The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones For Sleeping


If you’re able to enjoy a good night’s sleep without using a sleeping aid, then you should consider yourself lucky. For the rest of us, there’s sleep headphones.

These little contraptions are exactly like normal headphones — just a little bit better.

The best headphones for sleeping will be noise cancelling and comfortable enough that you can eventually forget you’re wearing them at all.

sleep headphones

Sounds like a tall order? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this guide to the best sleeping headphones on the market right now.

Here’s a sneak peek of our top 3 choices:

FitOver the earOver the earIn ear
Noise Cancelling?NoYesNoise Isolating
Frequency Range20-20000 Hz20-20000 Hz20-20000 Hz

Let’s take it away…

What Are Sleep Headphones?

Sleep headphones are exactly what they sound like — headphones that you wear while you’re sleeping.

Unlike normal headphones, however, sleep headphones are specially designed to enhance and not disturb your sleeping pattern. They’re also safe for use in bed, so you won’t get tangled in the wires if you toss and turn.

Sleeping headphones can usually be divided into two categories:  fabric headphones  that sit comfortably on the outside of your ears, and  noise cancelling headphones  that look more similar to normal headphones in that they sit inside your ear, and work to block out all external noise — great for light sleepers.

Noise cancelling headphones for sleeping are usually made of silicone in order to be as soft and comfortable as possible.

What Do People Use Sleeping Headphones for?

You should think of sleep headphones as simply another tool in your arsenal to help you get to sleep.

Some people simply like to listen to music, while others prefer to listen to white noise and guided meditations intended to encourage sleep.

Sleep headphones come in particularly handy if you share a bed with a partner who may not want to have to listen to your audio tracks with you.

One of the most common ways to use sleep headphones is as a vessel for listening to music. Music is a great way to relax and leave the stresses of the day behind you. It’s thought that listening to music can even stimulate the release of serotonin, which is good news for your stress levels.

Binaural beats are another popular form of audio that many people use to get to sleep. This involves an audio track which beams sounds of different frequencies into your ears, which eventually interact with each other to the extent that they synchronize and create a third new frequency, which is simply the difference between the two frequencies transmitted in your ears.

Your brain reacts to this new third frequency, with your brainwaves altering in response to it.

People using binaural beats who are trying to get to sleep should aim for frequencies that produce delta waves.

As you might imagine, binaural beats are only effective if you wear headphones as you need to hear the different frequencies in each ear. Enter sleep headphones!

If you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood, or if you know yourself to be a light sleeper that’s very sensitive to noise, you might prefer to invest in a pair of noise cancelling headphones for sleeping that simply block out all external sounds. Don’t worry — you should still hear your alarm clock!

Why Use Sleep Headphones Instead of Normal Ones?

If you’re wondering, why sleep headphones sound all well and good, but what’s the point?

Won’t my iPhone headphones be sufficient?

Well, lots of people do use normal headphones and find them absolutely fine. But there are a few reasons why having the best sleep headphones will completely revolutionize the way you sleep.


Having long wires hanging out of your ears and round your neck while you sleep isn’t exactly an ideal situation — particularly if you’re someone that’s known for tossing and turning in bed.

We’re not saying you could strangle yourself accidentally, but you could certainly get yourself into some serious discomfort this way.


Simply put, sleep headphones are designed to be much more comfortable than normal headphones. Usually made of silicone, they’ll be soft and cozy — perfectly fitted for your ears.

This is usually much preferable to, say, sport headphones that are designed to stay within your ears even during periods of high intensity exercise — not something you need to worry about while sleeping!

Noise Cancellation

This isn’t a feature on every single pair, but if you live on a noisy street, wake up easily from a snoring partner, or live in a house share, there’s a chance that you simply need headphones that are going to block out all noise from outside.

If that’s you, you should look specifically for noise cancellation equipment. These bad boys will create the perfect silent atmosphere you need for a good night’s sleep.

The Best Headphones for Sleeping

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones
sleeping headphones

These sleep headphones are incredibly comfortable, encased as they are in a soft, extra wide lycra headband — which also doubles up as a sleep mask if you really want to block out external stimuli!

Great for troubled sleepers of all ages, these headphones come with a braided cable to prevent tangles. The headband is embedded with ultra-thin speakers and helps to ensure your headphones stay in place all night. They also come with a lightweight travel bag and are compatible with most devices, making life easy to take your headband earphones everywhere you go.


  • Durable and safe, 52″ braided cable
  • Great price
  • Lycra headband is soft and comfortable against your face
  • Speakers are ultra thin, cushioned and removable
  • Comes with a travel bag
  • Super lightweight
  • Compatible with most music players
  • Available in multiple different colors
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Headband is not adjustable so larger heads may find it a little tight!
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New Product: Kokoon Sleep Sensing Headphones

noise cancelling headphones for sleeping

Now this is a pair of sleeping headphones that we can get really excited about: the world’s first sleep sensing headphones.

Kokoon started its life as a Kickstarter campaign. They managed to raise $2 million and will be shipping their first batch in August 2017 — they’re available for pre-order right now, in fact.

So, how do they work?

Basically, Kokoon are super comfortable and soft headphones that use EEG brainwave sensing technology to track and analyze your sleeping patterns. They also include a smart alarm and even give you nightly sleep scores.

The fabric they use is natural, durable and fully breathable for maximum comfort. They’ve also used a patented design that enables them to mould to the shape of your head without any discomfort on you.

