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For many people, the Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper could be the best option for them.

Extend the life of your mattress by making it a little softer without paying outrageous mattress prices.

With the Pure Green Mattress Topper you’ll be getting quality for less.

Everyone has to buy a mattress at some point. Whether you’re just moving out of your parents’ house or this is your fifth mattress over twenty years, there are thousands of companies out there trying to get your business, because they know you need it.

However, once you’ve bought a mattress, you have to use it for at least a few years to get your money’s worth. Depending on how expensive it is, you might hope you can make the mattress last for at least a decade!

So what do you do when you have one that’s too firm and does nothing but make you wake up in pain?

natural latex mattress topper

The answer is a mattress topper. Mattress accessories like the Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper, are the middle ground between just dealing with a bad mattress and buying an entirely new one.

They’re much cheaper than a new mattress, but can grant your old one new life. Still, though, you have to make the right decision.

What is the topper made from? How big is it? How soft is it? Understanding everything is complicated, but with just a little knowledge, you can find your best latex mattress topper.

This Pure Green latex mattress topper review will give you all the information you need to decide if this is the right one for you.

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper: the Details


These specs are for the Queen-sized configuration.

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 2 inches
  • Hardness: 20Ibs (4 pounds per cubic foot)
  • Item Weight: 9 pounds shipped
  • Mattress Composition: Natural latex
  • Warranty: 5 years

It’s also available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and California King.

Material Composition

The Pure Green latex mattress topper is made from 100% natural latex.

In the case of many latex products, the material is either synthetic or made with a substantial amount of fillers, both of which can reduce the quality of the mattress and even make it unsafe to sleep on.

Fortunately, the Pure Green latex mattress topper is certified to be 100% natural latex with no harmful chemicals or fillers, and all certifications are from qualified third-party organizations.

They manufacture their mattresses and mattress toppers in Sri Lanka, in factories they work with personally, as opposed to outsourcing to another company.

This keeps costs down while also giving them full control over the creation process.

Pure -Green-100%-natural-latex-mattress-topper-review

Sleep On Latex: The Brand

Sleep On Latex, founded in 2013, started as a one-man operation, but very quickly grew to become the largest retailer of latex mattress products in the United States.

After a lot of research, they decided to work with a factory in Sri Lanka, as the island has been manufacturing natural latex foam for decades due to their easily-accessible rubber trees.

Sleep On Latex prides themselves on their all-natural materials as well as the fact that they work with their factory directly. Along with their accessible prices, and they continue to work to keep the prices down and the quality up.

Being the largest latex mattress retailer in the United States says something about the company, but they haven’t stopped improving.

A consistent note people make, even when they’re unsatisfied with the product, is that their customer service is stunning, and Sleep On Latex is very proud of that.

The combination of great quality, great affordability, and great customer service means that their products continue to get great reviews, maintaining their lead in the mattress world, even with so many new companies on the scene.

Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper Review

Stand Out Features

  • 100% Natural: You’ll sleep a little easier knowing that your mattress topper is totally organic with no synthetic materials or harmful fillers.
  • Hypoallergenic: Thanks to the use of natural materials, the Pure Green mattress topper is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions so you can breathe easy. Did we mention it’s also dust-mite resistant? No sneezing and sniffling here.
  • Fast Shipping: No need to impatiently wait by your door for comfort. Customers report that these mattress toppers ship super fast so you can get a good night’s sleep asap.

The Positives

Good Mix of Soft and Firm

Latex mattresses and mattress toppers are well-known for their comfort, and this mattress topper has a great combination of plush comfort and firm support.

Many people who have had issues with the firmness of their current mattress are very happy with the Pure Green latex solution, and have gravitated toward the soft style as the perfect firmness for them.

Cool Surface

While memory foam is much more prone to retaining heat, soft, squishy latex foam can still have this problem as well.

The way your body sinks into the foam can cause heat to pool around you, and you can end up waking up in a sweaty mess.

The air flow and breathability of the Pure Green latex mattress topper is enough to keep body heat from affecting sleep while also providing the most comfort possible.

