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Take a look at our Eight Mattress review to see if it’s the best mattress for you…

Sleep is precious.

Good quality sleep is vital for our health. It prepares us for our busy lives, keeping us focused and productive. It keeps our immune systems on top form, and improves our mental outlook, emotions, and social interactions.

Yet so many people suffer from a lack of sleep, or poor quality of sleep, so what can we do to sleep better?

One of the most important factors to getting a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed, and a comfortable bed means a top quality mattress.

The Eight Smartmattress collection takes sleep to a whole new level.

Not only are they luxuriously comfy, but they include unparalleled sleep technology such as sleep tracking, bed warming, smart alarms, and smart home integrations that are guaranteed to make you sleep like a baby.

Let’s take a look at what we have to say in our Eight Mattress review…

Eight Smart Mattress Collection

Each of the three models of Eight mattress have been designed based on the analysis of 10 million hours of sleep data to find the perfect sleep solutions to suit every body.

Here’s our guide to each of the three mattresses in detail.

The Saturn+

eight smart mattress

Three layers of top quality foam make up the 10 inch thick, medium firm Saturn+ mattress.

Six inches of durable supportive foam are topped with two inches of transition foam to absorb vibrations and minimize movement transference, followed by another two inches of reactive memory foam to provide firm support for the hips and spine.

What’s really clever are the sensors embedded in the removable mattress cover that track more than 15 different factors to do with your sleep and health.

These sensors track movements, heart rate, sleep patterns, sleep stages, respiratory rate, environmental noise, and more, and send all the data to an app on your smartphone.

This data is then analyzed using highly advanced algorithms, and can then be used to improve your quality of sleep.

The sensors also allow you to regulate bed temperature for each side of the bed from afar so if you’ve had a late night and you’re about to drive home you can set the mattress to heat up ready for your return.

Via the app on your phone the smart sensors can even wake you up at an optimal time based on your personal sleep cycle.

Eight Sleep - IFTTT Smart Home Features - App

The cover goes on the bed just like a fitted sheet and easily plugs into a hubspot that connects to the WiFi.

The sleep tracker can be easily integrated with other devices in your smart home using platforms including Nest, Philips Hue, and Amazon Alexa.

The Jupiter+

eight mattress review

Along with the same soft smart mattress cover with smart technology as the Saturn+, the Jupiter+ medium firm mattress is made up of four different layers of dynamic, reactive foam to provide maximum body support and pressure relief.

4 inches of high density support foam provide a firm and hard wearing base upon which the 3 other foam layers are supported.

A 2 inch layer of transition foam gives excellent motion isolation, which means that if your sleep partner tosses and turns during the night it won’t disturb your rest.

After this comes a 2 inch thick layer of contouring memory foam which hugs the curves of your body to ensure that your back, hips, neck, and shoulders are well supported and correctly aligned while you sleep.

Lastly, 2 inches of reactive poly foam provide all important bounce and softness to relieve pressure points, and keeps temperatures cool.

The Jupiter+ offers innovative techniques in breathability and sinkage, as well as being of a firmness suitable for most sleepers – even those who prefer sleeping on their sides.

Let’s take a closer look at the smart sleep tracking technology.

Getting the app set up on your Apple or Android device only takes around five minutes, after which it’s just a few simple steps to connect to the hubspot.

Sleep tracking can be set up for one or two people, and the tracker gathers data at the chest level with a sensor strip.

Eight Sleep App

Using the app you can clearly watch your sleep cycles using the nightly results, including when you enter each of the 4 sleep stages, which are detected based on motion, heart rate, and breathing rate. Over each sleep period, the app calculates a sleep score by multiplying the total time slept by tosses and turns of more than five seconds.

A green score of more than 85 means you have had a really great night’s sleep, whereas anything below 60 indicates that you have experienced a restless night and poor quality sleep.

The longer you use the app, the more accurate the picture of your sleep patterns, and clear, easy to read charts of your weekly and monthly average sleep scores can help you create a more consistent bedtime routine and improve your quality of sleep.

The super clever smart alarm detects when you are coming to the lightest part of your sleep cycle and wakes you at the appropriate moment so as not to disturb a deep, restorative slumber.

If you have smart lighting in your home, the app can also turn on the lights as you wake, gradually increasing the light level.

