Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress Review


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Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress Review
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HTS Verdict

If you’re looking for a cool but comfortable night’s sleep, the Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress will provide.

This mattress is reliable and backed by a long extended warranty to make sure you get the most out of your purchase.

A long expansion process and lack of firmness may be a deterrent to some, but for those who don’t mind, this mattress will give support for years to come.

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Mattress America isn’t new to the scene, which means they know their mattresses and they know their clients.

While they have years of experience, these have not been spent snoozing. Instead, these years were dedicated to research and optimizing everything from production to delivery.

That they are proud of their Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress should come as no surprise; they even attached the company name to their product.

mattress america review

Fans and salesmen know this mattress under another, more chill name: Frosty, but don’t let the name fool you!

As a Mattress America pocket coil pillow top mattress, Frosty combines coil spring technology with memory foam, and just enough gel cooling technology to make the difference.

Situated in Ohio, Mattress America knows the American market as their home turf, and they aim to please.

Having all those components might sound complicated, but once you break it down, it’s fairly simple.

Frosty is a hybrid mattress, and if you’re still not sure just how any of this stacks up, we have you covered.

Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress: The Details


The following details are for the King-sized 13-inch model of Frosty. Specifications will vary depending on the size you need.

  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 13 x 60 inches.
  • Hardness: Medium to firm.
  • Item Weight: 90 pounds.
  • Mattress Composition: Coils, gel, and memory foam.
  • Cover: Thick and breathing.
  • Expansion Period: Up to 14 days.
  • Warranty: 25-year warranty.

Other available sizes are Full, King, Queen, and Twin XL. The mattress is available in two different thicknesses; 11” or 13”. The thickness has a direct relation to the firmness of the mattress.

Material Composition

Fusion mattresses get their strength and continued firmness from the coils in their core, and since Frosty has a 10-inch pocket coil core, things will be kept bouncy for years to come.

These coils are also individually wrapped, making it easier for the bed to adjust to your unique body shape, adding support to pained joints and relieving already inflamed joints.

Of course it cannot be a proper fusion mattress without added foam. Marrying together both the old-fashioned coils making up traditional mattresses and the foam of the newer generation, hybrids offer the best of both worlds.

mattress america review

As a bonus, the Pocket Coil Mattress doesn’t just have a memory foam top layer – the upper part functions as a gel infused memory mattress in its own right.

This creates the so-called ‘pillow top feeling;’ as if you’re sinking into a large pillow until the coils support you.

Keeping a cool head is easy when you’ve got eco-friendly gel on your side, and on the plus side, pained muscles are encouraged to heal thanks to chilled sleeping temperatures.

Mattress America: The Brand

Mattress America is as American as they come. Based in West Jordan, Utah, and owners of several certificates, their reputation is based in their presence on the home market.

With a motto that says they’d rather “sell you an inexpensive bed you’ll love than make a lot on one you’ll hate,” it’s clear they care about more than just lining their pockets.

Did we mention certificates? One of their most impressive is the CertiPUR-US certificate, which signifies their mattresses and production processes are free from dangerous chemicals and lead.

In combination with their local transportation methods, they are able to sell green and keep prices low.

Who said you can’t care for the environment without spending tons of cash?

Their pride and joy are their gel-cooled mattresses, which are the focus of their sales. And with their long warranties, you can have confidence these products will stand the test of time.

Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress Review

Stand Out Features:

  • Extended Warranty: An additional warranty always gets a sigh of relief with any purchase. Mattress America goes above and beyond by offering a long warranty that lasts for over two decades. Now you can rest easy.
  • Easy To Ship: Mattress America ships their mattresses in an easy to handle box to minimize delivery woes. The mattress is conveniently wrapped, boxed, and shipped so you won’t have to worry when it arrives.
  • Eco-Friendly: Thanks to Mattress America’s CertiPUR-US certification, we can all be sure that these mattresses are made without any harmful materials. A bonus if you have children or are sensitive to certain materials.

The Positives

Washable Cover

Many mattresses come with a non-removable cover, which isn’t that big of a deal as long as they’re easy to clean.

mattress america pocket coil mattress review

Sadly, that is never a guarantee that can be made, and there will always be some dirt or hair that keeps clinging on despite the best wet wipes you have.

With Frosty, the cover can be removed easily, allowing you to give it a whirl in the washing machine. It’ll be crisp and clean in no time, and you can be sure you’re sleeping on the healthiest bed possible.

