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HTS Verdict

The reasonably priced Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress will give you a comfortable, soft, and gentle night’s sleep without a sweaty slumber. The warranty ensures that you will be getting a comfortable sleep from year 1 to year 10 — but only as long as it is purchased in store.

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Among the many companies claiming to have the latest in sleep technology, MLILY sets itself apart with its own unique approach to their mattresses.

The Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress comes infused with five and a half inches of specially-crafted foam formulas making this mattress ideal for those who want comfy softness without having to sacrifice the support your body needs.

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Although the Serenity has its perks, there are still a few things to consider before you make your final decision.

Here’s what you need to know…

Mlily Serenity Mattress: the Details


The information below is about the Queen-sized configuration:

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 13 x 80 inches
  • Hardness: Medium to soft
  • Item Weight: 86 pounds (ships at 95 pounds)
  • Mattress Composition: 5 inches of bamboo-infused memory foam, 1 inches of M48 high density memory foam, 3 inches of M36 memory foam with Contour 9, 7.5 inches of base foam with Contour 9
  • Cover: up to 40% bamboo-infused fibres, quilted foam
  • Expansion Period: 24 hours for full decompression
  • Warranty: 10 year prorated limited warranty

The Serenity mattress is also available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, and California King sizes.

Material Composition

The Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress is made of four distinct layers that add to its overall comfort, design, and functionality.

The first layer contains a half inch of bamboo-infused memory foam that’s quilted into its cover. Now you may be wondering why there’s bamboo fibres, of all things, integrated into a mattress. At face value it may look unusual, but it serves an essential purpose. The bamboo fibres increase moisture wicking and help generate a greater airflow, which means that you won’t feel hot when you sleep.

The second layer contains two inches of M4 high density memory foam in the pillow top area. This makes the area incredibly soft, even without a pillow.

Three inches of M36 memory foam and Contour 9 make up the third layer. It’s crafted to help alleviate shoulder and hip pain, which is perfect for sleepers who prefer to dream on their sides.

The final, bottom layer is seven and a half inches of higher resiliency base foam with Contour 9 for shoulder and hip regions.

All MLILY memory foam is Certi-PUR US tested, which is the industry standard for ensuring low emissions. Since the mattress is all memory foam, this certification ensures that the mattress is made without ozone depleters, mercury, lead, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, methylene chloride, or PBDEs.

Their foams are also tested according to the OEKO_TEX Standard 100 certification system, a globally uniform standard that tests raw materials with the aim of eliminating harmful substances.

Made with sustainable materials, you can (literally) rest assured that you’re sleeping on an environmentally friendly mattress that won’t eventually lead to the destruction of our ecosystem.

Mlily: the Brand

With so many name brands touting having the “best” prices, materials, and comfort, it can all be overwhelming. Which ones are honest – let alone reliable – and, nowadays, how can you know until long after you’ve already bought the mattress?

Despite being in business for six years, MLILY is steadily making a name for itself among the giants in the sleep industry.

What began as a meeting of the minds turned into the making of a brand that’s hard to beat. Ben Folks, a retail mattress store owner from Tennessee, and James Ni, a mechanical wizard with the largest memory foam factory in China, worked individually for a decade improving their craft.

Folks’ goal was to create a great mattress at a lower cost, while Ni wanted to create quality memory foam without all the unnecessary waste. In 2011, they met to discuss mutual business interests, and thus MLILY came to life.

The goal of their new company was to create the highest quality product that not only cost considerably less than market price, but also eliminated waste and left less of a carbon footprint. With this in mind they created the MLILY Memory Foam Brand, one of the fastest growing memory foam brands in North America, which incorporates all natural materials for a one-of-a-kind experience.

MLILY Serenity 13” Memory Foam Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

  • Bamboo-Infused Memory Foam: As mentioned above, this is incorporated with the objective of keeping you cooler and more comfortable at night. While several mattresses boast of offering this through a variety of gels, the healthier and more deluxe option here makes it an appealing extra.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The Serenity is made with the health and safety of the environment and customers in mind by using natural and renewable materials and is free of potentially harmful substances including mercury, lead, heavy metal, formaldehyde and methylene. They also use Castor Plant Oil in place of petroleum.
  • The Warranty: The Serenity comes with a 10-year prorated warranty that covers manufacturing defects, workmanship, and materials during those years. If you find an issue within 10 years, you’ll be covered. The only thing that isn’t guaranteed is comfort, but that is something that won’t be a complaint.

