Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep & Activity Tracker Review

Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep & Activity Tracker
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Wake-Up Alarm
  • Activity Tracking
  • Other Features
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The Mio FUSE is primarily an activity tracker that also functions as a sleep tracker. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that its competitor, the Fitbit sports, but it is a great, cheaper alternative.

For people looking for a good, all-round activity tracker with sleep tracking capabilities, the Mio FUSE is an option worth considering.

It’s a more affordable option than the Fitbit Charge HR Wristband but offers the same tracking quality with arguably a more accurate heart rate timer.

Its sleep tracking capabilities are marginally more detailed than Fitbit’s offering, but still may leave something to be desired for those looking for a complete sleep tracking solution.

mio fuse activity and sleep tracker

The Mio FUSE Heart Rate, Sleep and Activity Tracker


  • Charging: Comes with USB Charging Dock
  • Sizes: Small/Medium (for wrists 5.8-7″) and Large (for wrists 6.1-8.2″)
  • Colors: Cobalt, Crimson, Aqua

Stand-Out Features

  • Activity Tracking: Can track steps, calories, distance, pace, goals and sleep
  • Wireless Syncing: Syncs via Bluetooth to various fitness apps and the Mio PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) app
  • Water Resistant: Up to 30 metres


In addition to the above, it also benefits from the following features.

  • Allows for precision heart rate tracking from the wrist, that provides accurate readings quickly
  • Also functions as a watch
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Alerts you to 5 different heart rate zones with LED and vibration alerts
  • Can store up to 30 hours of workout data and 2 weeks of daily activity data
  • 7 days battery life (assuming a 1 hour workout daily)
  • Comfortable silicone strap
  • Can track heart rate continuously at rest and in workout mode

mio fuse activity and sleep tracker


  • The app is basic when compared to Fitbit’s interface
  • Your smartphone must be compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ in order to sync and view your results
  • The alarm is not a smart alarm

Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is a relatively new addition to the Mio FUSE wristband, which you can access when you install the latest update of the Mio Go app.

You need to confirm your bedtime with the wristband every night and then your wake-up time the following morning. The device will then track the duration of your sleep, when you’re awake, sleeping lightly or in deep sleep, and your sleep efficiency.

The results will then sync to the Mio Go app on your smartphone for you to read and analyze. Unfortunately, the basic nature of the app means that there’s no analysis available or long term storage — you can just read the results.

mio fuse review

The silicone wristband is light and comfortable to wear so shouldn’t disturb you during sleep.

Activity Tracking

The major plus point of the Mio FUSE is undoubtedly its activity tracking. It’s able to provide precision, EKG accurate heart rate readings whether you’re at rest or working out and will record all your other vital stats too, including pace, distance and calories burned.

They have patented their award-winning Optical Heart Rate Technology, which tracks heart rate by monitoring the volume of blood in the capillaries and applying an algorithm to determine the heart’s rhythm.

Where the FitBit can take around 20-30 seconds to provide an accurate reading, the Mio Fuse works within seconds. Unlike the FitBit, however, you will need to tell the device when you’re going into workout mode.

While the Mio Go app is the primary app for viewing your results, the Mio FUSE also syncs and works with a variety of other, more specialist, tracking apps including MapMyRun, Strava, RunKeeper, Wahoo Fitness, DigiFit and more.

It also works exclusively with the Mio PAI (personal activity intelligence) app, which is designed to predict overall wellness and longevity, and provide guidance on activity levels.

There’s no heart rate chest strap that you see with other activity trackers and the soft silicone strap is unobtrusive and comfortable.

Have you tried the Mio FUSE tracker yet?

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