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The MediCline Acid Reflux System is a great support system for those who suffer from this sleep-depriving condition.

Designed by doctors, with medical grade materials, this system is more than just a pillow and more of a medical device, helping those who suffer from acid reflux (and other sleeping conditions) get a full night’s rest.

Acid reflux is a horrible, nasty problem that many people suffer from, including a few of our testers.

Having a pillow which is capable of easing the effects while still providing quality sleep in the way pillows normally do can be a lifesaver.

The MedCline Acid Reflux System claims to be the solution, supporting you in such a way during sleep that you will wake up daisy-fresh each morning.

medcline pillow review

Medical grade materials and smart design make this pillow a tempting buy despite the large size and steep cost.

Is it worth your time or is it another failed attempt at relief?

Here we break down all the good and the bad, so you can make the most informed decision.

MedCline Acid Reflux System: the Details


  • Product Dimensions: 42 x 30 x 10 inches (small), 42 x 30 x 10 (medium), 48 x 30 x 12 (large)
  • Material Composition: Medical grade foam, memory foam
  • Cover: Yes
  • Warranty: 60 day guarantee, no warranty

Overall, the design is aimed at keeping you comfortable while reducing your chances for acid reflux.

This means that you should be sleeping on your left side, as researchers have found that due to the how our organs sit, sleeping in this position is the best way to minimize acid reflux and heartburn.

You can sleep on your back and right side, of course, but doing so will not achieve the same results.

The MedCline Acid Reflux System is made of two components: the Advanced Positioning Wedge, and the MedCline therapeutic body pillow.

Combined, these components keep your torso on an incline during the night, and support you in comfort while you sleep.

medicline acid reflux system review

Material Composition

It is always nice to know that great materials have been used in the construction of your buys. The Acid Reflux System does not disappoint.

Four types of medical grade foam are used to create the support this system provides – the topmost layer of the Advanced Positioning Wedge being memory foam for wonderful comfort.

The Therapeutic Body Pillow is stuffed with top quality shredded memory foam, which also makes it slightly adjustable to your needs.

In using such top notch materials, medical grade no less, the lifespan and quality of care that this systems provides is fantastic, and makes it one of the best pillows for acid reflux.

MedCline: The Brand

MedCline is utterly transparent with how the Reflux System was conceptualised, developed, and approved.

They have detailed descriptions of their consultancy board, comprised of practicing doctors and their founder (a retired MD who suffered from terrible acid reflux himself). Such honesty speaks well of MedCline’s integrity.

Their website is detailed and clear, and you can read for yourself abstracts of many of the clinical trials and studies performed on MedCline’s products.

All around, MedCline has proven they care about their customers.

MedCline Acid Reflux System Review

Stand Out Features

  • Trial Period: MedCline gives you a full 60 days to test out their product and see if its right for you. If during this time you find that it’s not living up to expectations, you’ll be able to return it for a partial refund.
  • Medical Grade Materials: To make sure this pillow performs at its best, MedCline utilizes four types of medical grade materials in the making of their Acid Reflux System.
  • No Hassle Maintenance: For such a sturdily built pillow, you might think it will take a copious amount of care. Fortunately all it takes to keep your pillow clean is to toss it into the wash. Easy-peasy.

The Positives

Clinically Proven to Help

MedCline hasn’t just designed a product with gimmicks, they have put a ton of effort and research into their product to get the best results.

Multiple clinical studies have been performed on the Acid Reflux System, and they certainly prove that it does, in fact, work.

You can read up on the trials yourself, as MedCline have the abstracts and authorship information available on their website.

Natural Help

Now, we’re not saying that there aren’t natural remedies out there that work for sufferers of acid reflux, but a lot of the time, home remedies and natural medicines don’t seem to work.

The Acid Reflux System, however, is a natural method that does work. There’s no need to take certain pills or foods, no need to strap machinery to ourselves – it’s as simple as using the right pillow during sleep.

When it comes down to it, much of the time when we wake up with acid reflux, it is due to our positioning while asleep.

medicline acid reflux system review

What this pillow does is arrange your body in a way that acid struggles to make the upwards climb and stays where it should.

There are instances where buyers of this pillow have been able to go off their medications for acid reflux, GERN, and heartburn too!

Machine Washable Covers

A neat bonus for this product is that the covers are completely removable and machine washable.

