What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?


What does it mean to dream about snakes? When your nighttime mind cooks up visions of the slithering nature, it can be concerning.

However, it’s more common than you think; many people across the world have had or will have a dream about snakes more than once in their lifetime.

dream about snakes

There are several variations to what this could mean, as different cultures and walks of life affect how our minds (or something greater) tell us stories or warnings.

Interpretations will vary depending on the type of snake, the location of the dream, and what the snake is doing. Read on to find out some common explanations for these dreams.

Dreams About Snakes That Bite or Chase You

The most common dream about snakes involves the creature attacking you.

If it’s biting or chasing you, then this could be a representation of abusive or hurtful remarks that have been made by either yourself or others.

If you were running away from a snake in your dream, this could symbolize someone or something you are unwilling to face or are afraid to acknowledge.

If you find yourself having reoccurring dreams of this nature, you may want to consider what stressful events you have coming up and think about the effect this is having on you.

dreams about snakes

Additionally, it’s wise to take stock of recent events in your life that may have triggered these frightening dreams and decide what can be altered.

Dreams About Snakes and Transformation

Even the presence of a snake in your dream can indicate a rebirth or remaking.

Carl Jung notably considered these dreams to indicate transformation because a snake sheds its skin; therefore, displaying the impression of a new you.

Depending on the context and nature of the dream, the snake can be a sign that you’ve started a new beginning or that you should.

Do you have an opportunity for a promotion? Have you recently taken on a new outlook?

All these elements can contribute to your dreams of snakes, or could be your mind’s indication that it’s time to push on to new things.

Types of Snakes in Dreams

Considering the vast number of snake species, it’s impossible to pin down a meaning for each one. Some may even take on fictional traits depending on books, movies, or verbal stories you’ve consumed.

However, there are top contenders which may have worked their way into your dreams.

If you envision a boa constrictor, this may represent someone or something that is strangling or restricting your ability to grow and develop.

Have you faced a resistance recently? Are you afraid someone is holding you back? If so, then your mind could be sending you a message – there’s a problem in need of fixing.

dreams about snakes

If your dreams contain rattlesnakes, vipers, or adders, this mainly represents venomous or poisonous aspects in your life.

Someone in your social or work circles could be evil, negative, or unhealthy, which is affecting your outlook and mood to a degree that your nighttime mindset is being influenced.

Evaluate what people in your life have recently been contributing to your stress, or if there’s an influencer who – when considering brass tacks – you’d rather have gone.

Cobras in dreams may symbolize being captivated by someone’s charm.

If you have strong feelings for a new person or recently found yourself becoming infatuated with an individual, this cobra could be the manifestation of what you are (or aren’t) admitting to yourself.

Lastly, a garter or a garden snake may represent someone or something that is actually harmless.

Have you found yourself feeling anxious around a new colleague? The dream may be your unconscious state helping you to understand and relax around certain situations that otherwise seem difficult.

Colors of Snakes in Dreams

Colors play an important role in how we interpret information and remember vital details. Therefore, our dreams obviously take advantage of this to send a message.

Having a cobra dream, for example, may mean charm – but whether or not it’s seduction could be defined by the color.

Dreaming of a red-colored snake could be a symbol of danger, where the snake itself is not necessarily dangerous, but is warning you of something.

what does it mean when you dream about snakes

A green snake might suggest going forward in life and taking on action with something you have been hesitant with.

A yellow, amber, or orange snake may be suggesting that you proceed with caution.

Things to Consider

When it comes time to interpret meanings, it’s important to consider every aspect of the dream before making your judgment.

Note the type of snake and the color, then compare this to recent events that may have happened in your life.

What is the snake doing, and from where did it appear? Are there other characters influencing the dream? What happens to it?

Only you, as the dreamer, can truly understand your dream.

Do you have dreams about snakes?

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