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The Milemont Mattress Topper will provide a supportive, comfortable night’s sleep whether or not you’re on a budget.

Backed by a warranty and outstanding customer service, there’s really nothing to sweat when it comes to this cooling mattress topper.

Is your mattress lacking that original comfort or support? You might want to purchase a new bed altogether – but those can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. When there’s nothing truly wrong with your mattress – it just lacks that extra cushion – this can feel like a waste.

That’s where a mattress topper can save the day. Which one do you need? To help your buying decision, today we’re evaluating the Milemont Mattress Topper.

milemont memory foam mattress topper

Based on our observations, it’s comfortable, supportive, and stays cool throughout the night. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, not everyone is after the same thing when it comes to toppers and bedding. Some might be sensitive to the slight chemical odor these mattresses bring, while others might have a different preference in terms of softness and firmness.

Is this the right mattress topper for you and your needs? Let’s take an in-depth look at the Milemont Mattress Topper and find out.

Milemont Mattress Topper: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 15.2 x 15.2 inches (for Queen).
  • Material Composition: Memory foam infused with gel.
  • Item Weight: 65 lbs.
  • Expansion Period: Eight to nine hours.
  • Hypoallergenic: No.
  • Warranty: Ten-year warranty.

Available in Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Material Composition

The Milemont Mattress Topper consists of open cell memory foam (three inches deep), which is also infused with a gel material to assist with temperature control.

The foam is Certipur-US Certified, meaning it contains no harmful or toxic chemicals, is biodegradable and has met all U.S. safety standards.

memory foam mattress topper

Milemont: The Brand

Founded in China in 2007, Milemont’s goal is to “effectively increase sleep and improve comfortability through the use of research and development, advanced design methods, careful production, technological innovation, and most importantly, feedback from the customer.”

Over the years, Milemont has developed over 100 products, ranging from mattresses to pillows to mattress toppers.

Milemont Mattress Topper Review

Stand Out Features

  • 10-Year Warranty: You’ll have a long ten-year warranty to protect against any errors caused in the manufacturing process. Should something be at fault, simply contact Milemont’s outstanding customer service department. They’ll take it from there.
  • Gel Infused: Gone are long hot nights and sweaty mornings. Thanks to the gel-infused into this mattress topper, you won’t have to worry about waking up cranky and sweaty. Start your day refreshed instead!
  • Certifiably Safe: This mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified which means there are no harmful chemicals like lead, formaldehyde, and ozone depleters in the topper. You can sleep safe and sound.

The Positives

Incredibly Comfortable

As for improving the comfort levels of your existing bed, we’re happy to report that this topper does the job incredibly well. One of the most important things when it comes to a mattress topper is how comfortable it is and you won’t have to worry about the Milemont topper.

By adding three levels of memory foam to your sleep experience, you can enjoy a plusher surface in general, while also being cradled in a material that forms to your specific body shape.

If you’re used to resting on your sagging or lumpy old bed, this will make it feel brand new. You’ll be sure to get a good night’s sleep with this mattress topper as a part of your overall bedding.

Not only will it extend the life of your current mattress, but this mattress topper means you’ll get a much more restful sleep with it too.

Super Supportive

This topper isn’t just comfortable – it’s also quite supportive. The Milemont foam molds to the curves of your body, placing your spine in correct alignment and relieving pressure points near your shoulders, hips, back, and knees.

milemont mattress topper review

This is especially great if you’ve been suffering on your old mattress and feeling miserable each morning. If you own a spring bed, this will provide added cushion and remove the hard spots; if you have a memory foam mattress, this will give it extra life.

Supportive mattress toppers come in handy to help relieve muscle tension and pain, and if you’re recovering from an illness or injury, a supportive mattress topper will aid in a speedy recovery.

The Milemont will have you waking up ready to tackle the day, instead of having to nurse sore body parts throughout your daily tasks.

Stays Cool

If you tend to sleep hot or live in a warm climate, you may be wary of memory foam. After all, it’s notorious for retaining heat, leaving you to wake up sweaty and annoyed.

Milemont has kept this flaw in mind – and, in response, infused this topper with stay-cool gel. This is designed to gather cool air throughout the day and retain it during the night, so room temperature warmth and body heat are deflected, instead of absorbed.

Match that to the open-cell construction, which creates many small holes to promote airflow, and you have a topper designed to dispel the heat and remain cool throughout the night. As a bonus, this open-cell build also helps odors pass through, rather than stay put.

