The Complete Guide To Feng Shui Bedrooms


In the quest for a good night’s sleep, many of us are quick to turn to pills and potions before we consider what may be the most underrated sleep solution: bedroom design.

That’s right: your sleeping environment is one of the most important contributing factors to the quality of your sleep.

An expertly designed sleep space can relax and calm you, quieten your mind and nourish your body, preparing you for a restful and rejuvenating night of slumber.

There are plenty of schools of thought when it comes to the best bedroom designs for a good night’s sleep, but today we’re going to look at one of the most ancient and respected: feng shui.
feng shui bedroom

What is Feng Shui?

Pronounced “fung shway”, feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy of finding balance and harmony in your surroundings.

The term literally means ‘wind’ and ‘water’ — two of the most important life elements that are required in balance to create harmony in nature — and this natural balance is what we’re hoping to replicate in the man-made environment.

It’s based on the belief that your environment can directly influence your own inner state. As such, it’s imperative to find balance in your environment in order to achieve harmony in your mind, body and soul.

In ancient times, feng shui was determined by using astronomy to measure the links between humanity and the wider universe.

How feng shui is used and practiced in modern times is in the architecture and design of whole buildings, as well as individual rooms. The rules of feng shui can be used in determining the ideal exact placement of a new building all the way down the placement of individual objects within a room.

feng shui bedroom guide

A feng shui Luopan (compass). By Warren R.M. Stuart (CC BY 2.0 licence)

And it’s the latter that many people focus on when designing their bedrooms to maximize the feng shui potential.

The Principles of Feng Shui

The underlying aim of feng shui is to build an environment with good qi.

Qi (pronounced “chee”) translates to energy or life force, that can be either positive or negative. To design a bedroom that is optimized for sleeping, you’ll be aiming to uncover and maximize good qi.

Qi is influenced by factors including the age and alignment of a building or object, how it is placed in its surroundings, whether it’s on a slope and other similar environmental factors.

feng shui bedroom guide

Yin and Yang

Another important aim of feng shui is to find harmony between the forces of yin and yang.

Yin is the force that receives energy while yang is the force that gives energy. The aim of a feng shui-designed bedroom is to enable you to best find harmony between the yin and yang forces of your own body before you fall asleep.

Ultimately, feng shui is a highly complex, ancient art that draws on influences from astrology, spirituality and tradition — factors that are hard to replicate in their entirety.

When it comes to bedroom interiors, however, it is relatively simple and inexpensive to apply the principles of feng shui to enhance the positive energy of the room while balancing out the elements. Ideally, this balance and positive energy will be able to influence your inner state, enhancing the quality of your sleep and waking hours.

Feng Shui Rules for the Bedroom

  • Bed placement: As the focal point of the room, it’s important that your bed is properly placed and grounded. It should ideally be placed at a diagonal alignment to the door (or at least not directly opposite it), have a solid headboard and bedside tables each side. A rug underneath the bed will further center the room’s qi
  • Balanced color scheme: Subtlety and flow should be your main aim when choosing a bedroom color scheme, ideally within the skin color spectrum (think whites, creams and beiges, fading into darker browns)
  • Adjustable lighting: Candles are traditionally the most restorative lighting but for a safer alternative, try out a dimmer switch so you can soften your lighting to reflect the energy of the room and enhance intimacy
  • No electronics: TVs, laptops and phones can sap your bedroom of good qi and destroy balance, being as they bring messages and potential negative energy in from the outside
  • Mindful art: If you have artwork in your bedroom, ensure that it’s conducive to a good night’s sleep and restoring you with positive energy. No huge nightmare-inspiring canvases, please!
  • Reduce clutter: One of the most important ways to get the good qi circulating around your bedroom is to completely declutter. Make sure that there’s nothing under the bed or surrounding it, otherwise this can manifest itself as worries and anxiety in your mind
  • Don’t sleep under beams or slopes: Both beams and sloped ceilings will exert an invisible pressure on you, resulting in an uneasy atmosphere and possibly disrupting your sleep
  • Close the window at night, open during the day: You don’t want any unwanted noises, smells or negative qi invading your bedroom while you’re sleeping so keep your bedroom windows closed as you sleep. To ensure that the air doesn’t stagnate, keep the window open during the day.

