Eight Smart Mattress Review


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Who fancies a night on a smart mattress?

The Eight Smart Mattress is exactly that — a tech-forward piece of equipment designed to allow you the personalization to create your best night’s sleep, every single night.


Sure, this mattress is expensive, but with such high quality specs and innovative technology, we’re not sure what else we’d expect from such a luxury mattress.  is what makes it a luxury item, rather than the price.

Unlike any traditional mattress, which lacks the benefits of the Internet of Things, the Eight Smart quite literally improves your sleep experience with time – using data and the latest materials.

However, no mattress is without its faults.

It’s time for the Eight Smart Mattress review…

Eight Smart Mattress: The Details


For the King size…

  • Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 10 inches
  • Hardness: Medium – Firm
  • Weight: 74 pounds
  • Mattress Composition: Technology layer, 2” reactive foam, 2” contouring memory foam, 2” supportive transition foam, 4” High density support foam
  • Cover: 100% Polyester
  • Expansion Period: 15 minutes
  • Warranty: 10 year limited warranty (Technology layer: 1 year limited warranty)

The mattress is also available in Full, Queen and California King configurations.

Material Composition

The Eight Smart Mattressstarts with a 4” base layer of high density foam which provides support and a solid foundation.

The next layer is the 2” transition foam which offers a layer of separation from the high density bottom and the more comfortable upper layers. This is the layer that ensures your weight is distributed evenly about the bed.

The middle layer is 2” of memory foam, which works to responsively contour to the shape of your body, reducing pressure points and providing real, deep comfort.

Another 2″ of reactive foam make up the next layer, which promises to bounce like latex (good news for sex!) and keep its cool throughout the night.

Last but not least is the technology layer, which goes above all the others and earns the Eight Smart the title of “smart” mattress.

As the signature product of Eight, this layer provides you with features that most mattresses lack, using data gathering technology to help improve your sleep schedule as well as a range of features to keep you cozy, connected with your home, and awake at the right times.

It tracks your sleep, warms up the bed and will even connect with your other smart home devices.

Eight: The Brand

Eight as a company is focused not solely on mattresses in general, but on the smart mattress in particular.

They raised $5 million in investment funds at the start of 2017 and are certainly a company to watch in the smart sleep space.

We’re in an age of smart product development, where connecting your possessions to the Internet of Things allows you to synchronize your life into greater efficiency, and Eight is working to bring the sleeping experience into the fold.

While the company only possesses three products right now, they are expanding beyond their top picks to offer more diverse options in the future. In addition to their mattresses, they also sell sheets specially customized for their deluxe mattresses.

Eight Smart Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

If you’re looking for a feature filled mattress, these are the main headlines you get with the Eight Smart mattress:

  • Smart Features: we’ll go into the main smart features shortly, but suffice to say that you get bed warming, smart alarm, sleep tracking and white noise functions with this mattress
  • Sleeps Cool: we were worried that all the additional technology of this mattress would result in a hot and sweaty night’s sleep, but that wasn’t the case at all. Cool and fresh, all night long!
  • Great Customer Service: the team at Eight Sleep are very responsive to any questions you might have regarding the mattress and the tracking metrics it produces

The Positives

Bed Warmer

One of the most difficult parts of getting out of bed in the morning is leaving a space that’s cozy and warm.

Why wait the entire night for that experience? Eight has included in their smart mattress a way of giving you that snuggly feeling at the beginning of your sleep schedule.

The bed warmer is possibly the most popular feature of the Eight Smart Mattress, especially appreciated on cooler nights. You can get into bed and skip the warming-up period, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and easier. In the case of sharing a bed, don’t worry.

The temperature can be adjusted differently for dual sleep zones — great news if your partner likes to keep things cool!

Smart Alarm

The technology layer of the mattress syncs up with your phone via an app, which includes alarms.

You have the option of using the app alarm as a regular alarm, with your choice of custom sounds that were created with better wake-ups in mind. If you’d prefer the deluxe smart alarm, then take advantage of the special feature to wake you up at the lightest point in your sleep cycle within a 30 minute bracket.

This seeks to help you achieve an easier wakeup and maximum alertness during the day.

Sleep Tracker

The app can use your mattress to deliver reports on your sleeping schedule and habits every morning, including the amount of time slept and sleep cycles.

This allows you to see your patterns over time and record what helps or doesn’t help you go to sleep. It also records your breathing rate and temperature during the night and can be a game changer for anyone with sleeping problems.

Here’s a great video from Eight on how the Sleep Tracker works:

Home Integrations

The Eight Smart Mattress can integrate with other things in your home using IFTTT.

This allows you to arrange for your home to wake up with you, having the lights or coffee maker turn on automatically when your alarm goes off. It can also be arranged to warm your bed at night, beginning at a certain time, so that everything is ready when you get there.

White Noise

The Eight sleeping app includes a white noise feature and has a dozen calming sounds to fall asleep to. White noise helps to neutralize any noise in your room or in your head so that you can rest easier and deeper.

Very Comfortable and Supportive

Aside from the smart features of the Eight Smart Mattress, it would be remiss not to mention how incredibly comfortable it is.

The different foam layers are so designed to mold to your body, allowing you to fall asleep in a natural position, relieving any pressure points and ensuring you don’t wake up stiff or with back pain.

One of the things we love about it is how bouncy it is — something that you often have to compromise with on traditional memory foam mattresses — and how it instantly returns to its full shape after you’ve risen. No sinking here!

The Negatives

Complex Set-Up

Depending on how many features you intend on using with your mattress and how comfortable you are with technology, the set-up for the Eight Smart Mattress can be a little complicated — especially when compared to other ‘set it and forget it’ mattresses.

Instructions are included, but essentially, there are more steps for setting up the Eight Smart Mattress than any other.

The mattress will come vacuum-sealed and expand upon opening; the technology layer will then go over top and require a plug-in.

This is all standard until you begin configuring your app, arranging your settings, and ensuring that your mattress, phone, and smart home are synced up.


The mattress suffers from a little off-gassing for the first few hours following unpacking.

It’s certainly not the worst we’ve smelled, but we’d definitely recommend cranking your windows open until it passes.


As with all smart products on the Internet of Things, the Eight Smart Mattress will improve its technology with time as it learns how you sleep and your preferences.

That means that it can be a little slow at first to produce accurate results and you will obviously need to regularly update the app to ensure that it becomes increasingly accurate and up-to-date.

Technology is constantly improving and this is no exception. This means there are regular updates to keep up with in the accompanying app. It may also take a couple of days or weeks for the sleep tracker to learn your habits and adapt to the environment, meaning inaccurate results on occasion but especially in the beginning.

Overall Verdict

Though this is certainly not a cheap mattress, the Eight Smart Mattress is certainly innovative and revolutionary.

It more than delivers in the quality of the bed itself and with the array features that aim to give you the best sleeping experience possible.

If you’re looking for a traditional mattress or aren’t particularly tech savvy, then the Eight Smart isn’t for you.

However, if you’re ready to take on the task, the exceptional make of this mattress combined with the technology means that you’ll be at the front of curve in the better sleep frontier.

Where to Buy the Eight Smart Mattress

You can buy the mattress direct from Eight’s website and, of course, it’s available on Amazon too.

eight smart mattress

Are you tempted to try the Eight Smart Mattress yet?



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