Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress Review


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This copper-infused memory foam mattress from Layla is truly one of a kind: it’s supremely comfortable, sleeps cool and can be flipped depending on whether you prefer a soft or firm mattress.

You can buy the Layla mattress direct from their website or from Amazon

What if we told you that we could give you a mattress made in the USA, with a lifetime warranty and a 4 month trial — you’d be tempted to try it, right?

Enter the Layla mattress.

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For people truly committed to getting a good night’s sleep, it’s hard to go wrong with this copper-infused memory foam mattress. It’s the first of its kind to infuse copper into the memory foam, which Layla¬†claim can do wonders for your health and mobility.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Layla Mattress: The Details


This is the Queen size.

  • Product Dimensions:¬†60 x 80 x 10 inches
  • Hardness:¬†Soft/Firm (it’s flippable)
  • Mattress Composition:¬†3 inches of copper-infused memory foam, 6 inches of base support and 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam (the latter for the ‘firm’ side of the mattress)
  • Cover:¬†Removable, zipper cover infused with thermo gel
  • Expansion Period:¬†Immediate
  • Warranty:¬†Lifetime

It’s also available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King and California King.

Material Composition

At 10 inches thick, the Layla Mattress is luxurious and plump, consisting of an initial 3 inches of copper-infused memory foam, then 6 inches of base support, then a final inch of copper-infused memory foam that can be flipped to be on top for the firm side.

The base support is not only durable but promotes continual airflow, ensuring that there’s no hot spots in the mattress to disrupt your sleep.

The mattress is then encased in a thermo gel finish cover which promises to keep you cool all night long, as opposed to other gel-infused mattresses which simply start off chilly but then heat throughout the night. Layla’s thermo gel finish, however, only activates when it comes into contact with humidity or perspiration and so only works when it needs to — cooling on demand.

All layers of the mattress are CertiPUR certified, confirming that they’re free from¬†phthalates, formaldehyde, heavy metals and flame retardants, as well as meeting standards for content, emissions and durability.

Layla: The Brand

We have to admit, the first time we heard of Layla we couldn’t get the Eric Clapton song out of our heads.

But this Layla hasn’t got us on our knees — we’re on our backs instead, snoring away softly as we revel in the comfort and support of this incredible mattress.

layla sleep memory foam mattress review

The brand itself have positioned themselves away from Amazon and are entirely focused on quality and customer service.

They’re building their reputation on the following:

  • Free shipping and returns
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 4 month trial
  • Made in the USA

Now those are brand values we can get behind in a mattress company!

Layla Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

The Layla Mattress is one of the most popular mattress brands away from Amazon thanks to its amazing features at a reasonable price.

  • Copper Infusion:¬†Copper has been used for thousands of years as an alternative medicine to decrease inflammation and ease soreness and stiffness in the joints. It also promotes circulation and helps to keep the mattress cool.
  • Soft and Firm:¬†Both sides of the mattress sport a different firmness and can be flipped to suit your preference
  • Thermo Gel Cover:¬†Whereas Layla’s competitors infuse their foam with a cooling gel, Layla infuse it directly into the cover, ensuring the most skin contact and a continually cool sleep.

The Positives

It’s Incredibly Comfortable

The most important thing to note about any mattress is its comfort level, and we’re pleased to report that the Layla memory foam mattress is very comfortable indeed.

Thanks to the fact that it’s flippable, you can choose whether you’d prefer a medium-firm or a soft-medium texture. It’s a good idea to test out both sides in the 4 month trial period so you can see which is best for your sensibilities.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to flip the mattress according to the seasons — we prefer soft in Winter and firm in the Spring and Summer.

On the firm side in particular, any motion transfer is minimal which means that you won’t be woken every time your partner gets up to visit the bathroom in the middle of the night.

layla copper infused mattress

Genuinely Sleeps Cool

‘Sleeps cool’ is a label we see applied to all manner of mattresses, whether they do or not.

The Layla mattress, however, genuinely stands up to this description. And this, in large part, is down to the brilliant Thermo Gel Cover.

Instead of lacing the mattress itself with cooling gel, Layla have done it to the cover — i.e. the material that you’re actually up against all night.

It stays cool all night long regardless of the room temperature or your propensity for night sweats!

The copper infused through the memory foam keeps the mattress cool too. Combined with the open cell memory foam structure of the mattress, the copper cools the entire body of the mattress by ensuring that it doesn’t hold onto any heat at all — just like copper pipes do.

Provides Generous Support for Bad Backs

The Layla Mattress benefits from 6 inches of durable base support which works to align the neck and spine.

The memory foam layers support this further by distributing your weight evenly about the mattress while easing any pressure points you may suffer from.

As an added bonus, the copper infusion is designed to ease joint inflammation and soreness, which could be a high priority for people with bad backs, as well as those who suffer from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

We’re not sure how effective the copper is as and of itself, but we certainly woke up free from aches and pains after a night spent on the Layla mattress.

Easy Shipping and Handling

Once unpacked and unrolled, the Layla should expand to its full size very quickly and doesn’t require multiple days like some of its competitors.

layla mattress review

Depending on the size of mattress you buy, you might need assistance in flipping it to whichever side hardness you prefer.

Here’s a video showing the flipping process:

A Socially Responsible Company

While it’s not necessarily the main driver to buy from a company, it does make us feel good to support a company that’s supporting their local communities.

For every mattress sold, Layla will donate the cost of a homeless person to spend the night in a shelter to charity.

Their returns policy is equally generous — if you return the mattress within the 4 month trial period, Layla will both refund you and donate the mattress to a local charity.

Other Small Things we Love:

  • The 4 month (or 120-nights) trial period
  • Made in the USA
  • CertiPUR-US certified material composition

The Negatives

The Goldilocks Predicament

While the Layla mattress offers both a softer and a firmer side for you to sleep on, it doesn’t offer quite the ‘universal comfort’ that the Tuft & Needle mattress does, for instance.

Most sleepers will be perfectly served by either side of the Layla, but some will find the softer side too soft and the firmer side too firm — hence, the Goldilocks Predicament.

Thankfully, the uber-generous 4 month trial period should be more than enough time for you to decide whether the mattress is right for you and your body.

Cover is Dry Clean Only

Just a little niggle but an important one — thanks to the Therma Gel running through it, the cover for the Layla mattress is dry clean only.

We don’t think this is a deal breaker, although it is worth considering if you share a bed with babies or animals as you won’t simply be able to throw it into the washing machine without a second thought.

We’d recommend regardless using an under bed sheet and a normal bed sheet in order to properly protect the mattress cover from any stains or spoiling.

Overall Verdict

We can’t say enough good things about the Layla mattress — it offers comfort, support and ease of use, all for a very reasonable price (particularly if you take advantage of a discount).

And one of the best things about the mattress is that if you decide that you don’t like sleeping on either the soft or firm side, you can return it for free within 4 months, safe in the knowledge that you’ll not only receive your money back but that the mattress will be donated to someone in need, rather than put to waste.

Where to Buy the Layla Mattress

Most people choose to buy their Layla memory foam mattress straight from Layla’s online store, but it’s also available on Amazon now too.

layla memory foam mattress

Have you tried the Layla mattress yet?


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