Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review


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Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress
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HTS Verdict

Zinus’ innovative mattresses are only going to increase in popularity as they revolutionize the industry with safer, more organic materials and a variety of comfortable and efficient foam layers. At a pretty unbeatable price, this mattress seems like one of the best options available for those who sleep on their backs or stomachs as well as those who want to sleep undisturbed next to their tossing and turning partner.

Big, high-quality products sometimes come in big packages. In this case, the box is worth the bargain.

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If you’re on the hunt for a new mattress and can’t decide between memory foam or a traditional spring mattress, then look no further!

The Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress gives you the best of both worlds, with a layer of springs that’s topped off with two layers of the brand’s unique memory foam.

It’s a great option for those looking for a good value or don’t want to stress about shipping and setup.

It’s not perfect: side-sleepers and fans of softer mattresses might not be 100% thrilled with it.

Nevertheless, it has several great qualities that will make it the right fit for a lot of people. Read on to see if you’re one of them!

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Zinus Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress: The Details


Here are the details for the Queen-sized configuration:

  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 14 inches
  • Hardness: Medium
  • Item Weight: 121 pounds
  • Mattress Composition: 0.5″ high-density foam, 7.25″ foam-encased pocketed iCoil springs, 2.5″ ViscoLatex foam, 2″ gel-infused memory foam, 1.25″ comfort foam
  • Cover: Foam & Fiber Quilted Poly Jacquard Material
  • Expansion Period: 48 hours
  • Warranty: 10 years limited

If a Queen-sized mattress isn’t what you’re looking for, Zinus also offers the mattress in King and California King sizes.

Twin and Full sizes are available with the same material composition, but only in the 10 and 12-inch versions.

Material Composition

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

To say a lot goes into a Zinus Hybrid Mattress would be an understatement – in terms of both the product’s materials as well as the innovative thought that went into its creation.

At the very bottom is a half-inch of high-density foam, which provides sturdiness and support for the rest of the mattress.

The same high-density foam also surrounds the sides and the top of the next layer, which is 7.25 inches of Zinus’ signature pocketed iCoil springs.

These springs are what make this foam mattress a hybrid, giving it the bounce and support of a more traditional mattress while still keeping the comfort of memory foam.

Each individual spring is encased in a “pocket” of soft material to prevent the springs from poking you in case something happens to the layers of foam above them. Which brings us to the next layer: 2.5 inches of ViscoLatex foam.

Like the iCoil springs, ViscoLatex is unique to the Zinus brand. This is another hybrid aspect of the mattress, since ViscoLatex combines latex foam with traditional memory foam, creating a layer that is both durable and low on chemicals, like latex, while keeping the comfortable feel of memory foam.

Above the ViscoLatex is two inches of gel-infused memory foam.

The gel distributed throughout the foam material in this layer serves to improve circulation in the foam, alleviating the problem of overheating that crops up all too often with standard memory foam.

The last layer is 1.25 inches of comfort foam. This layer is incredibly soft, topping off all the good stuff going on in the middle and lower layers with an extra bit of comfort.

Zinus: The Brand

Zinus’ history as a company is as varied as the layers in their mattresses!

It all began in 1979, with the brand specializing in outdoor equipment, such as sleeping bags. Zinus officially branched off in 2003 to take on indoor sleep products, such as mattresses, pillows, and bed frames.

Until recently, their products were only available through online retailers like Amazon.

In 2016, however, they completed their own eCommerce website, where their wide (and growing!) range of sleep products can be found. No worries for those of you who prefer to buy through online retailers, though – they’re still available there as well.

As the company has grown, they’ve lived up to their slogan of “pioneering comfort” by developing new ideas that quickly gain traction and become popular in the world of mattress selling, making it easier for consumers to find sleep products that are innovative, convenient, and comfortable.

For instance, Zinus was one of the first businesses to use the technique of compressing mattresses into smaller sizes in order to make shipping easier. The company also does its best to make products as safe and organic as possible.

We expect to see some of their other ideas, like hybrid mattresses and green-tea-infused foam, continue to become more and more popular as well.

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

Zinus works hard to ensure optimal comfort in their products so that you can get a good night’s sleep every time.

This hybrid mattress comes with a variety of features that make it a unique and worthwhile investment for singles and families alike.

