LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

What’s not to love about the super cheap LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Hybrid mattress? It’s super supportive, fresh smelling and smartly shipped.

It’s not all roses — it’s on the firm side and isn’t the coolest night’s sleep we’ve ever had — but it’s hard to argue with that low price tag and innovative memory foam and latex layering.

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It’s all about that incredibly low price with the LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress — but does it have enough good things going for it to make it a great mattress?

lazycat mattress review

Aside from the price, its innovative latex layering, fresh feel and soft cover mean that the LazyCat is definitely worth your consideration.

But it’s definitely on the firmer side — softies may want to look elsewhere.

Let’s take a look at the LazyCat mattress in more detail.

LazyCat Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress: The Details


We’re looking at the Queen, 11” configuration.

  • Product Dimensions: 80s x 60 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 72 pounds (ships at 84.9 pounds)
  • Mattress Composition: 1.5 inches of green tea memory foam, 1.5 inches natural latex, 2 inches super soft foam, plus 6-inch supportive high-density base foam
  • Cover: A soft-knitted Belgium Bekeart cover (with zipper, easy to take off for a wash)
  • Expansion Period: around 3 hours
  • Warranty: 15 years

Keep in mind: LazyCat produces all their mattress sizes (Queen, Full, Twin XL, King, Twin, and California King) in five different configurations from 6” to 14”.

Material Composition

One of the most remarkable elements of this mattress is, as the name suggests, its green tea infused memory foam. That’s right: green tea infused. This ingenious little treatment of the mattress’ top layer in fact goes quite a way in combatting generic memory foam’s greatest issues: the smell.

While memory foam has made strides in improving the way we sleep, it’s often come at a price: the smell of the chemicals necessary to create that plush, soft touch are quite, shall we say, present.

lazycat mattress review

Up until now, the solution has often been to air out a new mattress, leave a bedroom window open during the day, or simply going wild with scented room sprays. Which is exactly why LazyCat’s green tea infusion of the foam is so clever: the soft tea aroma entirely neutralizes any possible new-mattress smells, replacing it with the fresh and calming smell of green tea.

Under the memory foam, there’s a 1.5” layer of natural latex, which again sits on top of a 2” layer of super soft foam.

Going for this order — starting with the foam, rather than choosing for a latex-first layering — makes LazyCat’s the “just right” hybrid that it is: soft to the touch without compromising on firmness or support. All of this has a base of 6” supportive high-density foam.

In keeping with their style — a less chemical, more natural approach to mattress production — LazyCat has made sure that the natural latex used in their green tea-infused hybrid has anti-microbial properties, is hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. This means that the product is especially safe for babies or anyone with a sensitive skin type.

And, finally, because you cannot have comfort without a sense of safety: the mattress meets 16 CFR 1633 federal flammability standards. It’s free of harmful substances, tested according to Okeo-Tex standard 100. Plus, it’s Certi-PUR US certified.

LazyCat: The Brand

LazyCat is relatively young brand (started in 2007) that states to have two major goals:

  1. Contributing to ongoing research aimed at solving sleeping problems “for everyone” so that they can…
  2. Be as lazy in bed as physically possible.

Both are causes we wholeheartedly support.

The LazyCat brand is owned by PuTwo Inc, which is an officially CertiPUR (the pun is entirely unintentional) certified company. CertiPUR-US certified foam is, in short, foam that’s been made without ozone depleters, without PDBEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.

No heavy metals (mercury, lead), no formaldehyde, no phthalates. It also promises to be low on VOC emissions—which is another way of saying: little to no chemicals that will irritate (less than 0.5 parts per million).

Most significant is LazyCat’s own certainty of the quality they’re providing: their Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress comes with a whopping 15-year warranty. This is particularly impressive given its low price.

All in all, LazyCat seems the kind of brand that’s out to offer a product that’s as much about security as it is about comfort.

LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

Considering the low price of the LazyCat mattress, it has a surprising number of features that contribute to its popularity.