The Positives


Anything made with four layers of foam is guaranteed to be soft and luxurious in feel.

Unlike some foam mattresses that tend to compact rather quickly, the high quality build of the Serenity ensures that proper airflow and flex are maintained, so you can enjoy all the cushion with a fraction of the flattening over an extended period of time.

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The Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress also includes Aloe Vera as an extra addition to really make sure that you are experiencing the softest of sleeps.

No Night Sweats

A hot bed makes for a miserable night. Some memory foam mattresses can trap heat because their cells are too close together.

To combat this, the cells in MLILY memory foam have an open cell structure that facilitates air flow. This combined with the bamboo-lined cover makes for a cooler night’s sleep. No more shifting to the coolest spot of the bed and no more turning over your pillow.

The Low-Low Price

The good thing about the Serenity is that you won’t have to dip into your savings, auction off a body part, or sell your soul to purchase it.

Compared to other memory foam mattresses of the same size, the pricing is great. If you’re skeptical of the price being low because the quality is low, then fret not.

You’ll be getting the same luxurious feel of a high-end memory foam mattress without a bank account in the negatives.

No Flipping Out (or Over)

This mattress is designed with only one sleeping surface, so there won’t be a need to turn it over, ever.

Mattresses are big, especially a queen-sized mattress, so you can rest assured that you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. To promote even wearing and longevity, the Serenity should be rotated 180 degrees every three months.


Made with Natural Materials

Memory foam can be made of materials that are not only toxic to consumers, but are bad for the environment.

If you look at the makings of memory foam today you wouldn’t be able to recognize, or pronounce, most of the materials used. MLILY memory foam is made of renewable resources such as bamboo and natural oils which lessen their carbon footprint while lowering emissions.

Easy Shipping

While the Mlily Serenity ships at 95 pounds in its queen size, you wont have to awkwardly lug the mattress to its resting place. All mattresses are shipped compressed and shrink-wrapped in a small box making it easy to collect.

Here’s a look into what the mattress looks like unpacked:

The Negatives

A Limitation on the Warranty

A 10-year warranty on a product that lasts about 10 years is certainly a deal; however, the warranty can only apply to products bought directly from authorized retailers.

Should you buy the mattress from an unauthorized reseller, you aren’t eligible for the warranty. Essentially, you would get the mattress and, should anything happen, you’re on your own.

Not necessarily a deal breaker, but something to bear in mind.

The Return Policy

Although the Serenity comes with a 10-year warranty, the return policy isn’t as forgiving. Regardless if you bought the mattress from an authorized retailer or a third-party reseller, all sales are final.

The mattress is not eligible for return, so unless you want to use the warranty, you would be stuck with what you buy.

You may be able to pursue a return through Amazon if you buy from them.

No Direct Shipping If You Don’t Buy From Amazon

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the mattress shipped directly to your home (unless it was from a site like Amazon, but that voids the warranty). It would have to be bought from an authorized retailer, which means that acquiring the mattress can be a tad inconvenient.

A Day to Decompress

After the Serenity mattress is unpackaged, it will take up to a day to decompress (which should be done in an open area, like a garage).

Walking on top of the mattress will help speed up the process, but don’t expect to jump right on in as soon as you get it.

Overall Verdict

The Serenity Memory Foam Mattress is soft, reasonably priced, and is made with eco-friendly materials. It supports the body well, it’s gentle with little motion transfer, you’ll never need to flip it over, it won’t leave you sweating like other memory foam mattresses, and if something goes wrong in ten years, you can send it back for a new one.

However, it is a risky buy with no trial period and make sure you buy from Amazon if you want to reap the benefits of a direct sale.

Where To Buy the Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress

To purchase the Mlily Serenity Mattress, you can contact the Mlily website to find retailers near you.

The mattress is also available at a couple online retailers:

And as expected, it’s additionally available on Amazon.

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Now you know all the details on the Mlily Serenity Memory Foam Mattress. Want to try it out?



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