Retains Its Own Shape                                                     

Foam mattresses are known for being soft and squishy. Memory foam, usually regarded as the softest type of mattress, holds the shape of your body and returns back to the normal shape within a minute or so of getting up.

Some people really don’t like that sinking feeling, though, and would prefer the comfort of foam with more of a lifted feeling.

This mattress topper solves that problem. It’s a great middle ground.

natural latex mattress topper

Little to No Odor                                                                         

It’s very common for latex mattresses to have some kind of odor; if you buy a 100% natural latex option, you have to expect a bit of a smell from it.

With the Pure Green latex mattress topper, that smell is very, very light, and frequently goes away entirely after airing out for a few days.

Even better, because there are no chemicals or fillers used in the manufacturing process, the occasional odor doesn’t smell like a laboratory.

All Natural

If you’re looking to go green, the fact that this mattress is made out of all natural materials will definitely boost your effort.

This topper has a stamp of approval from eco-Institut, Okeo Tex, and Greenguard Gold in case you were questioning the truthfulness of its quality.

Not only do these internationally recognized certifications prove that this mattress topper has been tested extensively, it stands as proof that this topper is definitely a healthier option.

Say good-bye cheap fillers and synthetics, Sleep On Latex brings you the real deal.

pure green 100% natural latex mattress topper

Convenient Shipping

Not only is shipping fast, but it’s convenient only upping the company’s efficiency.

You won’t have to awkwardly lug your full-size topper from your door to your bedroom as these mattress toppers come plastic wrapped and compressed enough to fit into an easy-to-manage to box.

We recommend taking your box to where you want to lay the mattress topper and unpack from there.

Once unpackaged, all that’s left is to unroll your topper onto your mattress and make sure its correctly positioned.

No huffing. No fussing.


While the mattresses and toppers might be manufactured in Sri Lanka, the company itself is based in Chicago.

This allows customers to feel a little more connected to the company, and in case of questions, concerns or returns, it makes it a lot easier to contact the company than having to dial overseas.


While this mattress topper is made to sit on top of your bed, why limit yourself?

As long as you’re careful, this mattress can be used as an alternative when you’re without a bed.

While we don’t recommend using it on its own, it can make your sofa-bed, pull-out, or rollaway bed as luxurious as a hotel.

If you’re expecting guests, propping this on an air mattress will make them forget they’re not at home.

Some customers have even taken it camping to sleep like royalty under the stars.

The Negatives

Occasional Quality Issues

As with any other foam, the Pure Green latex mattress topper isn’t the most durable thing when used on its own.

It’s rare that people have reported issues directly out of the box, but especially if you use it on its own without any blankets, it may not last very long.

People have also sometimes reported that there are issues with permanent indents and bumps showing up within the first few months.

If you’re a very restless sleeper, or you aren’t planning on using a cover sheet for the foam, be aware that it likely won’t last for too long.

Not the Best for All Body Types

Everyone experiences mattress toppers differently. Your size plays a huge role in how the foam conforms to your body and how deeply you sink into it, and the Pure Green latex mattress topper is no different.

For most people, two inches is the perfect thickness, but people with a larger or heavier body type may have issues with sinking too far into the foam, rendering it nearly useless.

With smaller and lighter body types who are side sleepers, it can feel a little too firm and be less comfortable than intended.

They do offer a thicker three-inch 100% natural latex mattress topper, if you’re worried about sinking in too far.

Overall Verdict

When you have a mattress that’s not comfortable, you usually only think there are two options: replace it or deal with it.

Thankfully, now that mattress toppers are a more widespread thing, they’re the middle ground that allows you to save money and be comfortable.

The award for the best mattress topper is an incredibly subjective thing, but if you’re looking for a 100% natural latex option that works with your body and is high-quality without breaking the bank, it’s hard to find a better one than Pure Green’s 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper.

Where to Buy the Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper

With a variety of brands (both old and new) vying for best latex mattress topper, the Sleep On Latex brand can get lost amidst the hype.

Not only that, but Sleep On Latex doesn’t distribute their products through any retail locations. This makes it a little trickier to find in-store or online.

To start, check out their website below.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

best latex mattress topper

That wraps up our review on the Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper review. Tempted to give it a try?

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