Is Sleeping On The Left Side Better For Your Health?


As we lay down to sleep at night, it’s not unusual to question what is the best sleeping position.

Did you know that the side you sleep on can affect your sleep quality? If you answered no, then you’re not alone.

which side is best to sleep on

Many people fail to realize which side is best to sleep on to help influence a good night’s rest. But that’s not all. As well as improving the duration of your shut-eye, your sleep position is very important for maintaining many of your health and bodily systems.

If you’re now sat there asking yourself, “What side should I sleep on?” you can find all the need-to-know information below.

Which Side is Best to Sleep on?

So – what is the best sleeping position?

It turns out that sleeping on your left side is the ticket to better sleep and health.

Ayurvedic Practitioner John Douillard says that the left side of the body is completely different to the right, and recommends sleeping on your left side for a number of reasons:

  1. Encourages better digestion – As the stomach and pancreas hang on the left side, resting on that same side for at least 10 minutes will help you to properly digest your food. Also, your food waste will process faster and travel more swiftly through your intestines and into the colon when turned to your left.
  2. Stimulates the lymphatic system – Lymphatic congestion often occurs on the left side of the body because the majority of the lymphatic system is present there. When you sleep on the left, your body has more time to filter waste, lymph fluid and toxins.
  3. Promotes heart health – Sleeping on the left side makes it easier for gravity to take some of the pressure of lymph drainage away from your heart and spleen. It also improves blood flow to the heart and kidneys, and if you’re pregnant, to the uterus and fetus.
  4. Relieves snoring and sleep apnea – It’s worth sleeping on your left side to help open your airways, as well as relieve symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea.
  5. Supports healthy spleen function – Your spleen will also reap the benefits of laying on your left side while you sleep, as gravity will help to direct your fluids to the spleen in an easier and simpler way.

Which is the Best Sleeping Position?

what is the best sleeping position

Now that we’ve established which side is best to sleep on, we’re going to take a look at other sleeping positions and what they mean for your health.

  • Back position – Whether with your arms by your side or up around your pillow, sleeping on your back can lead to severe snoring and acid reflux. If you tend to sleep with your arms up when on your back, you’ll also risk putting pressure on your nerves and ending up with shoulder pain. The back sleeping position is particularly dangerous for those who suffer from sleep apnea, as it can cause your tongue to block the breathing tube.
  • Front position – Sleeping on your stomach is never a great idea, especially as you can’t take deep breaths. It also leaves the curve of the spine unsupported, which can result in back pain. In fact, this position can lead to numbness and pain in your neck, joints and muscles.
  • Right side position – If you like to sleep on your side, always try to avoid your right side because it can worsen heartburn. Right side sleeping also constricts blood vessels and circulation, forcing your body to move more often during the night.
  • Fetal position – Regardless of how comfortable it may be, sleeping curled up will put unnecessary strain on your back and neck. As your chin tends to be tilted towards your chest in the fetal position, your breathing will also be restricted.
  • Spoon position – When it comes to sleeping with a partner, most people favor the spoon position. It’s actually really good if one or both of you suffer with lower back pain, as it allows your spine to maintain its natural curve. Just be sure to spoon on your left sides!
  • Apart but together position – If you don’t like to cuddle up at bedtime, it’s perfectly fine to sleep apart in the same bed. This position shows a mix of closeness and independence, but again, make sure you sleep on your left sides rather than facing away from each other.

So the jury’s back in — looks like the left side is definitely the best side to sleep on!

Now you know what is the best sleeping position, which side will you be sleeping on?


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