Here are the three that are most worth your attention:

  • Green tea infusion: there’s no horrible off-gassing when you unwrap this product and it keeps smelling fresh — even after a hot night’s sleep.
  • Latex and memory foam hybridity: it combines these two materials for the ultimate combination in support and bounce
  • Soft-knitted Belgium Bekaert cover: An incredibly soft, zippered fabric cover that’s easily washable

lazycat green tea mattress

The Positives

Very Supportive

We were surprised at the level of support offered by the LazyCat hybrid mattress — it certainly delivers over and above its pay grade.

The unique memory foam and latex layering have resulted in a foundation that will align your spine and neck, while easing any pressure points you might be experiencing. Weight is distributed evenly around the mattress and we think that even heavier sleepers will enjoy the full support on offer here.

Sleepers with bad backs will also benefit from this supportive mattress — if they can handle the firmness!

The Good Smell

The green tea infusion of the top layer memory foam neutralizes that dreaded “new mattress” chemical smell.

This promises a faster usability (no need for airing out), and, most importantly, a sounder sleep.

Your sense of smell works just as acutely during sleep (which is why smelling salts were used for centuries), and having a mattress that works to neutralize scents can go quite a way in improving the depth of your sleep.

As well as neutralizing any horrible off-gassing, the green tea infusion keeps the mattress smelling fresh for its whole life. Even if you’ve had a particularly sweaty night’s sleep!

Natural Latex

If you can, you should always choose a mattress that includes natural latex, as opposed to synthetic.

Happily, the LazyCat follows this creed, with their natural latex derived from Thailand.

It’s hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and anti-microbial — ideal for people with allergies or anyone concerned about their sleep health.

best hybrid mattress

Smart Shipping

Shipped straight to your front door in a compact box, all you need to do is bring it inside, carry it to your bedroom and unpack it.

It’s certainly convenient that LazyCat’s hybrid has an expansion period of just a few hours, as opposed to the full day necessary for some memory foam mattresses.

Prevents Motion Transfer

Again, this one’s down to LazyCat’s approach to foam and latex layering, and it works.

Especially for customers with back problems or a habit of fussy sleeping, it’s important to be able to adjust and settle to one’s heart’s delight without disturbing the person snoozing not too far away.

The Price!

We’ve spoken about this before, but we really can’t get over how cheap the LazyCat Green Tea Infused Hybrid Mattress is.

And with a range of sizes available — from Full to California King — and different height configurations, you’ll be able to find the perfect model for you at a reasonable price.

The Negatives

It’s Very Firm

We found the 12″ LazyCat mattress to be on the firm side — not so firm that it would put most people off, but it definitely doesn’t have that ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feeling that softer mattresses sport.

The firmness is offset slightly by the incredible soft Belgium Bekaert fabric cover, but not enough to truly be considered soft. If you know you want a mattress that tends towards the soft, we’d suggest look elsewhere. Or, alternatively, take a look at the LazyCat’s 12 and 14 inch configurations.

cheap memory foam mattress

Doesn’t Sleep Cool

Despite its innovative latex layering, you’re not guaranteed a cool night’s sleep on the LazyCat.

While the green tea infusion keeps things smelling fresh, there’s no gel infusion that you often get with more expensive mattresses to keep things cool.

If you live in a particularly warm climate, or are prone to night sweats, you might want to look at a more specialist mattress.

Overall Verdict

We highly recommend the LazyCat Natural Green Tea Infused Hybrid mattress — it is far and away better than what its low price suggests.

It’s highly supportive, so great for people with bad backs or excess weight, but it may be a tad too on the firm side for people who usually choose a softer mattress. And while it smells great and keeps fresh thanks to that innovative green tea infusion, it doesn’t really sleep cool.

But generally, this natural latex and memory foam hybrid mattress is an excellent deal: comfortable, supportive, healthy and fresh.

Plus the minimized motion transfer means that you won’t be woken by your partner going to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

Where to Buy the LazyCat Green Tea Infused Mattress

It’s super low price and attractive features mean that the LazyCat mattress is popular with a capital P.

Here’s a few online store you’ll be able to source it from:

And, of course, it’s available on Amazon.

lazycat natural green tea infused memory foam and natural latex hybrid mattress

Are you tempted by the low price of the LazyCat Green Tea Hybrid mattress?


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