Now, at the moment we can see that probably the major drawback to these smart headphones is their cost: currently $314.99.


But true sleep hackers with some dollars to burn will likely want to test them out.

Check Today’s Price on Kokoon
AcousticSheep Wireless Sleep Headphones

best sleep headphones

Developed by a family physician, these sleeping headphones are designed to help you to fall asleep naturally and faster. Although not marketed as noise cancelling headphones, they are pretty good at blocking out external noise.

The fleece headband — described as “pajamas for your ears” — contains removable and replaceable speakers, is made from recycled materials and is available in sizes x-small to x-large. Regardless of your preferred sleeping position, you’re guaranteed a comfortable night’s sleep with these pain-free earplugs.

Another huge bonus is the fact that they’re wireless, relying on bluetooth connectivity and a long-lasting battery. That means no getting tangled up in wires as you sleep!


  • Clear sound — 20Hz to 20kHz frequency
  • Wireless
  • Removable and replaceable speakers
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Soft headband is machine washable
  • Made from recyclable materials
  • Blocks out most ambient noise, including snoring
  • Speakers are padded for comfort yet still super slim
  • Available in different sizes from extra small to extra large
  • Adjustable earbud positioning


  • Replacement earbuds are a little expensive
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MAXROCK Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Headphones

noise cancelling headphones for sleeping

These noise cancelling headphones for sleeping will be a great solution for many sleepers: comfortable, low cost and effective. What more could you want?

Featuring double layer earbuds to fit your ear perfectly, you never have to worry about these headphones falling out while you sleep. The earphones are made from super-soft silicon to prevent feelings of pain and pressure and ensure total comfort. Even when laying on your side, you can’t feel a thing.

They also offer a crystal clear sound and are excellent for blocking out unwanted noise.


  • Very comfortable silicone housed headphones
  • Cancel all exterior noise
  • Stay in place throughout the night
  • Low cost
  • Great sound — 20Hz-20kHz frequency
  • Comes with zipper case for safe storage and travel
  • Universal compatibility
  • Play/pause feature
  • Available in black, green, gray, white and pink colors


  • Cord isn’t braided so could get tangled
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Hibermate Sleep Headphones

sleep headphones

If you’re looking for an all-in-one contraption to block out light and sound, these sleep headphones and mask from Hibermate could be right up your alley.

For added and long-lasting comfort and to protect the removable speakers, the ear cushions are made from soft memory foam. The Kevlar-coated speaker cables stay tangle free and are of a high quality, and are durable. What’s more, they come with a 3-button remote control and a microphone for taking and receiving calls.


  • Adjustable sleep mask/headband
  • Mask is molded to reduce pressure on your eyes and ears
  • Comfortable memory foam ear cushions with super flat speakers
  • 3-button remote for easy volume and pause adjustment
  • Microphone for receiving and making calls
  • You can take the speakers out and put them under your pillow if you so desire
  • Compatible with iPhone, Android and all smartphones and tablets
  • Comes with airplane jack adapter
  • Kevlar coated cables are super durable and won’t tangle
  • Great sound quality


  • Not suitable for especially large heads
  • Mask can get quite warm during the night
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New Product: SleepPhones

Our second new product that we’ve updated this list of the best sleep headphones is the SleepPhones: apparently, the world’s most comfortable headphones for sleeping — at least, according to their website!

Again, these are made of a thick and soft headband with thin, removable sleepers, allowing you to listen to whatever you please and block any outside noise out.

Here’s a good video by manufacturer AcousticSheep on how to use the headphones wirelessly:

Check Out SleepPhones
CozyPhones Sleep Headphones Contour Series
sleep headphones

CozyPhones are one of the most prolific manufacturers of sleeping headphones, and their Contour Series is reputedly their most comfortable fit yet.

The lightweight and washable contoured sleep headband is completely adjustable to fit all manner of head sizes. The mesh lining keeps you cool at night and helps to keep the headphones in place, even if you toss and turn. You can also be confident that the speakers won’t shift thanks to the unique contour shape that dips below the ears. They’re compatible with all audio devices with a 3.5mm jack.


  • Contour shape headband makes for a great fit
  • Breathable mesh lining ensures these sleep headphones sleep cool
  • Very comfortable – even for side sleepers
  • Speakers are well secured and ultra thin
  • Durable braided cable is 52″
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Great sound quality — 20Hz to 20kHz frequency


  • Not ideal for binaural beats as the speakers sit above the ear
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Now’s the time to stop suffering through the snoring and sirens, and get yourself equipped with the best headphones for sleeping!

Whether you like to listen to music, meditate, or just want to cut out all external noise, you’ll find the perfect product out of our top 5 sleep headphones above.

Happy sleeping!

We hope you’ve found our Best Headphones post helpful. Looking for alternatives? Be sure to visit our sleep tech reviews section for other great options.


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    Hi I notice that you recommend those Maxrock pink headphones even though they have wires instead of a headband. Are they safe to sleep in then?

    • Editor

      Hi Camille,

      We would recommend that you go for a headband-style if you’re prone to tossing and turning as you could potentially get tangled in them. We recommended them for their noise isolation effects. Hope that helps!

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    I’m a huge fan of the Acoustic Sheep headphones. Seriously comfortable and I think it’s definitely worth paying a bit more for wireless if you’re looking for something to wear during sleep. Excellent sound too

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