Olee Sleep 5-Inch Multi-Layer Memory Foam Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

The Olee Sleep 5 inch Color Pencil Multi Layer Memory Foam mattress is perhaps the best cheap mattress for kids on the market right now.

Its comfortable, lightweight and waterproof, and available for a very attractive price.

There’s not a lot of support here — it wouldn’t be ideal for an adult with a bad back — but its hard to argue with that price.

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Olee is a brand known for making great beds and mattresses to fit any kind of need or comfort level.

This Olee Sleep 5-Inch Color Pencil Multi Layer Memory Foam Twin Mattress (now that’s a long name!) is no different. It’s a perfect fit for small spaces or kids’ bedrooms.

best cheap mattress for kids

At only five inches thick, it nestles perfectly in the frames of the top and bottom of bunk beds, and even in loft beds to lift it up and provide a bit more floor space.

This Olee mattress is practically built for families, and is a cost effective and comfortable way to sleep however many kids you have in your home.

But, no mattress is without fault, and there are some compromises to be had with a mattress this cheap.

Here’s what you need to know…

Olee Sleep Mattress: The Details

This Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress comes fully compressed for ease of shipment and movement. Unpacking it for setup in your home is as easy as following the included instructions before it’s ready for use for all your kids.


  • Product Dimensions: 39″ x 5″ x 74″
  • Item Weight: 22.1 lbs
  • Mattress Composition:  Its five-inch mattress thickness is comprised of three combined layers: one inch of My Gel foam, 1.5 inch of HD (high density) foam, and 2.5 inches of convoluted HD layer
  • Cover: TPU coated Terry cloth makes for an entirely waterproof covering on the mattress.
  • Expansion Period: 24 – 48 hours to expand to its full size.
  • Warranty: Olee brand products offer a ten-year warranty from the date of purchase.

A feature that is definitely worth noting with this mattress is the choice of color options available.

You can choose between a general favorite color – blue – or go with a more neutral shade of gray. If you’re getting this bed for your children, what’s a better way to make them feel involved with the purchase of their own beds and decoration in their room than letting them choose the color?

Style points are important.

olee sleep memory foam mattress review

Material Composition

The five inches of mattress include three layers of different materials.

One inch of My Gel Foam for a soft surface that molds and fits to any shape.

Middle support comes in 1.5 inches of HD (high density) foam to line between top and bottom layers.

And the base layer is a sturdy 2.5 inches of convoluted HD foam layer that is perfect for letting in the proper amount of air flow to keep the mattress from feeling too hot and uncomfortable.

The three together make for a solid but lightweight mattress that comes to you compressed and compact for easy shipping and delivery. In one to two days upon opening the shipment, the mattress opens up and expands to a wonderfully soft and usable size that’s strong but filled with breathable comfort.

Olee: The Brand

Olee Sleep has been working to innovate products in the sleep industry for 34 years. No doubt, in all that time, they’ve gotten very good at it.

Their mission statement is to provide the best sleep experience possible for their customers, and this mattress lives well up to the brand and their goals.

No matter what your body needs to get the best kind of sleep for you, their variety of products is likely to have a perfect fit.

Getting this mattress for any number of your kids in your own home lets them sleep on the innovative memory foam technology that Olee Sleep works to provide.

Olee Sleep 5-Inch Multi-Layer Memory Foam Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features:

  • Triple Layered: this is unusual in such a cheap mattress for kids
  • Waterproof Cover: the Terry cloth fabric is well set up for any ‘little accidents’ that your little ones might have!
  • Cheap: one of the best things about this kids’ mattress is how cheap it is — you’ll be able to buy a few with no problems if you’ve got more than one child to consider

Every product comes with its own positives and negatives for one side to outweigh the other. Though there are drawbacks, the benefits of this mattress are very strong in comparison to the low points, so here’s what you need to decide if it’s right for you.

cheap mattress for kids

The Pros

The Best Mattress for Kids?

Designed to fit in furniture built for the young and young at heart, the bed is made for bunks, lofts, children’s canopies, and most other twin-sized configurations out there.

