Furinno Angeland Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

There are a few issues with the Furinno Angeland Mattress, most notably that its dimensions are a little unusual and its sides unsupported, but there’s no doubt that this cheap memory foam mattress will be a great deal for some people.

It’s got a supportive core, is hypoallergenic and stays pretty cool to boot.

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Looking for a mattress that will sleep cooler than your current one? Enjoy the feel of memory foam, but wish it didn’t have so many chemicals? We have a solution for you!

The Furinno Angeland Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is one of the newer mattress options on the market.

furinno angeland luxury gel infused memory foam mattress review

It’s comfortable enough to give you the restful sleep you need, but with a few changes to the traditional foam mattress structure designed to make your life easier and your sleep more comfortable.

There are a couple of niggles with it — namely soft sides and a little off-gassing at first. Nevertheless, its innovative approach to helping its customers sleep better and longer is something we definitely appreciate.

Read on to see if you will too…

Furinno Angeland Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress: the Details


These are the details for the 8″ California King configuration.

  • Product Dimensions: 84 x 72 x 8 inches
  • Hardness: Medium-firm
  • Item Weight: 65 lbs (ships at 68.7 lbs)
  • Mattress Composition: 2-inch gel-infused memory foam, 6-inch high density polyurethane foam
  • Cover: Knitted fabric
  • Expansion Period: About one night
  • Warranty: One year

It is also offered in Twin, Full, Queen, Twin XL, King, and California King sizes, as well as thicknesses of 6, 10, and 12 inches.

Material Composition

At eight inches thick, the Furinno FUR826288CK mattress is on the petite side for a comfortable mattress.

So, what is it they pack into those eight inches to make it as comfortable as a typical 10- to 15-inch mattress?

cheap memory foam mattress

The base layer is six inches of polyurethane foam.

It is very dense, which makes it good for providing support and preventing sagging toward the middle – a must when you have two people to a bed.

This layer is made from the standard memory foam you know and love – or maybe you don’t. If you’re not a fan of typical memory foam, it’s worth sticking around for the next layer.

The mattress is topped off with two inches of Furinno’s signature gel-infused foam.

The function of this layer is comfort. It softens the high-density feel of the base layer, making the overall feel of the mattress more pleasant to sleep on.

This layer is designed specifically to facilitate pressure point relief and spinal alignment. It conforms to the hips and shoulders to ensure that side-, stomach-, and back-sleepers can all sleep peacefully without having to worry about aches and pains in the morning.

It may also help you sleep peacefully to know that both layers are made without many potentially harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and phthalates, making it a considerably safer option than mattresses that put sleepers at risk of reaction to harsh chemicals.

As a bonus, an additional layer is the removable mattress cover that comes with the Furinno Angeland infused memory foam mattress. The cover is a blended, knit fabric that is 80% cotton. It makes for a cozier-feeling bed and saves you a trip to the store to buy a cover separately.

Furinno: the Brand

Furinno is a relatively new company, founded in 2010 by a couple of American entrepreneurs in collaboration with a manufacturer in Malaysia.

The company (much like their mattresses) hasn’t taken long to expand, and now includes five different warehouses and factories, all overseen by their headquarters in Houston, Texas.

The name Furinno is short for Furniture-innovation, a name they live up to with a focus on products that are both environmentally conscious and budget conscious.

They were one of the first companies to bring in the trend of ready-to-assemble furniture, and they now offer an impressive range of RTA products, from storage shelves to folding tables and chairs to, of course, mattresses.

