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I highly recommend the Nolah Original to anyone wanting a high quality mattress without the matching price tag.

With unmatched comfort and support, this foam mattress provides excellent pressure relief and sleeps cool. Ideal.

Just be aware that you may need a little time to adjust to this different type of comfort.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Very supportive
  • Gentle on the hips
  • Good for any sleeping position, including side sleepers
  • 120 night trial period
  • 15 year warranty
  • Sleeps cool
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy delivery and returns


  • Slight off-gassing upon first unpacking
  • May take some time to adjust to the AirFoam

The Nolah Original Mattress (available on Nolah) is one of the best mattresses in the world right now.

Super comfortable, wonderfully supportive and affordable — what more could you want?

nolah mattress review

Made from AirFoam — a substance Nolah claims is superior to memory foam — this is probably a different kind of comfort to what you’re used to. But once you’ve got used to it, I think you’ll agree that it makes for a fantastic sleeping experience.

Let’s find out more…

Nolah Original Mattress Review


  • 10 inches thick
  • Medium feel
  • Comprised of 2″ Pressure relief Nolah AirFoam, 1″ Latex-Like Support Foam, 7″ High-Density Polyurethane Foam
  • Natural Viscose Cover made from wood pulps.
  • 15 year warranty
  • 120 night trial

The Positives

Unmatched Comfort

best cool mattress

The comfort level of the Nolah Mattress is incredibly high — it feels like a very expensive hotel bed and certainly not one you can grab at this price point.

The pressure relief is almost immediate.

If you change positions in your sleep a lot, this mattress is perfect for you.

Unlike memory foam that contours to your body and creates a lasting cavity in the mattress, this AirFoam contours to your body gently to allow you to change positions comfortably.

You can start out on your side and move to your back after a few hours, and the foam will accommodate your body regardless of how you lay.

The air pockets inside the Nolah AirFoam makes it easy for those who share a bed as well. You won’t have to worry about waking your partner up (or vice-versa) since these pockets make your own movement area that won’t transfer to the other side of the bed.

Perfect for all Sleep Positions

This definitely isn’t one of those mattresses that’s only comfortable when you’re sleeping on your back. It’s expertly engineered to provide comfort and support regardless of how you’re sleeping.

It also claims to be gentle on the hips, which is great news for side sleepers. Often firmer mattresses can mean that side sleepers wake up with hip pain, but the Nolah is so designed that it’s plush enough to cushion your body while also providing a very high level of support.

Sleeps Cool

It’s important to have a mattress that won’t produce any additional heat. Unlike many mattresses that absorb body heat, this mattress stays cool.

The foam is also moisture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about any sweat soaking into the mattress if you do happen to be a sweatier sleeper.

I live in a very warm climate and managed to keep cool all night on the Nolah — I always expect heat traps with foam mattresses, but I’m pleased to report that this wasn’t the case.

Dedicated Customer Service

One aspect of the company that really stands out is their outstanding customer service. We’ve all heard horror stories involving customer service, but with this company, you’ll have just the opposite.

Although I’ve not needed to get in contact, I’ve heard good reviews from others who have. The team is not only friendly and helpful, but they also reply to messages fast.

Easy to Unpack and Assemble

Many people shy away from purchasing mattresses online out of fear of difficult unpacking and assembly.

The Nolah AirFoam Mattress came rolled up in a box.

All you have to do is drag the box near the frame it will be going on, pull the rolled up mattress out, place the mattress on the bed, cut the plastic, and it expands in no time.

As mentioned, shipping is totally free and has a pretty quick window of 2 to 5 days.

Here’s a video showing what the Nolah Mattress looks like out of the box:

120 Night Trial Period

We all know that laying on a mattress in a store for a few minutes won’t really tell you how it holds up overnight.

Nolah knows that too and instead allows you to really test out their mattress with their 120 day trial period.

You’ll have months to really to make sure the mattress offers you enough support and comfort and if it doesn’t come through on its promises, you can send it back. All they ask is that you give it at least 30 nights before deciding.

Nolah promises a full refund with no additional costs, as well as a free pickup if you decide it’s not for you.

In line with their environmentally friendly brand, they’ll donate or recycle the returned mattresses.

Extended Warranty

nolah mattress review

In addition to a long trial period, Nolah also includes a 15 year warranty on their mattresses meaning these mattresses are definitely built to last. This is pretty much unheard of at this price point.

Nolah promises to cover defects in the making of the mattress including sewing and the cover, as well as any sagging or indents deeper than 1.5″.

