Comfortaire vs Sleep Number: Which Is The Best Bed?


Which bed wins in the battle of Comfortaire vs Sleep Number?

Imagine sleeping in perfect comfort. No more restless nights or painful sleeping positions — just sweet, soothing slumber.

According to bed manufacturers Comfortaire and Sleep Number, it is possible to have just that.

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Comfortaire vs Sleep Number: which is the best?

Both companies produce a very similar range of adjustable beds designed to provide unparalleled comfort, dynamic support and revitalizing sleep.

Adjustable ‘clever beds’ have wide appeal. Aside from those just wishing to be comfy, elderly people suffering from aches and pains and disabled people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed obviously make up a large proportion of the target market.

Likewise, insomniacs who are desperate for regular, restorative sleep and sleep ‘hackers’ who want to improve their quality of sleep in order to maximise the potential of their waking hours also benefit.

But do these miracle beds live up to the hype? And if so, which beds are best?

We’ve put these two companies head to head to bring you ‘Battle of the Beds – Comfortaire vs Sleep Number’.

Let’s take it away…

Comfortaire vs Sleep Number: The Beds

Comfortaire has three bed series available, with options for each style.

All styles use air control technology to deliver a unique level of comfort and support for your weight and shape.

More expensive styles feature technology attuned to your body temperature to keep you cool and fresh, plus synthetic latex foam infused with memory foam for optimum comfort. Some designs include edge-to-edge air to reduce pressure point pain, shoulder and neck pain.

At the top of the range, Comfortaire’s ‘Ultimate’ collection blends all the advanced technology with a split top design allowing you to watch tv, read, or surf the web in comfort without disturbing your partner.

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The Comfortaire Ultimate

There is also a range of products that can be bought separately including:

  • Waterbed replacements
  • RV mattresses
  • Pillows
  • Mattress protectors
  • Sheets

Sleep Number propose four series of bed with options within those styles, as well as readymade package options.

Depending on the model, features include: adjustable firmness and support for each side of the bed, temperature balancing sleep surfaces and soft, breathable knit fabric.

The higher end Sleep Number beds also feature built in sleep monitoring technology which uses senses to measure breathing, heart rate and movement to show you exactly how you slept, so you can learn and make adjustments accordingly.

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The Sleep Number p6

There is also an equivalent to Comfortaire’s ‘Ultimate’ model with a split bed design to give more comfortable positions for reading, watching television and other bedtime activities.

Additional Sleep Number products include:

  • Pillows
  • Comfort layers
  • Bedding
  • Furniture and bed accessories
  • RV mattresses
  • Kids mattresses

Both brands sell mattresses and bases separately, and both use similar technology consisting of air chambers built into the mattresses that control airflow to give maximum support and comfort.

Bed ranges from both companies feature up to 100 wireless comfort settings to personalize your sleep experience at the push of a button.

Comfortaire vs Sleep Number: Prices

Prices for the simpler designs in Sleep Number’s Classic series start as low as $1,000, and while this series is less hi-tech it still offers good benefits. The higher end of the range could cost you anything up to a whopping $9,999.

These might seem like steep prices, but the beds are built to last.

Sleep Number mattresses come with a  20 year limited warranty , so they really are a long term investment.

The Performance series beds are probably the best value for money as they are realistically priced with a great range of features.

sleep number vs comfortaire

The Sleep Number iLE

Comfortaire mattresses are also not cheap, but like the Sleep Number mattresses they come with a  25 year limited warranty  — so if seen as an investment they offer good value over time.

The prices range from around $1500 to $6500 based on the size and model you are interested in, and the ranges offers a slightly wider choice of design, technology and price than Sleep Number.

Sleep Number Reviews

Purchasers of Sleep Number mattresses are overall very satisfied with the design quality and comfort that they provide.

There are some customers, however, who have reported issues with customer service.

Reviews vary depending on mattress model, but the majority of customers think that the mattresses represent good value for money in the long term and provide an excellent nights’ sleep.

Here’s a look at one couple’s review of the bed:

Comfortaire Reviews

Perhaps unsurprisingly (considering the two companies offer a range of very similar products) the reviews for Comfortaire mattresses are on a par with those of Sleep Number, with customers reporting similar negative and positive points depending on the bed model — some experience technical issues, some think customer service is poor.

Just like with the Sleep Number beds, some Comfortaire customers just don’t find their mattresses comfortable, but most customers have a good quality of sleep and feel that the mattresses are worth the price.

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The Comfortaire G10


Mattress fit is personal, so there isn’t a ‘one bed fits all’ solution.

However if you sleep with a partner and have a need for the individual customization and adjustability that Sleep Number and Comfortaire mattresses provide, it could well be the solution for you — and worth the initial high financial outlay.

To choose between the two brands, take advantage of the free 100 night trial periods that both companies offer to decide which bed is the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

We hope you’ve found our Comfortaire vs Sleep Number review helpful. Looking for alternatives? Be sure to visit our mattress reviews section for other great options.

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