Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier Review

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Ease of Use and Noise
  • Portability


It’s easy to see why the Frigidaire Energy Star is the bestselling dehumidifier on the market: it’s an incredibly powerful unit that effectively removes moisture and rapidly improves the quality of the room around it.

Portable and easy to use with electronic controls, the Frigidaire is a no-brainer purchase for buyers wanting a feature-heavy, premium dehumidifier.

This Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier is one of the most highly rated and popular dehumidifiers on Amazon, thanks to its slew of amazing features for a reasonable price.

Most importantly, it’s powerful enough to effectively protect your bedroom and home from any mold or mildew caused by excess moisture in the air, while also clearing that air of the bacteria that affects the quality of your breathing.

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This is the Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier model.

  • Size: 12.3 x 17.3 x 25.5 inches
  • Weight: 37 pounds (ships at 41.4 pounds)
  • Warranty: Limited 1 year (2-5 years limited warranty on sealed system)

Stand-Out Features

As you might expect from its premium price tag, you get a lot of features and quality bundled into this Frigidaire model.

  • Continuous Pump Option: when the unit is located near a suitable drain
  • Easy humidity control: electronic controls allow you to set the exact humidity percentage in that room
  • Extra long power cord: at 6 feet, you won’t need any extension cords
  • Auto shut-off for full tanks: and you’ll get an alert
  • Antibacterial mesh filter: reduces bacteria and odors (and is washable)


In addition to the above, the Frigidaire Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier has the following features:

  • Pumps 50 pints per day
  • Full-function electronic controls
  • Energy efficient with Energy Star efficiency
  • Portable, with top handle, integrated side handles and wheels
  • Pull-out tank at the front of the unit, which can hold 16.3 pints with a handle and a splash guard
  • Low temperature option for maximum efficiency and economy
  • 2 fan speeds


  • little noisy, although this is a widespread gripe with the majority of powerful dehumidifiers
  • The fan doesn’t cycle off

How it Works and How to Use it

Just like the majority of dehumidifiers, the Frigidaire Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier pulls in the air from the surrounding room, passing it over a coil. This coil then condenses the moisture in the air, drawing it out and into the water tank, passing the dehumidified air out through a filter on the side of the unit.

The collected water should then be emptied when you’re alerted to a full tank. The Frigidaire is a sophisticated enough system to simply shut off tank access until it’s been emptied.

This video shows you how easy it is to use the Frigidaire:

If you’re able to position it close to a suitable drain, it’s particularly effective as it’s able to provide continuous operation of its pump.

There are two different fan speeds to choose from, which you can opt for according to how humid your room is and how much noise from the unit you’re happy to accept. The more powerful (and noisier!) speed is suited to the most humid rooms.

One of the major draws of this Frigidaire model is its clear and easy to use electronic control system. This shows the room’s humidity percentage, giving you the information you need to set it to cycle to your desired humidity percentage. If you’re looking for energy efficiency (and a lower electricity bill), you can simply choose the low temperature operation.

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The controls for the Frigidaire


The Frigidaire Energy Star has been engineered with SpaceWise design in order to make it as space efficient and portable as possible. As such, it comes with caster walls, top handle and integrated side handles to enable you to move it easy from room-to-room. This is particularly helpful as the unit weighs in close to 40 pounds!

As an additional help, its 6-foot long power cord negates any need you might have for extension cords and allows you to position the unit wherever is best in your bedroom.

Air Quality

As well as simply effectively reducing the moisture in the air, thus minimizing your home’s risk for mold and mildew, the Frigidaire also actively improves the quality of the air you’re breathing.

It draws in airborne particles, like bacteria and odors, trapping it in washable mesh filter, and only filtering back out drier and healthier air. This will make it easier for you to breathe and stop you ingesting bacteria and other such particles into your respiratory system.

That’s our Frigidaire Energy Star Dehumidifier Review!

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