NIGHT Anti-Aging Memory Foam Pillow Review

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The Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow not only gives you a supportive and comfortable night’s sleep, but it doesn’t mess with your beauty either.

Its silk pillowcase helps to keep wrinkles and tangled hair at bay, and its dark color makes it perfect for anyone in need of a little beauty sleep – if you can afford it.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy. We need to get enough, or things start to go wrong.

What we sleep on and whether it’s comfortable to us is a major factor in this process; choose wrongly, and you could be tossing and turning all night! Perhaps the Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow is the solution.

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Not only does it promise to give you a comfortable place to put your head each night, it also promises to help with wrinkles, clear skin, and other signs of ageing. It gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “beauty sleep!”

But, unfortunately, not everyone has had such a great experience with the Night pillow. Some users found that it was too hard, that it was cheaply made, and that it was too expensive.

However, before you make a final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look.

Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 32 x 18 x 5 inches.
  • Material Composition: Polyurethane memory foam.
  • Cover: 95% Mulberry silk / 5% Spandex.
  • Hypoallergenic:
  • Warranty: Three-year warranty.

Available in Standard/Queen and King sizes.

Material Composition

The Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow is primarily made of polyurethane memory foam, to keep it light and airy.

The cover for the pillow is silky soft, made of 95% Mulberry silk, as well as 5% Spandex. The cover supports healthy, hydrated skin and hair.

Discover Night: The Brand

Founded in 2015, the creators of Discover Night decided that bedtime’s most important tool could be better, not just for sleeping on, but also for our skin and hair as well.

The founders of Discover Night had already spent over a decade in the sleep industry and knew what the market was missing, filling that gap with their line of Night pillows.

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Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow Review

Stand Out Features

  • 101 Night Sleep Trial: If you’re on the fence about making the investment this company has you covered with their 101 night sleep trial. Should you decide that this pillow doesn’t work for you, simply return it after the trial for a refund. This really shows a confident company.
  • Easy Washing: Why make life any harder than it has to be? Come laundry day, you can zip the silk cover off and throw it in the wash without issue. This makes cleaning days way less of a hassle.
  • Beauty Benefits: Yes, this pillow is luxuriously soft, but its silk pillowcase has more benefits than you think. From reducing wrinkles to leaving your hair less of a tangled mess, this pillow not only gives you a comfortable night’s sleep, but a visibly refreshing one too!

The Positives


The Night pillow can work for almost any type of sleeper.

Users said it suited most positions they tried, and because the pillow is very moldable (Night says it “self-adjusts”), it will conform to however you choose to lay on it.

It’s made out of memory foam so sleepers who love the feel of a memory foam mattress will adore the feel of this pillow on their heads.

It performs in the same way a memory foam mattress would, contouring to your shape while remaining sturdy, and will probably make a great companion to a mattress of its kind.

It is also small and lightweight, easy to take with you on a trip.

best memory foam pillow


There’s no doubt that the silky covering is luxurious. A few users even mentioned how no matter the position they chose, they always felt rested, comfortable, and supported.

One user even stated that they were hesitant to buy the pillow because of the price, but once they tried it out, it was completely worthwhile.

Stays Cool

Due to what Night calls the “TriSilk” fabrication of the pillow cover, you won’t have to worry about becoming too hot during the night.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or 100 degrees outside (Fahrenheit), the pillow will stay cool and comfortable.

The cover is also breathable, which ensures there is plenty of circulation through the fabric. This is great for those in warmer climates who struggle with sleep when the temperatures soar.

No one wants to wake up in a pool of sweat, and with the Night Pillow, you won’t have to.

Keeps Out Light with a Great Design 

The Night Pillow also helps keep out any light that might try to shine through while you have your head pressed against it.

They made this pillow black for a reason. No more having to wear a sleep mask each night; you can sleep more deeply by blocking out any light in the room.

The pillow isn’t something you’ll need to cover up either. It’s actually quite nice to look at and can add a modern edge to your bedding.

Its black silky material is also super forgiving. It’s less prone to dirt, and doesn’t show stains should you forget to wash off your mascara, or have a slip when having a glass of wine in bed.

