GhostPillow, Real-Time Cooling Aerated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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GhostPillow are the new kids on the block when it comes to high quality pillows, employing a team of sleep scientists to create an intelligent product that adapts to keep you cool and comfortable, while also providing a high level of support for your head and neck.

While GhostPillow may be marginally more expensive than other pillows on the market, it’s undeniably a sound investment into your bodily health and sleep comfort.

ghostpillow memory foam pillow review


  • Product Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.8 x 5.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.9 pounds (ships at 7.3 pounds)
  • Cover: Cotton performance fabric, moisture wicking, embroidered, machine washable
  • Materials: Gel memory foam
  • Warranty: 5 year limited

Stand-Out Features

The GhostPillow memory foam pillow has a huge number of high-spec features.

  • Thermos Sensitivity technology: It has immediate coolburst airflow technology that cools the pillow immediately and throughout the night
  • Combination of comfort and support: Ergonomically designed, plush and soft to touch
  • Phase Change technology: Monitors your temperature throughout the night, redistributing heat and dissipating any excess


In addition to the above, the GhostPillow also benefits from the following:

  • Performance fabric cover that is plush, soft and wicks away moisture
  • Washable cover that can be easily removed with the zipper
  • Cradles the head and neck, aligning your spine
  • Designer box means that the GhostPillow is gift-ready!
  • Plush enough to satisfy down pillow lovers
  • Fresh, lavender scent


  • Embroidered logo is on the sleeping side of the pillow, which some users may find irritating and need to buy a separate pillow case

ghostpillow memory foam pillow review

Comfort vs Support

With most pillows, you generally have to compromise between comfort — soft, plushy down — or support — harder and more unyielding memory foam. This can mean that the quality of your sleep will be compromised.

The GhostPillow memory foam pillow, however, is the best of both worlds: soft and plush with enough support to perfectly cradle your head and neck while keeping your spine in alignment throughout the night.

With pure down pillows, the plushest pillows available, while you may have the softest comfort, you’re likely missing out on much needed support. This could lead to back pain, neck pain and crippling headaches.

On the other hand, many memory foam pillows feel almost clinical with their hardness and chemical odor, even if you are getting the health benefits of an aligned spine and neck.

GhostPillow is the perfect halfway point that delivers wholly on both comfort and support, and has gone down a storm with people suffering from back pain and spinal injuries.

ghostpillow memory foam pillow review

Cooling Technology

The real star of the GhostPillow show, however, is the incredible cooling technology.

The gel memory foam is aerated and benefits from patent-pending phase change technology — monitoring your temperature, absorbing and dissipating heat — and thermos sensitivity technology, which senses this heat and works to adjust itself back to cool.

While most memory foam pillows that claim to be cooling see their effects wear off as the night goes on, the GhostPillow memory foam pillow promises a continuous air flow and a cool burst as soon as your head hits the pillow.

Take a look at this somewhat bizarre promotional video, presented by what looks like a stereotypically Germanic scientist, on how the GhostPillow works:

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