Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

The Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress is made of comfort, support, and cooling gel to give you a dreamlike sleep.

While you should consider the firmness and off-gassing smell, if you’re looking for luxury with convenience, you’ll find it here.

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Failing to get a proper night’s sleep can be as detrimental to your health as not exercising or eating greasy food, but a good mattress can fix all that.

That’s where the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress comes in. It is comfortable, supportive, and makes for minimal motion transfer.

best hybrid mattress

However, not everyone who has slept on this mattress speaks of such a good experience. A few users disliked the mattress’ smell when it first arrived and didn’t like that the odor stuck around for numerous days, while others complained about the bad customer service or the extreme weight of the mattress.

Nonetheless, before you make your final decision on whether this is your next buy, let’s take a closer look at the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 75.5 x 11 inches.
  • Hardness: Comes in different hardness levels, from plush to medium to firm.
  • Item Weight: 164 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: Pocketed coils, high-density foam, latex foam, gel-infused foam, as well as polyester and mesh fabric.
  • Cover: Polyester stretch top and mesh side panels.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty.

Material Composition

The Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress consists of a polyester and mesh cover, along with a layer of pocketed coils and different kinds of foam on the inside.

The top layer is made of gel memory, and the second layer is a polyfoam edge support along with a latex layer.

Next is the pocketed coils layer that helps to reduce motion transfer, and finally is the edge support outer shell, which gives the mattress greater structure and ensures you won’t fall off the bed when sitting on it.

This is all packaged under a breathable mesh fabric which makes your nights less stuffy and hot.

Voila Box: The Brand

Voila Box provides convenient and reliable mattresses to help their customers “get the relaxation they deserve.”

The team that works at Voila Box describes themselves as “problem solvers, nap takers, and sleep enthusiasts.”

They design mattresses that allow their customers to choose the bed that is just right for them, with an aim to create an upscale design that’s reasonably priced.

Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress review

Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

Stand Out Features

  • 100-Day Trial: It’s a hard task to decide on a bed, especially when you have little to no option of testing it out. Voila Box understands and offers customers a 100-day trial which means you can enjoy months of sleeping on this mattress before committing.
  • Easy Shipping: Luxury doesn’t have to come with a struggle. Voila Box makes sure to deliver all their mattresses in a convenient easier to handle box. It arrives right to your door, compressed and rolled, so all that’s left for you to do is unwrap it on your frame.
  • 10-Year Warranty: When the trial expires, you’ll have a 10-year warranty to protect you should you find any damages in your mattress. Should there be any damages or faults, simply contact Voila Box and they’ll handle the task of repairing or replacing your mattress.

The Positives


The most important question with every mattress is “how comfortable is it?”

Quite a few users found the Voila Box Mattress to be very comfortable. This was mainly due to customization; Voila Box allows you to pick your level of firmness, anything from plush to medium to firm.

When you have the option to cherry-pick your ideal level of firmness, it dramatically boosts your chances of receiving a mattress that caters to your exact needs or wants.


In that same vein, numerous testers mentioned how supportive they found the Voila Box mattress to be.

With the different levels of foam, the edge support, and the pocketed coils, it’s easy to see why. You don’t have to worry about waking up with a sore back because your mattress is sagging.

It will relieve any pressure points you may have dealt with on a standard mattress, and no matter how you sleep, the mattress will support your unique position.

best hybrid mattress

This hybrid mattress will ensure your back and neck are in alignment and that you enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Customer Service and Giving Back

It also doesn’t hurt that Voila Box offers a 100-day trial comfort guarantee, so if you don’t like it, you can return the mattress or exchange it for one with a different level of firmness.

After that, you’ll have a ten-year warranty protecting you against any manufacturing errors you may find in your mattress.

Voila Box also gives back to the community with every purchase. For every 10 mattresses they sell, they donate one mattress to charity.

While it’s not necessary, it is lovely to know that the company you’re buying from cares about others and that, with your purchase, you are doing a small kindness for someone in need.

