Quatro Memory Foam Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

The Quatro Sleep Mattress is a relatively new player on the market, but it’s destined to become very popular thanks to its universal comfort design, great support and reasonable price.

It’s not perfect — there’s a lack of bounce and a little off-gassing at first — but we think the Quatro Sleep Mattress could be the next big thing.

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The Quatro Memory Foam Mattress — universal comfort and supportive for bad backs. But is it right for you?

Tri-layer memory foam technology and compressed delivery packages—all of it can feel a tad overwhelming when buying a mattress.

quatro sleep memory foam mattress

Don’t worry: we’re here to make it simple and show you what’s great and what could be improved about this popular mattress.

As we look at the Quatro mattress, we’ll be answering what is memory foam and is it really all that memorable? Is medium plush really just medium lush? Is the 100 night guarantee something to sleep on or will it give you sweet dreams? Is the price of the Quatro memory foam mattress actually worth it?

Supportive, comfortable, created with customer compatibility in mind, and filled with innovative technology, the queen-sized suggests excellence.

But let’s see what’s really under the covers…

Quatro Sleep Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 10 x 80 inches
  • Hardness: Medium plush
  • Mattress Composition: Plex Air Memory Foam, support foam, and support case
  • Cover: Removable and washer-friendly
  • Warranty: 100 night guarantee

Quatro Mattresses are also available in King and Twin sizes.

Material Composition

The queen size Quatro Memory Foam Mattress consists of three layers: one inch of Plex Air Memory Foam, two inches of Support Foam, and seven inches of Support Case with tri-layer memory foam technology.

It’s covered by a breathable, cotton and polyester blend cover.

quatro memory foam mattress review

Basically, the memory foam allows the mattress to mold to fit you, rather than forcing you to change the way you sleep to suit the mattress. It’s a relatively respectable 1.8 lbs in density, offering a soft and plush texture, while providing you with very responsive support and melting away any painful pressure point.

There’s clearly plenty of air ventilation in at least this layer of the mattress too: we found that we slept cool despite some pretty high temperatures outside!

Next, the two inches of 1.5 lb support foam reinforces the memory foam so you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a mat instead of a mattress.

The high level of support offered by the Quatro Sleep Mattress is down to this layer: it correctly aligns your neck and spine and works to distribute your weight evenly, again further relieving any pressure points.

Then, the final support case layer provides the base support you need to feel like you’re sleeping on a high quality mattress rather than simply a topper or thick mat.

If we could compare it to another trendy mattress right now, it would be the Tuft & Needle — both offer the same type of universal comfort and are in roughly the same price bracket.

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Quatro Sleep: The Brand

Quatro Sleep is an Amazon-only company that specializes in just two products: this Quatro Sleep memory foam mattress, and an adjustable bed base.

Their prices are reasonable, especially considering the high quality of the product although justified by the fact that they can sell direct to consumer via Amazon. Even so, these mattresses are more economical compared to other brands of memory foam mattresses.

It’s also worth noting that their few products already up for sale are bringing in flattering reviews — although it’s best to pay most attention to the verified ones.

Even though it’s a smaller brand, Quatro is expanding quickly, so keep an eye on this company for more high quality sleep products.

Quatro Sleep Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

There are lots of great things to shout about this memory foam mattress but here are the headlines:

  • Universal Comfort: regardless of your size, favored sleep position or comfort preferences, chances are you’ll enjoy the Quatro mattress. It’s exceptionally comfortable.
  • Sleeps Cool: well ventilated mattress layers and a breathable cover ensure that you won’t be overheating in this bed

Let’s go more into the nitty gritty details…

The Positives

High Level of Comfort

Dear everyone who sleeps on the same bed as someone who wants the opposite level of hardness in a mattress: you’re welcome.

Quatro is a compromise in mattress form—no more stealing blankets to pad mattresses or switching to the floor because it’s more fitting than sleeping on the bed.

Welcome to medium plush: not too hard, not too soft, and for many people it’s just right.

Understandably so: the ratio of memory foam to support foam to support case provides just the right balance of support and comfort to make transitioning to a new mattress that much easier.

It’s also comfortable regardless of different types of sleep positions. We find it firm enough to support a side sleeper and plush enough to provide comfort to a regular back sleeper.

Minimal Motion Transfer

Another way that this mattress is great for bed sharers is by minimizing any natural sleep motions.

Worried about waking up the person who’s asleep on the same mattress as you?

The memory foam technology conforms so well to your body that movements don’t disturb the rest of the mattress, so you won’t have to worry. While the person next to you is sleeping soundly, you’ll be free to flip flop to your heart’s content.

Great for Bad Backs

With almost 9 inches of support in total, it’s fair to say that the Quatro Memory Foam Mattress is more than just sufficiently supportive.

We’ve seen numerous users wake up after a night on this mattress to relief from back pain.

Part of this is due to the incredibly responsive memory foam that quickly and easily molds to the contours of your body, suiting your posture and not forcing it into an unnatural position.

The huge amount of support offered by the mattress similarly manages to align your spine and neck into a position of comfort and relieves those pesky pressure points that would otherwise wake us up feeling sore.

best memory foam mattress

Easy and Convenient Shipping

Being an Amazon-only company, Quatro Sleep know the score when it comes to easy deliveries.

They compress the mattress into a reasonably sized (if pretty heavy) box and deliver it direct to your door.

We’d recommend carrying the mattress straight to your bedroom in the box and only unpacking it once its in position as it does expand quickly once the snake is out of the cage.

The total expansion period is a day, which is in line with most other online mattress retailers. The model we tested looked to be at full expansion within a few hours.

Other Things We Love:

  • Removable, zippable cover
  • 100 night trial period

quatro mattress review

The Negatives

Not Quite Enough Bounce

One thing that we did notice about the Quatro mattress is that it doesn’t offer much by way of bounce, which may prove a little less than helpful for any adult bedtime activities…

[We’re talking about sex, just FYI.]

This is mainly due to the top memory foam layer which exhibits some quite amazing motion isolation — great for if your partner gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, less good for when you need some resistance to bounce against.

Earlier we compared the Quatro Sleep to the Tuft & Needle mattress, and we have to say that this is an area that Tuft & Needle have done well in — take a look at that mattress if bounce is an important factor for you.

Smell Upon First Unpacking

As with so many memory foam mattresses, the Quatro Sleep is a tad smelly for those first few hours out of the box.

We’d recommend cranking those windows open — particularly if your bedroom is on the small side — in order to minimize any lingering stench.

Not a deal breaker — but worth being aware of nonetheless.

Universal Comfort: a Myth?

While this mattress will certainly prove comfortable to most who try it, there will always be some that find it too plush or too firm for their tastes.

The Quatro Sleep Mattress tends towards the softer side of mattress firmness so you may want to think twice if you prefer something more definitively firm.

Overall Verdict

Medium plush hardness, memory foam, and layers upon layers of support – all for a fairly low price in comparison to big name memory foam mattress brands – Quatro is formidable.

Not to mention the 100 night trial to make shopping online that much less intimidating.

The universal comfort design of this mattress is likely to satisfy all but the most fussy of sleepers with its medium plush feel, and you should feel confident in buying this regardless of what sleep position you most prefer.

To top it all off—literally and figuratively—its mattress cover is removable and washable.

It’s not perfect — we’re a little disappointed with the lack of bounce — but it’s certainly very close.

Where to Buy the Quatro Sleep Mattress

As we’ve mentioned, Quatro are an Amazon only company, and as such, only sell this mattress on Amazon.

quatro sleep memory foam mattress

Are you tempted to try out the Quatro Sleep Mattress?


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