Snuggle Soft 700 Goose Down Pillow Review


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The Snuggle Soft 700 Goose Down Pillow might be pricey but it’s definitely worth it. It’s comfortable, supportive, and durable to give you a soft, snuggly, sleep for nights to come.

Those who prefer a firmer pillow may need to look elsewhere but if you’re down for the goose down, this may be a perfect fit for you.

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Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you tossing and turning at night, trying to find a comfortable position? Do you have to continue to move or fold your pillow to make it useful again? (Does this sound enough like an infomercial?)

Well, we might just have the solution for you. The Snuggle Soft 700-Fill Goose Down Pillow is covered with 340-thread-count 100% Egyptian cotton, is great for side sleepers, and is completely hypoallergenic.

snuggle soft pillow review

Unfortunately, not everyone who has tried the Snuggle Soft pillow has fallen in love with it. Some users have noted that the pillow is quite expensive and that you do need your own cover, as it doesn’t come one.

However, before you make the decision about if this is the pillow for you, let’s take a closer look.

Snuggle Soft 700-Fill Goose Down Pillow: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 30 inches.
  • Material Composition: Hungarian white goose down.
  • Cover: 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton.
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Warranty: 10-year product warranty, 30-day comfort warranty.

Available in Standard, Queen, and King.

Material Composition

The Snuggle Soft pillow is filled with 100% 700-fill Hungarian goose down.

The cover is made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton and OEKO-TEX German milled fabric is also used in the pillow’s construction.

This means that this pillow contains no harmful elements in its making and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure so.

Long-staple Egyptian cotton is boasted as one of the finest cottons in the world and its sateen weave ensures your pillow has a luxuriously plush feel to it. Talk about intensely soft!

Down and Feather Company: The Brand

Founded in 1983, the stated goal of the Down and Feather Company is to “be the last pillow company you’ll ever need.”

The company is a family-owned business that prides itself on not sourcing their products from China.

Down and Feather Co.’s home base is in Houston Texas with facilities in California and they focus on a more traditional design that allows sleepers to have the flexibility to sleep anywhere on their pillows.

They make feather pillows, down pillows, down comforters, feather beds, and down mattress toppers too. Products are made to order before being quickly shipped to customers.

Snuggle Soft 700-Fill Goose Down Pillow Review

Stand Out Features

  • Easy on the Sniffles: Allergy sufferers might finally have a chance at a good night’s rest with this pillow. It’s hypoallergenic and the company literally guarantees that it won’t trigger any allergy symptoms. Perfect for those springtime sniffles.
  • 30-Night Comfort Guarantee: This company really wants to keep their customers happy. Not only that, but they stand behind their product so much that they’ve offered a 30 night guarantee with this pillow. Should you buy it and not find it comfortable, ship it back within 30 days, hassle-free.
  • Free Pillow Adjustments: Every sleeper is different, and even though you might be in the market for a softer pillow, getting the softness just right can be hard. Down and Feather Co. knows this too and offers free pillow adjustments so you can get a pillow that’s tailor fit to you.

The Positives


The Snuggle Soft pillow is incredibly lightweight. If you like your pillows on the firm side, this is NOT the choice for you.

The Down and Feather Company removes any feathers that could possibly poke you while you sleep, and this reduces the weight quite a bit (who knew feathers could weigh so much?).

snuggle soft pillow review

The 700-fill goose down is also light, so the weight you feel when picking it up is mainly the outer covering.

The sateen weave and woven Egyptian cotton holding the down and feathers are very soft, so you also won’t experience any roughness against your face, as you might with a less expensive pillow.

For Side and Back Sleepers

This pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers.

For side sleepers, it will fill in the areas where support is most necessary – such as between your shoulder and your head (Down and Feather Co. calls this the “Comfort Gap).

The pillow will also help ensure your spine remains straight throughout the night, resulting in improved posture in the morning.

When sleeping on your back, the pillow will support your head and neck in the same way.

Good for Allergy Sufferers

Calling all allergy sufferers! This is the pillow for you.

Not only does the company make sure no feathers are going to poke out of the pillow shell, they also clean the down with soap and water multiple times to make sure any kind of allergen is erased before it goes inside your finished product.

They even have it independently tested to ensure it’s hypoallergenic. The Down and Feather Company has you covered.

