Vital Sleep Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Review


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When snoring and sleep apnea are chronic conditions you deal with on a nightly basis, you’re likely to wake up with a sore throat at best. Oftentimes, you’ll start the next morning feeling restless and drained.

Snoring is a problem for many, but just as everyone is different, the causes of snoring can differ too.

A useful method that promises relief is Vital Sleep, one of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces available on the market.

vital sleep review

Customized to fit your mouth and mouldable to suit your needs, Vital Sleep can be a long-term solution, giving you restful nights and better days to follow.

That said, does it live up to the hype? Here we break down all the good and bad you need to know.

About the Company

After seven years in the business, The Snore Reliever Company – creators of Vital Sleep – knows the industry and has committed to the development of a product that can ease sleep sufferers’ perpetual exhaustion.

They understand that no one sleeps exactly the same, so they strive to offer affordable, accessible, and effective solutions that can be customized within your own home.

How a Snoring Mouthpiece Works

Snoring is caused when throat muscles relax during the night and narrow the airways between your nose, throat, and lungs. This obstruction causes sound and often discomfort as well.

The Vital Sleep anti-snoring mouthpiece works to support your lower jaw while pushing it forward. Doing so pushes open the airways and allows for greater air flow, preventing the snoring sound as well as making you rest easier.

With more than one size, and adjustable sides, it can be moulded to fit many different mouth shapes, meaning there’s no need to visit a doctor or professional.

Plus, it’s FDA approved, and made of hypoallergenic and nontoxic medical-grade materials. That makes Vital Sleep a safe solution you can trust in.

The video below shows what the VitalSleep mouthpiece looks like out of its packaging.

VitalSleep Review


Adjustable, Contouring, and Flexible

Available in both small and large sizes, you can order online and have confidence in its ability to fit your unique mouth.

No guessing, no need to involve a professional, no need to use complicated adjusters. It’s as simple as using hot water for a perfect fit.

Setting Vital Sleep into a container of boiling water for only ten seconds will soften the material to a mouldable shape.

vitalsleep review

Then you can insert it into your mouth, biting down so it can mould appropriately.

Once it feels comfortable, a thirty-second dip in cold water will seal the form so it stays in place.

Wide Spaces and Gaps

The structure of the Vital Sleep Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece is built with a design that’s very useful, both in providing comfort for your mouth and being simple to clean.

It doesn’t hinder the natural way your jaw sets, but instead encourages to it to show ‘better posture’.

Rather than collecting saliva, wide gaps in the mouthpiece help to provide less obstruction, and the material can be cleaned with something as easy as a toothbrush.

Can Be Adjusted More Than Once

Once you’ve adjusted it to your mouth, you may assume that’s the end.

In fact, after you’ve customized it to fit, should you decide a different configuration suits you better, you can use the included hex wrench to rework the adjustment personally.

This allows you to play around with your fit several times until you’re sure it’s perfect.

vitalsleep review

Relatively Affordable

For similar devices and systems, the price can run up into the hundreds or even thousands.

These mouthpieces often charge extra for different kinds of custom fits, but Vital Sleep can be adjusted easily at home to any degree necessary – at no additional expense.

All considered, for the low cost it advertises, it’s a steal.


Can Mould Incorrectly

Unlike some mouldable mouthpieces, this one lacks a special case which keeps the material secure while heating.

If you’re not exact with the temperatures, you could overheat it, causing the material to morph into useless shapes which are difficult to undo.

If you have experience with mouth guards or are very careful with the heat, this can be reversible, but if you’re a newbie, it may be too daunting.

Not for Everybody

Not everyone who suffers from snoring would be comfortable sleeping with an object in their mouth all night.

While there is no choking hazard, unless you’re actively trying to swallow it, your natural instinct during the night may be to spit it out.

In these cases, there are alternative anti-snoring treatments, but a mouthpiece won’t be among that number.

vitalsleep review

Final Verdict

Vital Sleep Anti Snoring Mouthpiece is an excellent solution with a great deal of versatility.

The device itself is very unobtrusive, easy to adjust and get used to.

Overall, Vital Sleep makes for a great product to help stop snoring.

vital sleep review

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