Rivet Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

There’s not much bad to say about the Rivet Mattress. It’s comfortable, supportive, and super convenient from shipping to unboxing.

With just a few cons to consider, know that the Rivet Mattress is backed by a brand with stellar customer service, and quality, yet affordable products.

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Finding a good mattress online can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack – but Amazon’s Rivet Mattress may just be that needle.

Based on tester feedback, the Rivet is not just comfortable, but also supportive, relatively inexpensive, and easy to clean.

rivet memory foam mattress

With that said, not everyone had such a good experience. Some found the edges of the mattress sunk, while others disliked its excessive chemical odor when it first arrived.

Additionally, a few people were frustrated by the lack of sizing options, which limited their ability to buy a mattress for a small bedroom.

Nevertheless, before you make your final decision, let’s take a more in-depth look into the Rivet Mattress.

Rivet Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches.
  • Hardness: Medium Firm.
  • Item Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: Memory foam.
  • Cover: Celliant technology.
  • Expansion Period: 24 hours.
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty.

Available in Full, Queen, and King.

Material Composition

The Rivet mattress is composed primarily of memory foam, with the cover being made of a fabric developed with Celliant technology. The mattress consists of three different layers for the utmost comfort and support.

Top layer: The top layer is made with LURAcor, which provides support to lift and align your back all throughout the night.

This layer will also relieve any pressure points around your back and hips. No more tossing and turning.

Middle Layer: The next layer of memory foam is built to evenly distribute your weight and provide you with the support that is customized to your needs.

Bottom Layer: The bottom layer of the Rivet mattress is composed of a base foam meant to help with the structural support and durability of the mattress.

This is what ensures you don’t completely sink into the bed after lying down, and prolongs its lifespan over several nights.

Cover: The cover that surrounds this mattress features a product called Cellient. It is a patented fabric that has a mineral blend woven into it, designed to help with the amount of oxygen that moves through the fabric.

As such, it helps with the recovery of your body overnight and is meant to give you more energy throughout the day.

best memory foam mattress

Amazon: The Brand

Founded in 2004 by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has been a selling giant for quite a few years now.

They provide everything you could ever think of. From food to mattresses to electronics to books and toys, they have it all.

More recently, they have begun to create their own Amazon-branded products such as the Rivet Mattress, the Amazon Echo and Fire, and even their own bedding line.

Amazon’s headquarters are currently located in Seattle, Washington.

Rivet Mattress Review

Stand Out Features

  • Prime Shipping: There are a number of online companies who will ship mattresses directly to your door, but Amazon has an advantage with their Prime shipping. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll get free two-day shipping along with the purchase of this mattress.
  • 100 Night Trial: Mattresses aren’t one-size-fits-all. Thankfully, you’ll be granted a 100-night risk-free trial when you purchase the Rivet Mattress. You’ll have one-hundred sleeps to really make sure this bed is right for you. If you don’t like it, return it.
  • 10-Year Warranty: On top of the 100-night trial, customers will have a ten-year warranty to ease any further worries. This warranty is in place to protect you against any manufacturing errors that you may find. If something isn’t as advertised, the company promises to replace it.

The Positives


Mattresses always receive mixed reviews, since absolute luxury for one person is a rough night’s sleep for another.

However, most tester feedback hailed the Rivet Mattress as extremely comfortable – so you know it’s doing something right.

best memory foam mattress

With the multiple layers of memory foam, the LURAcor top layer that helps to relieve pressure points, and the soft cover, this bed appears to be designed with attention to detail and very precise support areas.

As a result, it’s hard to imagine this bed as anything but comfortable.


On that note, many users reported how supportive the Rivet Mattress is. The layer of LURAcur works to provide your body with full support, so you won’t feel any aches and pains as you wake up.

It accomplishes this by lifting and aligning your spine, rather than just cradling it, as well as removing pressure points on your back or hips. No more waking up with a need to crack your back.

If you dislike so-called ‘supportive’ beds due to their habit of just cushioning rather than lifting, this bed should be a perfect fit.


Mattresses can range from hundreds to thousands and thousands of dollars – especially when you buy Queen or King sizes.

However, with the memory foam and the positive feedback from testers on the Rivet mattress, its price for the Queen size is rather good.

You won’t have to arrange for transport or pay high delivery fees (so long as you have Prime membership) since Amazon can deliver it right to your house.