You can choose between a wood grain, striped, or alligator print border. This attention to detail gives this pillow a little extra edge that outshines others.

Good for the Skin

One of the more unique features is that the Night pillow helps promote healthier skin. It repels pollutants (dust mites, mold, fungus, etc.) that are normally attracted to surfaces you sleep on.

This helps prevent breakouts and blemishes that might show up over time. While other things may be clogging your pores, your pillow will no longer be contributing to the problem.

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The pillow also doesn’t wick away the moisture from your skin like other fabrics might (ahem – cotton), so your face will stay hydrated even while you sleep.

Some users even noted that they woke up looking less wrinkled (no more pillowcase marks!).


Good for Your Hair

This pillow won’t have you waking up with tangled, messy bedhead. The silk cover creates a more delicate sleeping space for your hair to lie on, so you won’t have to worry about split ends or the usual tangles.

Users couldn’t believe it when they woke up and their hair wasn’t a complete mess.

Just as with your skin, because the pillow doesn’t wick away moisture, your hair will stay more hydrated and healthy-looking as well.

You may even be able to keep a hairdo longer than a day, or skip a blow dry or two.

Easy to Clean

The TriSilk pillowcase is also very easy to clean. You can just throw it in the washing machine.

Simply unzip it, place it in cold water with mild soap, and then wash it on the gentle cycle. Just don’t use bleach!

You can either air-dry it or place in your dryer on a “low heat” setting. If it needs ironing, be sure your iron is on “warm” rather than a higher setting.


The Night pillow isn’t just for your skin and hair; it also supports your spine.

The memory foam core contours to your head and neck, so you don’t have to worry about waking up in pain.

The memory foam allows your head to sink deeply into the pillow, but without it growing flat.


Not only do you get the 101 night trial to really test out your pillow, Night also includes a 3-year warranty on your Night Tri-Silk Pillow to ease any leftover worries.

Should you find any faults with your pillow, simply contact Night’s customer service and they’ll replace your pillow without hassle.

What’s even better? Night has great customer service and have left customers pleased with their response. We all know how frustrating it can be when dealing with a troublesome customer service department.

night pillow review

So should you need to use your warranty, or just have any questions about the pillow, you won’t have to worry about getting in touch.

The Negatives

Too Firm

While there were certainly some users who found the Night pillow supportive and comfortable, this can be entirely subjective.

Other users thought the pillow was much too firm for them. One even stated that it felt like “sleeping on a brick.” Yikes!

Whether this pillow is right for you may depend on your unique preferences.

Poorly Made

Some users also complained that the pillow was cheaply and poorly made. A few even had their pillow arrive with a broken zipper or had the zipper break within a week.

For the price, this pillow should be delivered perfectly – and last a long time. Thankfully, there’s a warranty you can use should any issues arise over three years.


Speaking of the price, some users found the cost to be uneven with the quality.

They felt that the pillow was not worth the price in terms of comfort and support, and when you factor in that some arrived with defects, the price may be too much for what you end up receiving.


Because the Night pillow is made of memory foam, there is going to be some odor to it when it initially arrives.

This is typical for shipped pillows, and Night recommends letting it air out for 14 days, in order for the smell to dissipate.

This does cut into their 101-day trial period, but it depends on whether that is an issue for you or not.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we are recommending the Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow.

It may have some weak points, but they are far outweighed by just how much this pillow can do. What other pillow helps your skin and hair look great?

The fact that many users also found it comfortable and supportive makes us like it even more. While the price is definitely high, it may just be worth it for this product.

Where to Buy the Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam Pillow

The Night Anti-Aging Oxygenated Memory Foam pillow has really surpassed the expectations of a lot of customers, becoming a popular, trendy item for those looking to better their sleep (and beauty).

While this brand specializes in one certain type of pillow, they do well competing with other brands in the bedding game and have been picked up by a number of retailers both in-store and online.

To start your search, check out the following online retailers.

But of course, you can also find this pillow on Amazon.

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That’s all for our Night pillow review. Tempted to give it a try?

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