Just make sure to take regular care of your mattress (including using a proper bed frame) and Nolah will handle the rest.

Great Price

I’ve hinted at it throughout the review, but Nolah’s affordability definitely justifies a box to itself.

While there are certainly cheaper mattresses out there, I’ll think you’ll be hard pressed to find one that performs quite as well as the Nolah Original.

It’s very hard to find anything to dislike about this mattress and it definitely out-performs its price bracket.

With the trial period and juicy warranty, it’s definitely worth taking a punt on.

Other Things I Love
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Can be used on any type of bed frame
  • Financing options available

The Negatives

A Different Kind of Comfort

If you’re used to sleeping on a different mattress – whether it be memory foam, latex, or something else – you will probably need a little bit time to adjust to sleeping on AirFoam.

As I’ve mentioned, the Nolah is an incredibly comfortable mattress, but it does need a little time to adjust.

It’s likely to feel very soft at first, only gaining that supportive firmness when it reaches full expansion.

Depending on when you set it up, your first night might not be the best representation of the comfort. It’s a good thing you get 120 days to try it (don’t worry — I think you’ll know if you love it or not much sooner than that!)

Slight Chemical Smell at First

There was a very slight chemical smell on the mattress when it first arrived. This is known as off-gassing and is actually very common with new foam mattresses.

Once aired out for a few hours in an open room, the smell disappears.

Nolah Mattress: The Details


For the Queen configuration:

  • Product Dimensions: 60” x 80” x 10″
  • Available in: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King

Material Composition

best foam mattress

The Nola Mattress is 10 inches tall and consists of three layers of high-resilience polyurethane foam.

The company combined three high quality foams to provide a mattress that is both comfortable and easy on the body including the hips, shoulders, and back.

In fact, the company has gone as far as to prove that the mattress provides four times less peak pressure on those areas than many of the leading memory foam mattresses on the market.

Without the use of heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals, the mattress also provides a cooler sleep. The quality is all in the foam.

High Density Base Foam
On the bottom layer, there is seven inches of high-density base foam. Nolah set out to find foam that was durable enough to ensure many years of use. The polyurethane foam provides the needed support to keep your neck and spine aligned properly.
Avena Support Foam

The second layer consists of one- inch of Avena support foam. This foam contours to the shape of your body to provide not only comfort, but also support. It provides the same cushioning and comfort as memory foam, but goes even further to protect your body from aches and pains. Its supportive bounce is supposed to guarantee a deeper sleep. It is also free of ozone depleting substances.

Nolah AirFoam

To top it off, the Nolah mattress has two-inches of Nolah AirFoam. This pressure relieving, cooling foam also contours to your body without being sensitive to temperature. Nolah claims that the mattress is breathable and sleeps cooler than mattresses with other types of foam, because it does not store your body heat.

All foam used in the Nolah mattress are 100% CertiPUR-US certified and contain no harmful substances like heavy metals, formaldehyde, and carcinogens.

The natural Viscose cover takes away moisture like sweat to provide a cool and dry night of sleep.

Nolah: The Brand

nolah mattress

A new mattress is a big purchase, so it’s only natural to lean towards the brands you know.

Although Nolah may not a big name in the industry yet, they are well on their way to the top. With almost 20 years of experience creating top quality sleeping products, Nolah has the skills and experience needed to provide a mattress you can trust.

The brand was founded by Daniel Galle and Anna Hjoellund, which have both won numerous awards for their products. Before Nolah, they invented SilkFx, which was the first silk bedding that could be washed.

To this day, they have millions of satisfied customers. We love to see a company that has dedicated customers, as this not only vouches for the company but also for the quality of the product.

Being a sleep technology company, Nolah used the latest technology out there to design a mattress that they believe to be better than both memory foam and latex. After testing hundreds of designs, they created the Nolah AirFoam Mattress.

Another unique detail about Nolah Mattress is their Wildlife Mission. With every mattress purchased, they adopt an endangered American Wildlife through Defenders of Wildlife.

You can choose from 120 animals and will receive an adoption certificate in the mail. We chose the Bald Eagle, but there are many other animals to choose.

Overall Verdict

I highly recommend the Nolah Original Mattress to anyone looking for a high-end mattress without the high-end price tag.

This mattress is very comfortable, supportive, and definitely one of the best foam mattresses available right now.

With its unique foam layers, it provides a comfortable and cool sleep that you won’t get with the other low cost mattresses on the market.

If I’m looking for things to nitpick, I’d mention the slight off-gassing upon first unpacking and the fact that you may need a little time to adjust to the new foam.

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