It can even join up with smart products in your home like the coffee pot, to get a brew ready by the time you get out of bed.

The Mars+

eight mars review

The ultimate in luxury and comfort, the Mars+ hybrid mattress uses a combination of sleeved coils and soft foam layers for medium soft firmness and breathability.

The 11 inch thick mattress is composed of a 3 inch layer of high density foundation foam that provides the main support of the mattress and creates durability and stability for the foam layers on top, above which is placed the 4 inch coil layer — sleeved coils surrounded by poly foam which provide support for your body and ensure that air circulates well within the mattress, keeping you cool throughout the night.

The coil layer also provides greater edge support, making it easier to get in ad out of bed.

On top of the innerspring coil layer are 2 inches of transition foam to absorb the impact and vibrations of any movements that might interrupt sleep, and finally a 2 inch thick, 3lb density reactive foam layer similar to latex that adds extra contour cushioning and bounce, and helps dissipate heat — making this mattress a good choice for people who tend to sleep hot.

Great for any sleeping position, but particularly ideal for back sleepers, Eight’s flagship mattress design Mars+ also benefits from the amazing smart technology as the other models in the range.

In addition to all the smart features previously mentioned, the smart tracker mattress cover of the Eight range also allows you to conduct sleep experiments in the app’s Sleep Lab.

Eight Smart Mattress

Each experiment compares your sleep data with different factors that affect sleep most, like exercise, mood and temperature.

Experiments usually last 7 days or longer, during which time the app will pose you specific questions at certain times during the day to create a more accurate picture about how your environment affects your quality of sleep and how you can improve it.

For example the results of one experiment might tell you the optimum amount of sleep you need to feel the most energized throughout the day, and another might reveal by percentage how much exercise you do improves your sleep quality.

Everything about the Eight smart mattress collection is geared towards giving you the best night’s sleep possible.

While there’s no denying that the Smart technology of the Eight range can change the way you sleep for the better, the mattresses in their own right are high tech and engineered with premium materials to give you an incredible restorative sleep, whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach or side sleeper, and even if you sleep next to someone else who moves around a lot during the night.

If the smart technology of these mattresses doesn’t appeal to you, you may well think that you’re paying extra money for a feature you’re not going to use – – but the good news is that all three three mattresses are now available without the smart tracking technology in the ‘Standard Collection’ for a lower price.

Other Eight Sleep Products

In addition to their range of mattresses, Eight also have a couple of other products dedicated to making you sleep better.

All Organic Cotton Sheets

eight sheets review

The Eight range of finest quality, super soft, all organic cotton sheets have a 300 thread count giving a lustrous appearance and a silky sheen.

Exceptionally durable, these sheets will last for years.

They are machine washable, gradually softening with every wash, and for extra convenience they can also be tumble dried without any risk of shrinkage.

Fitted sheets are super deep to fit any mattress up to 16 inches thick, and sheet sets are available in full, queen, king, and California king sizes.

What’s more, these sheets are hypoallergenic and allergen resistant, made with environmentally friendly non GMO fair trade cotton and contain zero synthetic pesticides.

The Ultimate Pillow

eight ultimate pillow

This innovative, totally adjustable pillow is designed to be customizable to suit anyone’s individual needs, whether a back, side, or stomach sleeper, and whether you have a preference for a firm, medium, or soft pillow.

The pillow is very breathable and light, and remains cool when sleeping. So how does it work?

The clever design features three separate internal layers inside a cool cotton case that can be arranged into 9 different configurations.

Layers can be stacked or removed to achieve different height and different combinations for ultimate comfort.

The first layer is a 1 inch layer of dense, firm memory foam which provides maximum support for the head and neck and keeps the spine in alignment.

The second two layers are of 1 inch and 2 inch thicknesses, and are filled with fluffy shredded foam pieces which feel a little like duck down and can be shifted around to mould to your contours.

Neck pain sufferers and those who like a firm pillow, should try stacking the layers with the memory foam on top for ultimate support.

For those who like to sleep on their backs, a configuration with the memory foam layer on the bottom is the best option. And for those who prefer to sleep on a cloud, the memory foam can be removed altogether, leaving just the 2 softer layers.

Ultimately though, the beauty of this pillow is that it can be tailored to your needs whenever you want, making it truly versatile and suitable for any sleep situation.

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