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HTS Verdict

You can rest assured you’ll be getting a comfortable and supportive sleep with the Pacific Co Mattress.

While free shipping and a trial period are beneficial, the mattress is also made with a balance of firmness and softness to appease most sleepers.

The latex used in the mattress makes for support and joint relief but be wary if you are allergic.

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Memory foam mattresses have quickly become a popular way to enjoy a more comfy sleeping experience. However, traditional memory foam doesn’t always provide the comfort it boasts.

The Pacific Co Mattress could be the solution to your memory foam woes.

pacific co mattress

Traditional memory foam is known for being very hot with limited airflow between the layers, making for a sweaty night’s rest.

Too much foam causes the sleeper to sink into their mattress without the back support they need, while too little foam barely leaves room between your spine and the foundation. With so many memory foam mattresses out there, it’s tough to find one that’s cushy, supportive, and cool.

Pacific Co mattresses utilize a special foam called Float Foam that wicks heat, circulates air, and provides such a soft feel it’s as if you were sleeping on a cloud! If you’re looking for a super soft mattress that provides plenty of support, then the Pacific Co mattress is perfect for you.

Pacific Co Mattress: The Details

Below are the specifications and configurations for the Pacific Co’s Queen-sized mattress.

  • Dimensions: 60”x80”x10”
  • Hardness: Medium soft and medium firm
  • Item Weight: Around 73 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: Cover, float foam, OEKO-TEX certified latex foam, density foam
  • Cover: Polyester, rayon, modacrylic, small amounts of lycra, silica
  • Expansion Period: Around 1 hour
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty

The Pacific Co Mattress also comes in these configurations: Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and California King.

Material Composition

Pacific Co Mattresses are different in that their top layer is composed of a unique foam that aids in support, while leaving you feeling comfortable and cool.

Here is a more in-depth look at just what these mattresses are made of.


As you’ve read in the specifications, this mattress’ cover is made of five different materials.

You’re probably thinking “I’ll be sleeping on a cover made of rayon?” or “Why make it out of modacrylic, lycra, and silica?”

To answer those questions, these materials come together to make the cover breathable and stretchy while also making it soft to the touch.

It’s also designed to wick heat so that warmth is drawn away from the body, keeping you cool.

As a handy bonus, the mattress cover is removable making it a breeze to wash and refresh without having to worry about cleaning the entire mattress.

pacific co mattress review

Float Foam

Pacific Co as a brand developed a one-of-a-kind technology called Supported Air Technology, utilizing billions of microscopic air capsules that provide support while reducing pressure.

Each little cell acts as a shock absorber that releases air independently as pressure increases, also contributing to comfort and support.

The great thing about float foam, other than being insanely comfy, is that it reduces pressure in both the hips and back compared to other foams.

It releases body heat much faster than traditional memory foam, keeping you cool.

CoolBrezzz technology provides superior moisture and heat wicking, so there will be no more hot, sweaty nights in bed.

Transitional Latex Foam

This second layer is made with latex foam that serves to provide pressure relief, support, and a smooth transition between the cushioning upper layers and the firmer lower layer.

Density Support Core

There isn’t much to say about the lower layer other than it gives additional support and durability.

The great thing is it can fit on any base – whether it be on the floor, slats, or a traditional box spring.

Pacific Mattress Co. – The Brand

Pacific Mattress Co. is based in Los Angeles, California, and was founded in 2010. It’s a fast-growing brand that’s making a name for itself in the sleeping community.

Their goal is to offer a great night’s sleep with a mattress capable of being cool, comfy, and supportive in all the right places.

Pacific Co Mattress Review

There’s more to a mattress than meets the eye, and the same goes for the Pacific Co mattress. It offers plenty of positives to get excited about as well as some things to look out for.

pacific co mattress review


Stand Out Features

  • 100 Night Trial: Gone are the days of a five minute test on in-store mattresses. Thanks to Pacific Co’s 100 night trial period, you’ll be able to thoroughly test out your mattress before totally committing.
  • 10 Year Warranty: The warranty on the Pacific Co Mattress is covered for a while – 10 years. Pacific Co Mattress will take the bill and blame for any manufacturing defects or deep sagging that occurs during this time period.
  • Free Shipping: Always a happy bonus to include. Skip the salesmen and delivery man hassles and let Pacific Co handle the job of delivering your mattress right to your door at no additional cost.


