  • No Dry Cleaning Necessary: Skip the drive to the cleaners by popping this in your washing machine. Wash in cold water before tumble drying on low.

The Pros

Like a Whole New Mattress

If you’re in need of a new mattress but haven’t put away the necessary funds for such an investment, this Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is an affordable way to get a very similar effect.

Like everything else, mattresses wear out with time, and this topper adds much needed cushion and softness. If the bed you recently got is too firm for your tastes, or your resting comfort needs have changed over the years, it can also add the plushness that you’ve been missing without the price of a whole new bed.

Light and Cooling

The Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is designed in a way that allows a great deal of air flow. Sleeping flat against the top of most thick mattresses has a way of locking body heat against you without any chance for escape. It makes nights sweaty and uncomfortable, but it’s not the case with this mattress topper.

The natural rayon from real bamboo helps make the material breathable, keeping the night cool. Whether you have an old spring mattress, or a notoriously toasty one made of memory foam, this topper adds just enough lift to separate your body from the trapped heat.

Made for Every Size

No matter the size of your bed, this mattress topper will fit. It’s not a solution you need to pass up because your mattress is too big or too small.

Thanks to its stretching abilities, if your mattress isn’t up to traditional sizing standards or you don’t want to reinvest in a new topper once you have replaced your mattress with a different size, you can be sure this topper can bridge the gap.

The quality material extends to the stretchy bits instead of the traditional lower paper-like alternative depleting the chances of any rips while fitting.

Because of that, this topper can be a fit for the whole family. What happens when you buy your own and discover the kids are more interested in your soft bed than theirs? You can easily get the smaller sizes so they can enjoy that same plush comfort in their rooms while they sleep.

Machine Washable

A rough fact about mattresses is they’re impossible to really wash. You can only get them so clean. But another great thing about the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is it’s completely machine washable.

Toss it in cold water and tumble it dry on a low setting – and it comes out clean and just as fluffy. No need for a dry cleaning and no need to just let it continue to as a dirty mess. It’s easy to give you and your family fresh places to rest whenever needed.

30 Day Warranty 

The Zen Bamboo Mattress Topper comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Try out the mattress topper for about a month and if you’re not 100% satisfied contact the company to get a full refund on the topper. Any complaints outside of this 30 day period won’t be accepted so be sure to voice any dissatisfaction early.

The Cons

New Mattress Pad Smell

Of course this is something that goes away with time and goes away even faster if you give it a chance to air out. With it being packed tight and shipped, there’s a bit of a smell right out of the box.

To avoid noticing that when you sleep, unfold and lay it out in a space to let the air whisk away the packed-up smell.

Not Waterproof

This is a mattress pad that fits all bed sizes, but something to be aware of: it may not fit all ages. When thinking about purchasing a few for the whole family, if you have a child that’s not totally out of a bed-wetting phase, then the lack of waterproofing on this option may be a serious issue.

Thankfully it’s washable. So after a quick round in the washer and dryer, it will be good to put right back on the bed.

Overall Verdict

As far as mattress toppers go, this Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper is one of the best and most plush out there. It’s incredibly comfortable to sleep on and pairs well with any mattress of any size.

The cooling effect of the bamboo really has the most prominent effect on owners of memory foam mattresses, who tend to struggle with locking in heat.

best mattress topper

But, regardless of what kind of mattress you have, any bed can use a little extra plush and cushion. Paired with its hypoallergenic down alternative, it’s also great for those who struggle with allergies or other health conditions.

If you are in search of a new mattress but don’t yet have the funds or ability to go out and get one, this mattress topper is a great and washable way to revitalize the old bed that you already have.

Where To Buy the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper

The Zen Bamboo Mattress Topper has become popular online and is available at the below retailer:

And of course, it’s available on Amazon.

zen mattress topper review

Tempted to try out the Zen Bamboo Ultra Soft Mattress Topper for yourself?

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