Minimal Motion Transfer

Users also loved that this mattress had very little motion transfer. So, if your partner gets up early or they come to bed late, you will barely feel them shifting into position.

On the flipside, if you place a glass of water or a bowl of food on the mattress, it won’t spill or fall off the bed when you sit down.

The mattress is designed to be thorough, and the coils are in their own individual pockets, ensuring you receive support without sacrificing comfort.

Voila Box really wants to ensure that you have an uninterrupted, comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleeps Cool

With the Voila Box mattress, there’s no worry of waking up coated in sweat or having to bring another fan into the bedroom.

While it is made of several layers of memory foam, the coils, mesh fabric, and the latex makes it breathable enough that the mattress remains cool while you sleep on it.

best hybrid mattress

Even in the middle of summer, you are guaranteed to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

This is especially great for those who tend to sleep hotter during the night, and those who live in warmer climates. You won’t have to worry about your sleep being ruined by a hot bed.

The Negatives


Unfortunately, quite a few testers found that the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress arrived smelling rather awful.

The bed contains a distinct chemical smell, and while it does eventually go away, some people discovered it took up to three days to finally dissipate.

Most beds, especially those with foam, have some kind of odor that abates within several hours, but most might find that three full days is rather long – especially since the odor is abnormally powerful.

This can also test the patience of those who are looking forward to getting their good night’s sleep sooner than later.

If you are rather sensitive in this regard, it may not be the mattress for you.

Iffy Customer Service

A few testers also mentioned a less than great experience with Viola Box’s customer service. They were either unable to get in contact with a representative or they weren’t happy with the service they did receive.

Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress review

One tester was unable to get their mattress sent back, and another was promised that the mattress would be picked up, but then was left high and dry.

As the bed itself appears to be top quality, it’s unfortunate that the company does not provide the same care when dealing with buyers. Bad customer service can truly make or break a purchase.

While this wasn’t always the case, we hope to see their customer service improve to ensure great service all around. Purchasing from a company that has the customer’s back really does go a long way.

Too Firm

While numerous users found this mattress to be exceptionally comfortable, some discovered it was too firm.

This is up to personal preference, of course, but it does appear to be a reoccurring issue among testers, which makes us cautious.

If you tend to like a softer or semi-soft mattress, this may not be the bed for you, or you may want to go with the softest of the mattress options.


Of course, the more layers a mattress has, the heavier it will be. Nonetheless, most will agree that 164 pounds is an incredible amount of weight for a bed.

A couple of users found the Voila Box mattress to be very awkward to move. If you don’t have anyone to assist you in carrying it from one room to another, or to a different residence, you may need to invest in a moving company, as it will be cumbersome to handle alone.

Here’s a video showing what the Voila Box Mattress looks like out of the package.

Overall Verdict

After going through all the positives and negatives, we are recommending the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress.

The heaviness, the strong odor, and the iffy customer service are not things that you can really brush aside when considering a purchase.

The mattress seems to be comfortable and supportive, which is definitely in it’s favor, but if you don’t have someone to help you move the mattress or are sensitive to smells, you may be better off with a different option.

Beyond these few cons though, is a mattress that sleeps cool, with little motion transfer which means a longer more comfortable night’s sleep. And if that’s what you’re after, regardless of the price, it’ll be worth the consideration.

Where to Buy the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Voila Box operates solely as an online company, which allows them to keep their prices lower than beds offered in retail showrooms.

By using the internet to fuel their brand and products, they’ve gained the attention of experts and sleep enthusiasts around the globe.

The decision to keep their brand online though, makes it harder to find products like the Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress both online and in-store.

We hope as their popularity rises and their brand grows their products like their luxury mattresses will be available through other outlets as well.

While it’s usually best to check home department, bedding, and specialty stores you can kick-start your search by checking out their website.

And thankfully, you can also find this mattress on Amazon.

Voila Box Mattress review

That’s it for our Voila Box Luxury Hybrid Mattress review. Tempted to give this bed a try?


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