Gel Cooling

Gel cooling technology may not sound impressive, but it is a wonderful addition to any mattress.

By now, it’s been proven we sleep better when the surrounding temperatures are low.

High temperatures can lead to discomfort, tossing and turning, and even nightmares. Show of hands – how pleasant does that sound?

With gel cooling, the temperature will be kept low without becoming freezing.

This is an ideal feature for anyone who has to contend with hot weather or warm sleeps, and since the gel doesn’t interfere when it’s cold out, it’s a win-win in every way.

No Motion Transfer

Individual coils and a good foam top mattress mean you and your bed partner can wiggle around without disturbing each other.

Whether you get up at two in the morning every night for a glass of water, or your spouse has a habit of tossing and turning, there’s little to no chance you’ll ruin someone else’s sleep.

mattress america review

Long Warranty

As mentioned, having a warranty covered on any product is relieving. This means that the company definitely backs the durability of their product.

Mattress America goes above and beyond by adding an extra 15 years on the usual 10 year warranty offered on competing mattresses.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects and any sagging over 2 inches. The mattress cover is also covered for the full length of the mattress.

There is no denying a long warranty is a wonderful benefit. Paired with good customer service, it’s one of those little things that make it easier to get a good night’s rest.

Great Customer Service

It’s always great when we can rely on a company’s customer service to give us results.

Mattress America stands behind their customer service with promises of human interaction so you can get your issues resolved.

In an age where everything is automated, this can be a bonus.

Easy and Quick Shipping

If you’re dreading delivery day and the hassle it includes, you can forget about it with the Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress.

The mattress is shipped in a convenient and easy to handle box so you won’t be left with the daunting task of tugging and dragging your bed to its resting place.

If you’re one of those people who sit by the door waiting for their package, you will be happy to know that these mattresses usually ship pretty quickly.

Some mattresses arrived in less than a week so you can start resting comfortably sooner than later.

Good Price

Let’s face it. While we all value a good night’s sleep, those hours of rest will be filled with stress dreams if we overdraw our bank in its purchase.

Luckily, this mattress comes at an affordable price most low-budget homes can afford.

In comparison to other hybrid mattresses – especially those with an added cooling gel – Frosty offers relief to your back and your bank.

No need to choose between the two!


No need to worry about purchasing a matching or new base when thinking about buying the Frost hybrid mattress.

The Pocket Coil Mattress is made to be used on any supportive flat surface including box springs and adjustable bases.

If you already have a base in good condition that works for you, then you can skip the extra shopping and costs associated.

The Negatives

Long Expansion Process

Although some of our testers didn’t wait the full recommended time to let the mattress expand, almost everyone mentioned a long delay in the mattress attaining its full glory.

There’s no need to worry, since all components will still be fully functioning no matter what, but having to give the mattress at least a week to expand is rather ridiculous.

pocket coil mattress

Questionable Packaging

A lot of customers have commented on the shape of the delivery box upon arrival.

These boxes are sometimes left dented and slightly torn that can be alarming.

Fortunately, no damage has been done to mattresses delivered in this state but this is probably more of an annoying point than a deal breaker.

May Be Too Soft

Though the manufacturer describes the 13-inch Frost as being ‘medium hardness,’ some testers found the mattress to be too soft for their liking.

This is mostly due to the three-inch memory foam.

Though this is a Mattress America pocket coil pillow top mattress, the latter part will be a deal breaker for those who prefer a greater degree of firmness.

Overall Verdict

The Mattress America’s ‘Frosty’ keeps things breezy in the bedroom. The gel cooling technology will be very loved by those who find themselves too hot for sleep.

The memory foam and separate coils provide support and relief for those who currently need it, and those who want to continue not needing it.

Due to the differing opinions on mattress hardness, people who do prefer a harder mattress are encouraged to look into the 11 -inch model rather than the 13 inch model.

If, however, you like your beds soft and plushy, there is very little to be said against Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress. Here’s hoping your mattress hunt will end in sweet dreams.

Where to Buy Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress

An affordable, reliable and comfortable mattress is hard to find, and getting your hands on the Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress can be a bit of a hunt.

For starters, check out the following online retailer.

And of course, it’s also available on Amazon.

mattress america review

That’s it for our review on the Mattress America Pocket Coil Mattress. Have we tempted you to give it a try?


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