You won’t have to add the task of hand-washing your pillow to your bed-cleaning routine and you won’t have to lug it to your local dry-cleaners.

No fuss, no muss.

Medical Grade Materials

In using medical grade materials to craft the pillows, MedCline has created a product that will last for years.

MedCline really utilizes the four medical grade materials mentioned above to create a product that will really create relief for anyone suffering from acid reflux.

Given the price of this system, this is a nice peace of mind.

60 Day Trial

If you are hesitant about investing in a system that may not work for you, MedCline offers a 60 day guarantee with every purchase.

This gives you time to actually try the product in the comfort of your home, with your regular routine, to see if it really works for you.

So if it turns out that, after several nights, there is no change, you can elect to return it and MedCline will pay for shipping (excludes international shipping) and return the full cost of purchase to you – minus 10%.


The MedCline System works for more than just acid reflux.

While this product was made specifically to help those suffering from the condition, it can come in handy for other sleeping conditions like sleep apnea.

Customers who have purchased the Acid Reflux System have noticed that it reduced a lot of the annoyances that come with sleep apnea including loss of breath and grogginess.

medicline acid reflux system review

Customers have also reported that the MedCline Acid Reflux System helps those who tend to snore at night thanks to its positioning.

While this device shouldn’t be purchased for the sole purpose of fixing the above mentioned conditions, it can help relieve these symptoms if you have a combination of sleep conditions.

Locally Made

It’s always nice to know just where the products you buy are coming from, especially a product so intimate with your body.

All MedCline Acid Reflux Systems are made in the United States, manufactured at their warehouse in San Diego, California.

That fact that it’s made locally means a reduction in the carbon footprint it usually takes to ship a product, and contacting the company with any issues will be easier than dialling overseas.

The Negatives

Hefty Price

The cost of this system is steep. Medical grade materials aren’t cheap, so you are getting what you pay for.

However, upwards of $300 (depending on where you buy it) may not be in everyone’s budgets. Plus, shipping is pricey due to the weight (190 lbs for the smallest size).

Fortunately, you can get some of this money back if you work with your doctor and health insurance provider, as this is a medically proven form of therapy and can be claimed most of the time.

MediCline also offers flexibility when it comes to payment. You can alternatively spread your payment over nine months if you don’t feel like blowing your budget all at once.

It’s Scary Big

It’s big. No, really, it is big.

Even the smallest size of the pillow will take up a large space on your bed. On a typical queen-sized mattress, the Acid Reflux System will gobble up half of the space.

If you sleep alone, this will not be an issue, but if you share a bed with a partner, they may feel quite cramped.

King-sized beds shouldn’t have too much of an issue unless your partner rolls around in their sleep.

Subject to Change Over Time

There have been a few generations of MedCline pillows. This shows that they are continuously refining and improving their design, but not everyone is happy with the most recent iteration.

This really comes down to personal preference. However, if you are not a fan of change and think you might need a replacement down the line, you might want to pass on MedCline’s systems.

Not Smart for Those With Injuries

Unfortunately, people with lower back or hip issues cannot really use this system.

MedCline does not recommend the Acid Reflux System for anyone with arthritis in these areas, or those who have issues with disks (herniation, compounded, etc.).

Given MedCline’s return policy, you can still give this system a shot if you are desperate for a solution to acid reflux.

Otherwise, you will have to look elsewhere.

medicline acid reflux system

Overall Verdict

Overall, MedCline has created a fantastic pillow system to improve sleep and reduce issues with acid reflux 80% – 95% of the time.

For someone that has dealt with chronic acid reflux for years, this is one bang up system that offers comfort and support all the while kicking acid reflux to the curb.

While the MedCline Acid Reflux System does cost a fair bit, the investment is well worth it if it means relief.

Plus, a handy 60 day guarantee and a superior customer service reputation certainly tips the odds in MedCline’s favour.

Where to Buy the MedCline Acid Reflux System

Since the MedCline Acid Reflux System is meant to be used as a medical product, it can be tricky to find outside of a medical specialist.

If you plan on looking for this medical system in-store or online, it can prove to be quite a search. That being said, you can check out the MedCline website to start.

But of course, it’s also available for purchase on Amazon.

best pillow for acid reflux

That’s it for our MedCline Acid Reflux System Review. Tempted to give it a go?

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