This mattress topper will ensure you won’t wake up in an uncomfortable sweat or a sweaty wet mattress. You’ll sleep throughout the night with ease and comfort.

Surprisingly Affordable

We appreciated the Milemont Mattress Topper’s affordable price. It is currently priced at under $100 on Amazon, which is obviously much cheaper than replacing your old mattress.

It’s also less expensive than most competing, high-quality mattress toppers. These products may cost upwards of $150 or more, but with this Milemont topper, you don’t have to empty your wallet to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep.

As a plus, buying multiple toppers is more cost-effective, so you can add them to inflatable mattresses or guest beds to help visitors also enjoy a better night’s rest. If you want to add some comfort in a cottage or camper, you may want to give this topper a try as well!

This is a great solution for those on a budget, or those looking for a little more time to spare before purchasing a brand new mattress altogether.

milemont mattress topper review

Great Customer Service

While ordering products online can be scary no matter the price, you won’t have to worry about many issues when it comes to Milemont. This brand is backed by an outstanding customer service department that has received a ton of great feedback from customers and potential customers alike.

While some customer service departments can be a challenge, Milemont handles customer questions and concerns efficiently and helpfully so you won’t be left hanging should any problems arise.

If you have any issues with the construction or the materials in this mattress topper, Milemont provides a ten-year warranty to ensure you are completely happy. Should you encounter a problem, they will help sort out a replacement or refund.

A warranty shows the company cares about its product and customers and always helps to put customers’ minds at ease.

The Negatives

Slight Odor

While testers noted that this mattress topper had less odor than other comparable products, it still did retain a certain chemical smell.

If you’re especially sensitive to odors, this may be an issue for you. The odor will dissipate after a couple of days, but if it’s still troubling you, it’s wise to stay away from products made with memory foam.

Too Soft

While it’s a subjective opinion, it may impact your decision: depending on your preference, some users may find this mattress topper far too soft for their liking.

Those who prefer firmer beds may dislike how the plush design makes them sink into the foam, and greater support would probably be appreciated in these scenarios.

Of course, this depends on the firmness you’re after, but if you prefer a very firm mattress, this topper could have a negative impact on your sleeping experience.

Not Machine Washable

While the topper does help dispel odors gathered over time, when you need to clean it, you’ll be in for a surprise. It is not machine washable.

Considering its size, it will struggle to fit in most washing machines anyhow. As such, you will need to gently spot-clean spills or stains, lightly dab it with a wet cloth, or hang it outside to properly air out.

More excessive cleaning routines (such as in a washing machine, dryer, or with harsher chemical cleaners) are likely to damage the memory foam. To ensure your mattress topper lasts a lengthy time, you’ll need to be sure to handle it with care.

Since this mattress topper doesn’t include a cover, you can always make one of your own but that requires more time and craftiness from you.

Allergy Issues

This mattress topper is not hypoallergenic, so if it’s not aired out or cleaned regularly, you may find it irritating your allergies. While it is certifiably safe and excludes harmful materials, it still has a chance of collecting dust, dander, and dust mites.

This also means it may contain materials that are considered allergens or that cause allergic reactions in some people. No one wants a sniffly night’s sleep.

If you think you may be allergic to anything in this mattress topper, or have had reactions to memory foam or gel-infused memory foam in the past, it may be wise to continue shopping.

milemont mattress topper review

Overall Verdict

After looking over all the positives and negatives, we do recommend the Milemont Mattress Topper.

We loved that it’s comfortable, supportive, and affordable. It even features stay-cool gel, so on the hottest nights, you won’t end up sweating through your mattress.

So long as you aren’t overly sensitive to smells and don’t prefer a very firm mattress, you should be well suited to this topper. It could be the next best addition to your sleeping experience.

Where to Buy the Milemont Mattress Topper

Milemont may not be a household brand in the bedding market, but they’re rising in popularity thanks to their growing line of bedding, all receiving rave reviews from customers and enthusiasts.

Even with its success, a growing brand can be hard to find. Milemont seems to only feature items like the Milemont Mattress Topper on third-party websites like Amazon.

While we hope to see Milemont items in more retailers soon, for now, you can kick-start your search on Amazon.

milemont memory foam mattress topper

That’s the end of our Milemont mattress topper review. Curious to give it a try?

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