Molblly Memory Foam Mattress Review

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The Molblly Mattress is a good buy if you’re looking for a cheap memory foam mattress that still delivers on comfort and support.

Be aware that it is on the soft side and might not be ideally suited to weightier sleepers.


  • Great price
  • Comfortable
  • Impressive support
  • Sleeps cool
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 10 year warranty


  • Might be too soft for some people
  • Potential to sag under a lot of weight
  • Expect off-gassing for about 72 hours

The Molblly Mattress (available to buy on Amazon) is a good cheap alternative to the best memory foam mattresses on the market.

Comfort, support and breathability all score highly although there are a couple of minor flaws to be aware of if you’re considering buying it — namely, it’s pretty soft for some tastes.

Let’s take a closer look at my Molblly Memory Foam mattress review…

Molblly Memory Foam Mattress Review


  • 12 inches thick
  • Soft-medium comfort
  • Requires 72 hours for expansion
  • Comprised of high density memory foam, gel-infused memory foam and support base form
  • Knit jacquard cover
  • 10 year warranty

The Positives

Comfortable and Soft

Molblly Memory Foam Mattress review

With twelve inches of memory foam, it’s easy to deem the Molblly bed comfortable. Its four layers include three inches of cool gel memory foam, 3.5 inches of high density foam, and 5.5 inches of HD support foam. All these combine to provide added structure (to prevent sinking) and plush comfort (to ease your aches and pains).

The memory foam design also conforms to your specific body type, cradling your back, hips, shoulders, and head for a more cushioned experience.

As a plus, the bed is encased in a luxurious jacquard knit cover, so it’s soft and comfortable even without sheets. The cover is removable and washable, but I do recommend using sheets as normal, even though this mattress cover is very easy to clean!

12 inches is generally considered to be a luxury thickness when it comes to mattresses — above and beyond what I would expect at this price point!

Plush comfort is great, but not if you sink into nothingness. Luckily, the high-density foam and the HD support foam work together, providing a strong foundation for you to rest on. Your back, head, neck, shoulders, and joints are supported and nudged into correct alignment, so no matter how long you sleep, you won’t wake up to aches and pains.
Stays Cool

Best memory foam mattress

Memory foam is notorious for absorbing heat and refusing to dispel it. With that in mind, the Molblly features stay-cool gel infused into its third layer. This creates a barrier between the thicker layers beneath, and works to sap heat away from your body. The breathable foam then promotes air flow to dispel this heat, while the gel itself pulls in colder temperatures to keep you regulated throughout the night.

Top that off with the breathable, odor-resistant cover, and you can be sure to wake up fresh, cool, and dry.

The addition of a normal fitted sheet, like you would use on any bed, will also help with keeping cool, adding an addition light layer between you and the thicker, warmer memory foam layers.

Easy Set-Up

Setting up a memory foam bed can be a headache – especially one of this size.

Luckily, Molblly has eliminated this problem. There’s no complicated set up, and you don’t even need to transport it from a physical store. The bed will be delivered right to your door. Once you’ve moved the package to your bedroom, it can be laid your box spring or other bed foundation. After this, simply cut away the packaging and allow it to expand naturally. In about three days, it’ll be ready for use. It’s that simple!

The packed box weighs about 65 pounds, so it’s not too difficult to move once it’s been delivered. If that’s a heavy weight for you to move alone, you can prepare for the delivery and ask someone to help you move it since you’ll know when it will arrive.


If you or your sleeping partner has allergies, there’s no danger of you sneezing, coughing, or having a runny nose throughout the night. This Molblly is 100% hypoallergenic, resistant to allergens such as dust mites and mold, and is antimicrobial.

As a plus, the memory foam is CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which means it’s made without any harmful substances, like formaldehyde or mercury. Altogether, you can trust this bed to be safe for your health, environmentally smart, and irritation-free.

CertiPUR foams are guaranteed to not contain several harmful substances. The not-for-profit organization ensures that the foams are made without ozone depleters, no PBDEs, TDCPP pr TCEP flame retardants, no mercury, no lead, no formaldehyde, no phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and low Volatile Organic Compound emissions.

As far as the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification means that every bit of the mattress is tested and ensured to be free from harmful substances. The mattress is considered harmless in human ecological terms.

Minimal Motion Transfer

While memory foam alone has less motion transfer than spring beds, four total layers may concern you. Luckily, the Molblly has been designed to provide support, without condensing its layers. This makes it comfortable for longer, but also eliminates any motion transfer.