They even give you a 30-day allergy warranty, so you can test it out. If it triggers your condition, you can have it sent back for a refund.

The company also uses recycled water and environmentally-friendly soap to wash all their down, so you are purchasing a green product above all.


The Snuggle Soft 700 Fill Goose Down Pillow is sewn with a double row stitch and 20 stitches per inch, ensuring it will last as long as you need it.

No feathers or pieces of down are going to break out of the shell, and the shell is not going to unravel or come undone for a long time either.

There is a satin cord around the edges for added durability (and it enhances the look too.). The Down and Feather Company try to use the best quality materials out there to make their pillows from.

Judging from the reviews, this investment seems to pay off, resulting in a pillow which lasts much longer than most. The company states they want this pillow to become “a family heirloom.”


Many people who tried the Snuggle Soft pillow also mentioned how comfortable it is.

With the combination of the 340-thread-count 100% Egyptian cotton, and the softness of the down and feathers, you can probably imagine how luxurious this buy is.

It’s almost guaranteed to enhance your restful experience, simply by texture alone.

This is definitely a pillow you will sleep “in” rather than “on,” as your head will most likely sink into it and be cradled instead of propped up like some firmer pillows often do.

On the flipside, if you prefer a stiffer experience, then it will be unsatisfactory.

Quality Materials

Not only will you be investing in the comfort of a good night’s sleep, but this pillow is made up of high-quality fabric and materials so you’ll be resting your head in luxury.

Hungarian goose down and 340-count Egyptian cotton come together to create a pillowy soft place to rest after a long day.

While it doesn’t come with a cover, you won’t have to worry about your face being itchy or scratchy thanks to irritating fabrics, and as mentioned, they’ve gotten rid of the annoying pokes similar pillows are notorious for.

snuggle soft pillow review

They don’t just make the pillow and hope for the best – the pillows are put through an allergen and fill power test to make sure that they’re giving their products the quality they’ve paid for and deserve.

Customer Service

The Down and Feather Company offers a warranty that is not often seen on any product – let alone a pillow.

They offer a 10-year warranty, as they expect their pillows to stand the test of time, and clearly they stand by this sentiment.

Just make sure you keep the label on the pillow to validate the warranty, as removing it will prevent you from redeeming this extra, should you need it.

They also offer a free pillow adjustment for one year after you purchase any of their products. This means, if you buy a pillow and realize you need it to be a little softer or a little firmer, they will adjust it for you – free of charge.

They will either add or take out some of the goose down, so it’s more to your liking.  Can you think of any other company who’s offering that?

The Negatives


The one downside to the Snuggle Soft pillow seems to be the price. You can expect this pillow to cost around a couple hundred dollars. Yikes!

While this product does have a number of great qualities, and there aren’t many bad reviews on it (even from long-time users, who are more likely to run into deterioration), that is a steep price for a pillow.

This is definitely an investment purchase, one that may pay dividends as you avoid purchasing replacement pillows throughout the decades.

It could last you a lifetime, but is it worth that much? Those on a budget might need to pay close attention to its features, though those who don’t mind spending for a quality product will benefit from its build.

Needs a Cover

This is more of a head’s up than it is a negative; the Snuggle Soft does not come with any covering.

There is the outer shell, but to keep the outside of the pillow clean, you will need a pillow protector or a pillowcase over it. This will help ensure your pillow lasts for as long as possible.

snuggle soft 700 goose down pillow

Overall Verdict

After having looked at all the pros and the cons, we are recommending the Snuggle Soft 700-Fill Goose Down Pillow by the Down and Feather Company.

It seems to be just about perfect. However, the price is less than ideal and may not suit everyone’s budget. This is definitely an investment purchase, and you don’t normally think about pillows being an investment.

If you can swing it, though, this may be the pillow you’ve been dreaming of.

Where to Buy the Snuggle Soft 700 Goose Down Pillow

The Down and Feather Co. isn’t a brand that’s commonly seen on the shelves of department or home stores.

While their Snuggle Soft 700 Goose Down Pillow has been satisfying customers, it will be tricky to find both in-store and online.

The company operates mainly through their website, featuring a number of their bestselling bedding products including this pillow.

To start your search, you can check their website.

But of course, this pillow is also available on Amazon.

snuggle soft pillow review

That’s all for our Snuggle Soft Pillow review. Tempted to give it a try?


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