The business also includes an emphasis on products that seem at home in all different types of spaces, regardless of size or design. With such clear-cut company values and such a quick rise to success, we think Furinno is a new company worth taking a chance on.

furinno angeland gel infused memory foam mattress

Furinno Angeland Memory Foam Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

True to their mission statement, Furinno includes a few features that make it easier to get a good night’s sleep without having to worry about extra bulk. Some of the most notable ones are:

  • Gel-Infused Memory foam: The innovative formula aims to enhance the comfort and benefits of traditional memory foam, but with less trapped heat. That’s right, it sleeps cool baby!
  • Reduced Chemicals: We’ve mentioned this already, but we really do appreciate it. With Furinno’s emphasis on safe, environmentally conscious materials, not only is the manufacturing of the mattress a greener process than with most similar products, but we can also rest easy knowing that the mattress won’t have harmful chemical effects on you or your guests.
  • Hypoallergenic: Anyone who suffers from allergies or sensitive skin would do well to consider the Furinno Angeland mattress

The Positives

Pressure Point Relief

Who can ask for more from a mattress than a good night’s sleep with no soreness in the morning?

The focus on pressure point relief in the Furinno memory foam mattress’ upper, gel-infused layer means that sleepers of all different body types can rest comfortably on it, even if their joints are on the more sensitive side.

Cool to Sleep On

Furinno mattresses are made up of a special, open cell foam that makes the material more breathable than traditional memory foam. This means that your body heat won’t get trapped in the mattress, leaving you to wake up sweating in the middle of the night.

We found that this one still sleeps a little warm in a particularly hot room, but we can’t all be perfect, right?

Paired with a good AC unit or personal fan for hot summer nights, this mattress will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on a climate-controlled cloud.

cheap memory foam mattress


The Furinno Angeland Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress (phew, that’s a bit of a mouthful!) is a highly affordable mattress and one that’s likely to turn many people’s heads from more expensive, traditional mattresses.

Considering its well engineered composition and brilliant combination of comfort and support, we think it represents great value for money as well.

A Good Pick for Couples

One of you has allergies or a more sensitive back? One of you sleeps hotter than the other? In those cases, we’ve already gone over how this mattress can make your life easier in the sections above!

The high-density foam base also means that sagging toward the middle overnight is less likely than it is with other gel-infused mattresses.

Not to mention, the reduction in trapped body heat will help sleeping next to your partner feel more comfortable on hot nights.

Zip Cover

The cozy, zip-on mattress cover was already a great, convenient feature, but guess what else: it’s machine washable! It is also guaranteed by the company not to go flat.

All you have to do is throw the cover in with your sheets on laundry day and you will continuously come home to a mattress that feels (and smells) brand new.

The Negatives


This is a pretty common problem with foam mattresses, but that doesn’t mean we like it any better with this one. Unfortunately, despite Furinno’s stricter policy on chemicals in their mattresses, it’s still practically impossible to manufacture memory foam without them.

So there is some pretty noticeable offgassing during the expansion period.

The good news is, it goes away quickly. Leave it in an empty room with an open window for a few days and afterward, your nose won’t notice a thing.

Unusual Dimensions

One thing we did notice when testing out the Furinno Angeland was that it didn’t quite measure up (literally) to the size we were expecting.

A standard set of sheets fit a little more loosely than they normally would with a thicker mattress, which leads to a somewhat unpleasant excess of baggy fabric around you when you’re sleeping.

It’s worth noting that you probably wouldn’t have this issue with thicker configurations.

The mattress also seems to be a fraction of an inch off from the dimensions on the label in some cases. This, combined with the light weight of such a petite mattress lead to it sliding around a little on the box spring a couple of times.

We found that this didn’t disrupt our sleep at all, but it is inconvenient and certainly less than ideal.

Sides Lack Support

The support on the sides of the mattress is not quite as robust as it is in the center, and the resulting slipping and sliding while trying to sit on the edge of the bed is something we could do without.

Overall Verdict

Despite having a few issues, we feel that the Furinno Angeland gel infused memory foam mattress is a great option for couples, allergy-sufferers, or people prone to aches and pains from a typical mattress.

Even if none of these apply to you, it’s still a cool and comfortable (not to mention, reasonably priced) option that will fit easily in your individual space and save you some of the hassle of a larger mattress.

Where to Buy the Furinno Angeland Mattress

This is a reasonably popular mattress and can be found in a few places online.

Check out these stores for starters:

And, of course, you can find it on Amazon.

best cheap memory foam mattress

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