The Benefits of Sleeping Naked


Is sleeping naked better for you than keeping your pajamas on during the night?

That’s the question a number of people, researchers and average folks alike, are asking, and the answer looks like it’s a yes.

Sleeping naked may seem gratuitous, but as a matter of fact, forgoing clothes does more than just add a bit of spice to a night in bed with your partner.

benefits of sleeping naked

There are a number of health benefits that come courtesy of sleeping nude, including the opportunity for you to lose weight, lower your stress levels, and boost your immune system.

If you find yourself asking whether or not it is worth it to sleep naked, consider some of the points below and leave your pajamas in their drawer – even if it’s just for a night.

Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Lessen Your Load of Laundry

Let’s start simple. You’re a busy person with a full schedule, and you want to make your life as straightforward as possible.

Lessening the amount of laundry you have to do at the end of the week is just one way you can de-clutter your life.

Don’t go re-wearing your work shirts or underwear, though. Sleep naked, instead!

If you don’t wear your pajamas, then you don’t have to worry about washing them with the rest of your clothes, and you can save laundry detergent as well as time.

Save on Your Summer Energy Bill

You’ll be able to save more than just your time if you start forgoing clothes in the evening. When summer rolls around, don’t thin out your wallet paying for air conditioning.

One of the benefits of sleeping naked is that you will be able to stay cooler on those hot summer nights, and you won’t have to listen to your air conditioning run all through the night.

It won’t feel like you’re stepping into the Arctic Circle, either, when you come in from the outdoors. You’ll be able to regulate your body temperature more easily and save a little money to spend as you please.

Air Yourself Out

If you find yourself wondering why you should sleep naked beyond a few superficial benefits, you’re in luck. There are a number of health benefits that come with sleeping naked.

For women, wearing tight underwear or pants to bed exposes your vagina (already prone to dampness and overheating) to an additional, overly-warm environment, meaning that you’re all the more likely to fall victim to a yeast infection or a similar bacterial nuisance.

Men, comparatively, see higher sperm counts after forgoing a tight pair of boxer briefs in bed.

Regardless of your gender, sleeping naked benefits your circulation and ensures that your heart rate doesn’t speed up unnecessarily when you’re trying to go to sleep.

So skip the tight clothes; sleep naked instead, and see your health improve for the better.

Improve Your Sleeping

Speaking of heart rates – more than twenty-seven percent of Americans have trouble falling asleep on a daily basis.

This impromptu insomnia is more often than not due to a fluctuation in heart rate and hormone distribution. Sleeping naked impacts a lot of the hormones in your body, including cortisol.

When you sleep naked, your cortisol, a stress hormone, is better regulated, and as such, your body cools down faster than it would in your favorite pair of pajamas.

As your body cools and your cortisol levels regulate, you’ll likely doze off, maybe even faster than you ever have.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Not only will the better-regulated cortisol ensure that you fall asleep faster, but its regulation means that you’re likely to wake up feeling much less stressed than you did the day before – all thanks to sleeping in the nude.

Cortisol is a hormone that is produced en-mass when you endure any sort of stressful or anxiety-inducing situation. It forces your body to maintain additional weight and, when over-produced, is detrimental to your overall health.

sleeping naked

Sleeping naked and letting yourself relax as you prepare to go to sleep doesn’t mean that everything that’s stressing you out will go away.

But when you find yourself better rested in the morning that follows, you may find it a little bit easier to tackle the tasks that, just the evening before, seemed like an impossible mountain to climb.

Sharpen Your Focus

The better you sleep, the more likely you are to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed come the following morning.

If sleeping nude helps you sleep better, then it also improves your focus during the day to come.

Your cooler body temperature – resulting from both the aforementioned regulation of your cortisol levels along with, well, a general lack of clothing – will allow you to enter REM sleep more frequently over the course of a night.

This ensures that you get some of the best sleep you can as frequently as you can. That way, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you’ll be able to get up on your feet with a little more energy than normal.

Just remember – if you live somewhere with big windows, get dressed before opening your blinds.

Slow Down the Aging Process

Cortisol isn’t the only hormone that sleeping naked impacts. When you sleep naked, your body starts to limit the release of both your melatonin and your natural growth hormone.

These hormones influence your muscular elasticity and the youth of your skin. When their production is limited, you’ll find that you are less likely to develop wrinkles or fall victim to severe, age-related muscular degeneration.

No need to look for the Fountain of Youth – leave your clothes behind for an evening, and you’ll put off those smile lines for another year or so.

Lose Weight in Your Sleep

Sleeping naked does wonders for your weight, as well. Both cortisol and melatonin are impacted when you sleep naked.

Cortisol, as has already been mentioned, keeps fat on your body when it is overproduced. Therefore, when you lessen the amount of cortisol you produce, you’re all the more likely to allow your body to shed some of your extra calories.

The reduced levels of melatonin in your body, that come courtesy of sleeping naked, can reduce your appetite as well.

The impact of sleeping naked on your weight is more than just hormonal, though. When your body temperature decreases at night, your metabolism kicks in as your body tries to ensure that everything continues to work as it should.

This increased metabolism will see you go through more calories than you normally would, and, in turn, could see you shed some of your extra pounds – all without needing to exercise!

Set Yourself Up for a Good Hair Day

When you leave your pajamas behind for the night, you’re less likely to build up sweat on your skin – not to mention in your hair.

When you sweat less, there’s less salt on your body to get into your hair. As such, your hair is less likely to be damaged, and it will remain shiny and healthier for longer than it would should you have kept wearing your pajamas to bed.

Skin on Skin Contact

If you think good hair will improve your mood, then you’ll love what else sleeping naked can do for you. If you’re lucky enough to have someone to sleep naked with, then you’re in luck – for more reasons than one!

Not only is sleeping naked a sure way to sexually appeal to your partner, but skin to skin contact with another person releases oxytocin in your body.

sleeping naked

Oxytocin not only improves your mood, but it improves your health, and it feels darn good while it does.

You’ll find yourself less stressed and in a much better mood after curling up next to someone you love without the barrier of your pajamas.

Stronger Immune System

The common theme among many of these points is a stark improvement of your health. Who would have guessed that sleeping naked could influence so many of your immune system’s responsibilities?

Predictable or not, sleeping nude results in an overall healthier body for you while also offering up the opportunity for you to live a healthier lifestyle.

With all of the improvements to your immune system, you’ll be able to wake more easily, work more easily, and enjoy the way you spend your day with fewer things to worry about.

These benefits make it seem more than worth it to lose your clothes before climbing into bed.

Easing Into Things

Want to keep things slow between you and your sheets, but don’t want to lose out on these numerous health benefits? Consider adjusting to the idea of sleeping naked by taking the process in steps.

Lose your pants while you sleep for a week, or leave your shirt behind. If you find you’re in the mood, keep your pants and shirt or nightgown and lose your underwear, instead.

Once you’re comfortable, take off another article of clothing, then another, and then another, until you’re either content, completely naked, or both!

Alternatively, go out shopping and find yourself a pair of loose-fitting pajamas; the gentle touch won’t let you get tangled up in your own clothes over the course of a night, and will let you experience some of the same health benefits that sleeping naked allows.

Here’s a video on why everyone should sleep naked.

Have you tried sleeping naked? Tell us your experience!


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