Serta iComfort vs Tempurpedic: Which is the Best Mattress?


If there’s one question about mattresses that we get asked time and again, it’s “which is the best: Serta vs Tempurpedic?”

A lot of people will be torn between buying the iComfort or Tempurpedic mattresses — they’re certainly both at the top of their game in the sleep comfort world.

icomfort mattress vs tempurpedic

The innovators at Tempurpedic have long held the industry crown as the creators and top purveyors of luxury memory foam beds, but due to a recent newcomer to the scene – the equally inventive Serta company – they are in danger of losing their dominance in the market.

Currently both Tempurpedic and Serta are two of the highest quality mattress manufacturers in the world, and they are a popular choice with people searching for a good night’s sleep.

So with these two mattress monarchs battling it out, who deserves the top spot – Serta or Tempurpedic…?

Serta vs Tempurpedic: The Mattresses

Good sleep solutions are in high demand right now and Tempurpedic and Serta have some of the hottest new mattress products on offer.

Here’s a quick peek at how the two compare:

 Serta iComfortTempurpedic
Products availableMemory Foam or HybridFlex, Contour, Cloud or Breeze
MaterialEverFeel Triple Effects gel memory foam (with steel coil innerspring system in Hybrid models)Unique Tempur material (air/memory foam hybrid)
Best for DurabilityWorstBest
Best for Sleeping CoolBestWorst
Comes with a foundation?YesPurchase separately
Price on Website for Queen$1299-$3499$1699-$4499
Price on AmazonCheck Current PriceCheck Current Price

Now let’s take a look a more in-depth look at their product range…

iComfort by Serta

The iComfort range features Serta’s pioneering triple effect gel memory foam which intelligently responds to the body’s individual needs.

It conforms to the body to give support and relieves pressure points to provide pain relief and leave you feeling revitalized every morning. iComfort designs also provide good motion isolation, so if your partner has a habit of tossing and turning all night it will stand far less chance of interrupting your sleep.

Within the iComfort collection there are two main choices with further options – such as firmness – within those ranges.

Choose from a pure memory foam mattress which combines the latest gel memory foam with an all-foam support system, or a hybrid mattress which combines gel memory foam with a steel coil innerspring system.

The hybrid mattresses are better suited for those who are interested in the benefits of gel memory foam, but prefer the sturdier support of an advanced innerspring.

Other benefits include edge support which keeps you secure and reduces the risk of rolling off the bed during the night.

We’ve all been there…

Stand-Out Features

  • Available in memory foam or hybrid configuration
  • EverFeel Triple Effects gel memory foam — responds to your body, relieves pressure points, aligns your body, and regulates your temperature
  • Titanium gel beads add additional support
  • EverTemp Technology — keeps cool regardless of temperature and humidity levels by broadening the climate range where the mattress materials still feel natural to the touch
  • SmartSupport Memory Coil System — hundreds of individually wrapped, slow recovery coils continually adapt to the shape and movement of your body


Tempurpedic are famous as the original inventors of memory foam, and their mattresses have really set the standard for the last few years.

Tempurpedic’s unique high quality air/memory foam hybrid has proven itself to significantly reduce the chances of the mattress sagging and softening over time, promising longevity.

This special foam adapts to your body shape, weight, and temperature for optimal comfort all night. It also minimizes pressure points and reduces motion transfer.

There are four mattress collections within the Tempurpedic Range including Flex, Contour, Cloud and Breeze.

The Flex range has a hybrid core for traditional mattress feel, topped with layers of memory foam for personalized support for the body.

The Contour mattresses have firm top layers to minimize pressure points and thick cores for unique support.

For those who need a softer mattress, the Cloud range has extra soft layers of memory foam on top and a supportive core that adapts to your shape.

Lastly, Breeze mattresses respond to elevated body temperature to heat and humidity while you sleep, and are available in different densities from firm to soft.

Stand-Out Features

  • A soft and durable cover easy to remove, wash and put back on
  • SmartClimate System — moisture wicking fibers to keep sleeping cool
  • Tempur-HD offers high conforming and precise support (in TEMPUR-Contour)
  • Fast-responding material with a slightly springy feel (in TEMPUR-Flex)
  • Softer formulation of Tempurpedic material available for ultimate comfort (in TEMPUR-Cloud)
  • 90 night trial

When considering an iComfort mattress vs Tempurpedic, it is easy to see the similarities between the two. Both offer a variety of firmness options and a choice between all foam or sprung hybrid styles.

Serta’s gel foam uses more advanced technology and is cooler and more comfortable for the skin, but Tempurpedic have countered this with their Breeze range which aims to reduce the clammy feeling that their memory foam can sometimes create.

Put simply, both are fantastic mattresses. But let’s find out the other differences between them…

iComfort Mattress vs Tempurpedic: Prices

Both companies seemingly offer very similar products, but who offers the best value for money – iComfort or Tempurpedic?

Apparently sweet slumber comes at a price, as both brands are priced in at the expensive end of the market.

On their website, Tempurpedic Queen size mattresses are priced from $1699 for a TEMPUR-Cloud Prima mattress all the way up to $4499 for a TEMPUR-Cloud Luxe Breeze.

Serta’s iComfort mattress range is priced between $1299 and $3499 for a standard Queen set (including foundation), according to their website.

Tempurpedic sells foundations and bases separately, so you will need to factor this into the overall final cost of your new bed if you choose them over Serta.

iComfort or Tempurpedic on Amazon

While most of both Serta’s and Tempurpedic’s mattress ranges are found on their own websites, you can occasionally find a few of their products on Amazon too — great for those of us who love online shopping convenience and deals!

Here’s what’s available on Amazon right now:

Serta iComfort on Amazon

Tempurpedic Mattresses on Amazon

But how else to choose between Serta vs Tempurpedic? Here’s what their customers think…

Serta vs Tempurpedic: Reviews

Serta iComfort

The Positives

  • Comfortable
  • Provides excellent pressure point relief
  • Eases back pain
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • No memory foam odor upon delivery
  • Sleeps cool

The Negatives

  • Although cheaper than other luxury brands, undeniably still expensive
  • A decrease in body support and increase in mattress sagging over the long term



The Positives

  • Very durable with no noticeable mattress sagging
  • Comfortable
  • Good motion isolation
  • Reduces back pain
  • Excellent pressure point relief

The Negatives

  • Expensive
  • Memory foam can get quite warm (aside from the Breeze product line)



We spend one-third of our lives asleep (or trying to!) and for some the quest for quality sleep can be a long and complicated one.

Good, reviving sleep free from aches and pains begins with a quality mattress to rest on, and it’s clear that both Serta iComfort and Tempurpedic have an excellent range of mattresses that have already helped thousands of satisfied customers achieve sweet dreams.

The true test of a mattress is down to the individual — so to find out who wins in Serta vs Tempurpedic why not test them both yourself?


Which is your favorite mattress: Serta or Tempurpedic?


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