How Can Feng Shui Improve Your Sleep?

You may be wondering what overhauling your bedroom according to the rules of feng shui will actually do for you, aside from restoring an abstract sense of ‘balance’ in your mind and body.

The answer? A good night’s sleep.

No, scratch that: a lifetime of good nights’ sleep.

Here’s how:

  • Promotes relaxation: The subtle color scheme and positive artwork creates a calming and serene environment, perfect for preparing you for sleep
  • No outside distractions: The lack of electronics means that work and news cannot penetrate your bedroom. It’s good qi only in here: no external bad messages can get through to you
  • Tidy bedroom, tidy mind: A lack of clutter symbolizes a lack of clutter in your mind. You won’t be going to bed thinking, “I really have to clean that, or sort this”
  • Creates intimacy: Low level lighting is much softer and intimate than normal fluorescent lighting, again promoting relaxation and putting you at ease
  • Puts you in control: With the bed positioned so as to make you feel the master of your bedroom, you’ll feel in control and not overwhelmed before bed time, quelling any anxiety you may feel

Sounds good, right?

Stunning Examples of Feng Shui Bedrooms

We scoured Pinterest to bring you some of the most beautiful examples of feng shui bedrooms.

Get inspired!

Shopping List For Your Feng Shui Bedroom

If you’re looking for some feng shui-compliant bedding and bedroom furniture then fear not — we’ve got you covered.

Try on these items for size…

Zinus Upholstered Button Tufted Platform Bed

feng shui bedroom

This gorgeous platform bed is the perfect addition to a feng shui bedroom — a strong headboard, beautifully light in color and with space under the bed for your qi to flow freely.

Furinno End Table Bedroom Night Stand, Espresso, Set of 2

feng shui bedroom

These matching bedside tables will do a great job of grounding down the energy of your bed, while also being super chic with their black and cream color scheme. They’ve got plenty of surface area for you to add your favourite sleep items — essential oils, books, a cup of tea or a vase of flowers, perhaps.

Safavieh California Shag Collection, Taupe Area Rug

feng shui bedroom

This gorgeously thick and luxurious rug is the perfect addition to any feng shui bedroom, and should be positioned centrally under the bed. The muted taupe color promotes an atmosphere of tranquil serenity.

Safavieh Adirondack Collection Ivory and Silver Area Rug

feng shui bedroom

Or for something a little smaller and more wallet-friendly, you could opt for this equally chic ivory and silver patterned rug that would look great at the foot of your bed.

Chic Home 10 Piece Hannah Pinch Pleated Queen Bed In a Bag

feng shui bedroom

The subtle beige color of this bedding is perfect for a feng shui bedroom, while the 10 pieces mean that you can dress all your bed, pillows and comforters to match.

Chic Home 7 Piece Donna Bedding Basics Down Alternative Solid Comforter Set

feng shui bedroom

If you’d prefer a more brilliant white bedding set, you can’t go wrong with this one that looks crisp and clean — the ideal accompaniment to a non-cluttered, feng shui bedroom.

Zinus Memory Foam Tufted Upholstered Bed Bench

feng shui bedroom

For a piece of bedroom furniture that complements the feng shui color scheme while also providing comfort and utility, go for this gorgeous bed bench. The memory foam and support foam composition will ensure that you actually want to sit on it (as opposed to just hang your clothes off it), while its strong 4-leg support is the perfect structure to ground energy through the bedroom.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

feng shui bedroom

This bestselling book by Marie Kondo isn’t about feng shui, but is a wonderful philosophy on the art of decluttering your home and will be a valuable resource for anyone working out how to let go and move on from possessions they don’t use or that don’t ‘give you joy’.

Have you ever tried to feng shui your bedroom?


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