  • 10-Year Warranty: When ordering through Amazon, you get a 10-year limited warranty, allowing you to rest easy knowing they’ve got your back.
  • Ideal Temperature: The mattress’ gel-infused layer improves circulation within the mattress to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night.
  • Monthly Payment Plan: A six-month payment plan is available through Amazon, making the mattress even more accessible to those on a budget.

The Positives

Wonderfully Thick and Luxurious

This mattress’ 14-inch thickness makes it one of the largest on the market, especially for the Zinus brand. If you ask us, that’s a plus for any hybrid mattress, since the extra layers of foam between you and the springs ensure that you won’t get poked in your sleep!

The extra thickness also gives this product room to contain all of the various types of materials we described earlier.

The combination of traditional memory foam, springs, gel foam, and latex foam give the mattress a truly unique feel that combines the best aspects of several different types of more traditional mattresses, while alleviating problems like overheating and lumpiness that can happen with less creative mattresses.

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress Thickness

Easy Setup

When you first receive this mattress, it is tightly packed and rolled into its own shippable box. Gone are the days of buying a new mattress and having to strap it to the roof of your car in order to get it home!

Once you’ve received it, all that’s left is to remove it from the box and lay it out within 72 hours. It will air out and expand to its final size on its own, and you will be able to sleep on it within two days.

Very Little Motion Transfer

Both the high-density foam layers and the pocketed spring layers are designed to reduce motion transfer so that if you are sleeping next to somebody, you won’t be bounced around every time they lay down or get up.

This is a huge perk for those with partners who are prone to taking bathroom breaks during the night.

The layers do their job very well; you can barely feel any motion transfer on this mattress! This is a godsend for couples, especially when one or both of you tend to toss and turn in your sleep.

Excellent Low Price

For a mattress of this size and quality, the price tag on the Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is downright miniscule!

If you’re familiar with the Zinus brand, this should come as no surprise. While the prices do vary depending on dimensions, we think it’s safe to say all of them are a bargain for a mattress this innovative and comfortable.

After all, the price you would pay after losing sleep due to a sore back or being jostled around by a restless partner is much steeper.

Quality Materials

In addition to great prices, Zinus is known for being very eco-friendly and conscientious about what materials are put into their mattresses.

We already mentioned the layer of latex foam that reduces potentially-harmful chemicals, but the mattress also reduces chemicals in the other layers by replacing as much material as possible with organic plant oils.

The foam is also infused with charcoal to keep out unwanted moisture, making for a more comfortable and safer experience, while the iCoil springs relieve pressure in order to increase support.

The mattress’ gel infusion also adds quality to the experience. The gel promotes circulation throughout the product, working to keep you cooler overnight.


Huge Box

The only part of the setup process we don’t like is the box itself. While the company does a great job of compressing the mattress into a small space, we wish they could’ve made it a bit smaller.

In fairness, the 14-inch configuration does create some extra bulk, which can make hefting the box around a bit of a hassle.

On the plus side, the box makes for a killer fort 🤷🏻‍♀️

Not the Best for Side-Sleepers

As mentioned, the iCoil springs relieve pressure and increase support. However, because this mattress is on the firmer side, it can cause side-sleepers to wake up with a few aches and pains.

Those who prefer to sleep on their sides need a softer bed with some leeway for their shoulders and hips in order to keep the spine straight.

Don’t get us wrong — this mattress is definitely soft and comfortable enough to fall asleep on, and those of you who sleep on your stomach or back are in for a treat, but after a few nights of sleeping on your side, you may find yourself rethinking things — or changing your sleeping position.

Chemical Smell Upon First Unpacking

If there is a foam mattress that contains zero chemicals, we unfortunately haven’t found it yet. Like with a brand new car, a scent is usually expected upon opening up a product like this.

While this one does a good job of reducing the amount of chemicals contained in the foam layers, there is still a distinct “new mattress” smell when you first unbox it. Luckily, the smell should leave completely within two days, so long as you air it out in a room with decent airflow.

Overall Verdict

Despite the expected chemical smell and bulky shipping box, we think the Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress is a contender for the best cheap mattress on the market right now.

With its affordable price and its arsenal of new twists on classic mattress features, this product is sure to make a good night’s sleep easier for buyers of all budgets, especially couples or those caught between choosing a classic spring mattress vs. a fancy foam one.

Zinus 14 Inch Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

Where to Buy the Zinus Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The mattress is available for purchase on Amazon.

Are you tempted to try the Zinus Gel-Infused Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress?



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