If you or your partner rises in the night, gets up for work in the morning, or simply tosses and turns, you won’t disturb each other. The cushions will ensure that your shifting remains localized.

It’s also a good thing for those who sleep with pets – any rolling or scratching your pet may do during the night will not disturb you as much. The movement of any partner or pet will be absorbed by the memory foam and will not transfer like it would with a spring mattress and interrupt your valuable sleep.

Double Sided

Molblly mattress

If you’re not sure if you like a firmer mattress or a softer mattress, the Molblly is still a reasonably safe choice. The mattress is able to be flipped over, and one side is intended to be softer and the other side is intended to be firmer.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing, knowing this might put you at ease! If you find you prefer a firmer mattress, just flip it over to the firmer side. Conversely, you can put it soft-side-up and enjoy a squishier, softer memory foam to sink into.

Generally speaking though I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are definitively looking for a firmer mattress. It’s definitely on the soft side.

Works with all Bed Frames

There’s no required bed frame or base for the Molblly mattress. You can set it directly on the floor and it would be fine. It will work with a slatted frame, a box spring from your old mattress, a flat platform, and it’s even listed to work on an adjustable bed or hospital bed frame.

No matter what kind of frame or platform bed setup you have, this mattress should fit. If you don’t like your old bed frame, well, consider this permission from us to get yourself a new one! But if you have a frame already, it should work fine with this mattress.

The Negatives

Too Soft?

While too-soft or too-firm is a subjective opinion, this bed does exist on the soft end of the spectrum. The layers are designed to provide extra cushion, and some many find this excessive.

Overall, multiple layers of firm memory foam might condense and lose their comfort over time, so Molblly appears to have erred on the side of caution. If you like an especially soft bed, this mattress will be a great fit. Otherwise, you may find yourself sinking in too deeply and not receiving the added support you prefer.

Potential Sinking Issues

Molblly Mattress review

With that in mind, this bed could sink too deeply under a certain amount of weight. To promote the cushioned feeling, it doesn’t have as much structure. For heavier individuals, that could mean the mattress dipping down and becoming uncomfortable over time. This is unlikely to be an issue if you’re around average weight (or even a little overweight).

It’s recommended that you account for this personal difference and decide if the added cushion is worth perhaps buying a firm mattress topper later on.

Since it’s not an expensive bed, some users were fine with the eventual compression of the memory foam. Some users were bothered by the compression and felt like they were sinking too much into the mattress, especially those who are taller and heavier adults. It’s up to you whether this will be a deal-breaker or not.


Sadly, memory foam always has one problem: a chemical smell.

This is especially true for beds that have been packaged and shipped, as this condenses their manufacturing odor even more. I see this all the time — even with much more expensive and brand name mattresses.

Luckily, the smell dissipates after around 72 hours. It’s recommended to keep the bed in a well-ventilated room during the airing-out period.

Molblly Memory Foam Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 12 inches (for the Queen).
  • Item Weight: 61.4 lbs.
  • Available in: Twin, Full, Queen and King

Material Composition

Best mattress in a box

The Molblly Memory Foam Mattress consists of four different layers.

HD Support Base Foam
The first is 5.5 inches of HD support base foam, which gives the mattress a stable structure, added breathable, and extra support.
High Density Foam
The second layer is 3.5 inches of high-density, especially comfortable foam. This gives the mattress bounce and helps it rebound back to its original shape after it’s laid on.
Cool Gel Memory Foam
The third layer is 3 inches of cooling gel memory foam, which helps to lessen the amount of heat retained, while also relieving pressure points.
Knit Jacquard Cover
The final layer is the knit jacquard cover that encases all the other layers. The cover can be fully zipped off to clean, should you need to.

The Brand

Molblly has no online presence, aside from the Amazon page where they sell their products. Their slogan is “you deserve better,” and apart from memory foam mattresses, they also create box-spring mattresses and memory foam pillows. Since they’re exclusively on Amazon, you can only contact them through their product listings.

Overall Verdict

All things considered, I would definitely recommend the Molblly Mattress.

While it doesn’t have the bells and whistles of a brand name memory foam mattress, it’s comfortable and supportive at a really great price. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic.

It’s not for everyone — it’s on the soft side and may be unsuitable for heavier people as I think it’s likely to sag. But I think most customers will be pleased with it.

Just remember to air it out for the full 72 hours once you’ve unpacked it!

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We hope you’ve found our Molblly Memory Foam Mattress review helpful. Looking for alternatives? Be sure to visit our mattress reviews section for other great options.

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