A Guide to Mattress Dimensions


Finding the best bed size for yourself, your child, or your family is not always the easiest task. There are a lot of factors to consider.

Who is sleeping in the bed? How tall are they? How big is the room? How much individual space does each person need on a bed, should they be sharing it? If the bed is for a child, are they going to need a bigger bed soon?

mattress dimensions

This guide is aimed to help you figure out which bed is right for you, your home, and your family – without the hassle.

Mattress Dimensions


The minimum size of a crib mattress is 27 ¼ inches by 51 5/8 inches, with a thickness of up to (but not exceeding) 6 inches.

This mattress size is designed to fit a full-size crib, which can have an interior width of between 27 3/8 inches and 28 5/8 inches, and an interior length of anywhere between 51 3/4 inches to 53 inches.

When looking into crib mattresses, the rule is: the firmer the mattress, the better. Soft mattress can create a suffocation hazard for a baby, as they may not be able to flip themselves over if they turn on their bellies. They will have more leverage on a firm surface than a soft one.

You can test this by pressing on the mattress and seeing if it snaps back or not. It should snap back immediately.

The mattress should also fit snug inside the crib. Spaces between the crib and the mattress can be very dangerous, where babies can fall in and get stuck.

If you can fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib, the mattress is too small.

crib mattress dimensions

Twin Mattress Dimensions

The twin size: usually 39 inches x 75 inches.

Besides a crib mattress, the twin-sized mattress is the smallest available. It is best for a child or a single adult due to how compact it is.

And because of their size, twin mattresses work great if you’re tight on house space too. They are perfect for a small apartment, small bedrooms, or for studios.

Twin-sized mattresses can be also used for smaller guest rooms as well as for daybeds and bunk beds.

Despite what the name implies, don’t try to fit two people on a twin-size mattress if you can help it. No one will be getting a good night’s sleep if they are constantly trying to fight each other for space.

Sometimes a bigger mattress can be a relationship saver as much as a place to lie down on at night.

Full Size Mattress Dimensions

Full size: usually 54 inches x 75 inches.

While the full-sized mattress is just as long as the twin, it provides much more room in regards to width.

Two people can fit, but it is a size recommended for only one person so they have enough room to sleep comfortably.

A single person with a child or pets who like to sleep with them could also fit comfortably with a full-sized mattress, but any couples with a similar situation should definitely go up to the next size.

Additionally, some taller adults may find that the full-size mattress is too short for them.

mattress dimensions

Queen Size Mattress Dimensions

Queen size: usually 60 inches x 80 inches

The queen-sized mattress is the most popular on the market today. It is ideal for couples who enjoy sleeping closer to each other or anyone who likes to have lots of room to themselves.

As it is longer than the twin and the full, taller individuals will find that the queen works best for them. It can also be a good choice for a guest room, but that all depends on the size of the room.

The queen size is also good for people who want a bigger bed but want to maintain more space in their bedrooms, since it’s able to fit comfortably in most.

King Size Mattress Dimensions

The King size: usually 76 inches x 80 inches

The king size is the most ideal for couples, as it gives both people ample room to sleep and spread out. It also works well when pets or kids are sharing the bed.

The only downside to a king-sized mattress is that you need a big enough room to fit it in. Anyone with a small apartment or a house with small rooms would do better going with a smaller size.

You will want to measure your doorways and hallways before buying any mattress, but you should do this especially for a king size.

You want to make sure the mattress will be able to fit the space you want. There is no point in getting a mattress only to find out it won’t fit through your bedroom doorway.

If your mattress is being delivered, the service will most likely ask you for these measurements.

Here’s a video showing what these dimensions look like.


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