Super Soft and Comfortable

It’s natural to raise an eyebrow when companies claim that their mattresses feel “as if you’re sleeping on a cloud.” You’ve been sold that line before, along with mattresses that hardly lived up to that claim, so your cynicism is warranted.

However, the Pacific Co Mattress actually lives up to this statement…honestly!

Due to the mattress’ composition, you’ll be surrounded by plush comfort on all sides.

No Sinking Feeling

The drawback to soft mattresses is that you can end up sinking into them. This may be perfect for some, but others don’t want to be swallowed by their beds.

The Pacific mattress is made to recover its shape quickly while remaining soft to prevent that sinking feeling.

Decent Bounce

This mattress isn’t the bounciest by far, but it manages to give just the right amount.

Because it’s a blend of softness and support, you will initially get some bounce (softness), but not for too long (support).

Latex adds more mobility than traditional memory foam and combined with the Float Foam is perfect for amorous play or if you want to flop onto it after a long day.


Minimal Transfer

When it comes to the Pacific Co Mattress, partners won’t have to worry at night.

The Float Foam technology makes it  ideal for couples as it reduces any motion transfer. This means you or your partner won’t be woken up due to the other’s tosses and turns or if one of you needs to get up.

Less interruptions during your sleep means you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and energized.

It Sleeps Cool

Nobody wants to wake up to a puddle of their own sweat. Luckily the top layer of the Pacific mattress has heat and moisture wicking capability as well as circulated airflow.

It releases heat faster than traditional memory foam, so you won’t have to keep your AC running at night.

Environmentally Conscious

The Pacific Co Mattress is 100% vegan. Who knew a mattress could be vegan?

Pacific Co shows they are dedicated to the environment and their customers by using natural materials when manufacturing their product.

Their mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified meaning you won’t have to worry about harmful materials like lead, formaldehyde, or mercury being used to make your new mattress.Instead, natural materials like silica and water-based adhesives are used to help improve your indoor air quality.

The latex used in the mattresses is totally safe and certified under Oeko-Tex Standard 100, so you know you won’t be taking in any harmful substances during your slumber.

Minimal Off-Gassing Smell

One of the hassles of getting a new mattress is that new-mattress smell, which we all know is not nearly as enjoyable as that new-car smell.

These smells and gasses are released from the harmful chemicals the mattress is made of. That being said, thanks to using less damaging ingredients, the Pacific mattress has a minimal off-gassing smell.

The smell it does have is due to vacuum sealing but will quickly dissipate. They also use water-based adhesives rather than chemical-based adhesives, which can cause the smell.

If scent is an issue, just air the bed out for a day or two and it should be good to go.

Limited Warranty

Pacific mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty which covers unraveled stitching, deep sagging, split or cracked foam, or zipper malfunctions.

Normal wear and tear isn’t covered under the warranty, but that’s standard procedure for any mattress you come across.

Easy Shipping

Not only is shipping free, you won’t have to hire a crew to help you get your bed set up.

Pacific Co aims to have your mattress delivered quickly in around 3 to 6 days and it arrives compacted into a convenient box.

All you’ll have to do is move the box to your resting place, unbox it, roll it to the end of your frame, position it white side up, and take the plastic off.

The mattress will start to quickly expand and if needed, you can leave it to air out.

If you aren’t satisfied with your mattress during your trial period, returns are also free and easy. Your mattress will be picked up by Pacific Co before being donated.

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The Negatives

Excludes Some States

If you want to order this mattress but happen to live in either Hawaii or Alaska, then there is an additional $200 fee to ship it to you.

Though it’s understandable that shipping to these states can be expensive, it’s unfortunate you may end up paying well over the mattress cost.

Also, if for any reason you need to return this mattress, that additional fee cannot be refunded. It’s up to you (if you live in these states) to decide whether or not this is a worthwhile investment.

Latex Allergies

Pacific mattresses are made with latex, so anyone with an allergy to that material should be wary.

The latex layer is the middle layer, which means that it doesn’t come in direct contact with the skin; but each person is different and so are their allergies.

If you’re not sure how you’ll react, it’s safer to avoid it, or check in with your doctor before purchasing.

Overall Verdict

There’s no doubt that the Pacific Co Mattress is one of the softest and most comfortable mattresses out there.

It provides a great balance of plush and firm so that your body can both relax and get the support it needs.

But if you’re outside mainland U.S.A. and don’t care to throw your latex-averse health on the roulette wheel, it could be worth looking elsewhere.

pacific co mattress

That’s our review on the Pacific Co Mattress. Are you tempted to try it out?


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