While you’ll need to unbox and move the bed yourself, it won’t be difficult with a second pair of hands.

A middle-range bed with springs can cost you about the same price; however, with the Rivet, you are investing in a far more comfortable sleeping experience.

Sleeps Cool

For those who live in humid climates or who tend to sleep hot, this mattress is a great fit.

The specially designed cover encourages air flow between the fabric fibers, cooling you throughout the night and dispelling excess heat.

As a result, many users enjoyed how cool this mattress remained even on warmer nights. Since memory foam is notorious for growing uncomfortably hot, this is an asset.

If you’re used to waking up miserable and covered in sweat, this mattress will help you to avoid that.


Some of us really like to indulge in relaxation. This might mean bringing a glass of wine or some snacks to bed. But this also means you’re at risk of ruining your mattress if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, Amazon has thought ahead and ensures you can be at ease without worry.

The Rivet mattress comes with a removable cover, so you need only unzip it and throw it in the washer and dryer.

rivet mattress review

There are very few standard mattresses that can be cleaned so easily, and most require that you purchase a mattress cover or pad separately.

However, if you make a spill on this bed, the easy-clean feature is included. Just get to the mess before it sinks in! If you have children or pets, this feature will come in extra handy.

Customer Service

Amazon is known for their outstanding customer service and it extends to the Rivet Mattress. The company has made this mattress with the customers in mind, giving shoppers fewer things to worry about.

The mattress comes shipped, super quickly right to your door, and all you have to do is drag it to its resting place, unbox, and let it expand. With Amazon’s Prime shipping services, you’ll have little time to wait before you can get a better night’s sleep.

The trial and warranty allow you to purchase with fewer risks involved, and Amazon is known for their great return policies.

Furthermore, customers have noted no issues when contacting Amazon for a refund so you can rest your worried head.

The Negatives


As tends to happen with the majority of memory foam beds, the Rivet does sink around the edges.

If you prefer to rest on the edge of your bed in the morning, to put on your shoes or to prepare for the oncoming day, you’ll be disappointed.

Since there is no supporting structure, like with a spring mattress, you’ll quickly sink and be forced off the edge.

Those who tend to toss around in their sleep might also have to be a little more cautious about rolling to the sides of the bed.


Off-gassing is another common issue you’ll face with this mattress.

Since the bed must be tightly packed, and due to its memory foam composition, the mattress will give off a strong, unpleasant odor when it’s first unboxed.

This shouldn’t last more than 24 to 48 hours, as it expands and airs out. If you find the smell to be bothersome, you may have to let it air out during the first couple of days before use.

However, if you are especially sensitive to odors, you may want to try a more traditional mattress or purchase one from a brick and mortar store.

Limited Sizing

Users were displeased that the Rivet came in only three sizes. If you were hoping for a Twin, Twin XL, or even a California King, think again. It only comes in Full, Queen, and King.

While this won’t upset most users, it’s worth adjusting your expectations accordingly. If a Full-size is too large for your tiny bedroom, then you’ll have to keep shopping elsewhere.

On the other hand, if your heart is set on ultra-large, the normal King will have to suffice.

best memory foam mattress

Overall Verdict

After sifting through all the positives and negatives, we do recommend Amazon’s Rivet Mattress.

The three layers of memory foam, along with the removable and washable cover, make for an immensely supportive mattress.

While the comfort of a bed is very subjective, most testers were pleased with their experience, making it a worthwhile purchase.

Hopefully, Amazon will offer more sizes in the future, so that buyers can enjoy this mattress in any dimensions they prefer.

Where to Buy the Rivet Mattress

While Amazon has an array of products available on their website from a wide variety of retailers, the Rivet brand is something they can be really proud to offer, mostly because it’s their own.

This in-house brand is still a fresh one, but so far, customers have been largely satisfied and continue to leave great feedback on their products.

This mattress isn’t the only item in their Rivet brand with positive feedback; they have customer backed stylish furniture and accessories available to match.

Since Amazon is an online company, chances are, you won’t be able to find the Rivet Mattress through other retailers in-store or online. It’s no surprise that the best (and only) place to find this mattress is on Amazon.

rivet memory foam mattress

That’s the end of our Rivet Mattress review. Curious to give this bed a try?


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