It’s also perfect for dorm rooms when kids get older to give them a comfortable mattress away from home.

As well as being pretty compact, it’s also very cheap. Incredibly so, considering its triple layered engineering. And the waterproof cover is a godsend for parents of small kids who are still potty training!

Easy to Move

The compressed way it’s shipped makes delivery and setting it up much easier than other mattresses.

There’s no need to maneuver it through the house if you just take the box to the proper room and open it on up there.

Plus, at just over 22 pounds, this isn’t a huge mattress to lug around. It’ll be relatively easy to lift it up to the top bunk.

It’s Comfortable 

While it doesn’t offer the level of comfort and support that an adult might require, the Olee Sleep Color Pencil Memory Foam mattress is just comfortable and supportive enough for both kids and overnight guests.

The top My Gel foam layer acts like memory foam in the way that it molds to your body, reducing pressure points and distributing weight evenly about the mattress. You’ll feel supported and relaxed, and are much less likely to toss and turn than with other mattresses at this low price point.

It’s a perfect solution for restless children who need all the good sleep they can get after long and busy days.


This Olee Sleep memory foam bed has a cover of Terry cloth coated in a protective TPU layer which makes it one of the best children’s mattresses due to its waterproof nature.

For younger kids still mastering the art of using the bathroom, and even for older kids prone to spilling drinks or food, the protective cover will keep the mess from the mattress.

It’s as easy as taking the cover off and following its washing instructions for cleanup. Then it can be put back onto the bed to make it ready for more nights.

Family-Friendly Price

The value of this Olee Sleep Mattress is difficult to beat for the quality of product. A perfectly suited bed for kids at a price that makes it fit for a whole family.

olee sleep mattress for kids

The Cons

Only Comes in Twin Size

This particular mattress is only available in a twin size. So if you’re looking for something bigger like a double or above, you’ll need to go in another direction.

Let’s be clear — while this is a cracking little mattress for kids and the guest room, it may not be best suited for a full-term bed for an adult. Respect its limitations.

Not Very Supportive

Leading on from the last point, the Olee Sleep 5″ Color Pencil Multi Layer Memory Foam Mattress isn’t the most supportive mattress we’ve ever slept on — by a long shot.

While we think it’s perfectly serviceable for kids, full grown adults — or people with back problems — are not going to find this sufficiently supportive for their needs.

It’s only 5 inches thick, which is both a benefit and a con. It means that it’s super lightweight, but not particularly thick and luxurious.

Of course, you can always add a mattress topper or even box springs if you want to enhance its support offerings.

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Unpacking and Off-Gassing

Opening the mattress after the compression process can leave it with a warehouse kind of smell while it expands and for a little while afterward.

Thankfully that seems to fade after a little time in the open air and it’s hardly noticeable by the time you’re dressing it with sheets and bedding.

Another slight irritation is that Olee Sleep recommend that you leave the mattress for 24-48 hours for full expansion. If you live in a small space, this can be problematic — where are you going to sleep for two nights as you wait for the new mattress to air?

olee sleep 5 inch multi layer memory foam mattress

Overall Verdict

This Olee Sleep 5 inch Color Pencil Mattress is a wonderful sleeping option for people who don’t have a lot of space or who need a cheap mattress for a child.

The way it’s shipped in such a compressed and compact way makes delivery an absolute breeze and set-up even simpler.

However, if you have a sensitive back or need more support, then this mattress will be too soft and tame for you. Additionally, it’s only available in twin size — nothing else.

This kind of bed is a good choice for families with small children, college students fresh on their way to a new dorm, or even grandparents that want to set up a guest room or two for when the grandchildren are coming to visit.

Where to Buy the Olee Sleep 5″ Color Pencil Memory Foam Mattress

While the Olee Sleep 5″ Color Pencil mattress is one of the best cheap mattresses for kids, it’s not that widely available to buy online.

But you can, of course, find it on Amazon.

olee sleep 5 inch memory foam mattress

Have you tried the Olee Sleep 5 inch Multi Layer Mattress yet?


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