DreamCloud Sleep Hybrid Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

The Dreamcloud Sleep Mattress is definitely a contender in the hybrid mattress department.

They’ve offered the Goldilocks of beds, giving you the comfort of the perfect balance between firm and soft.

It’s supportive and with a trial period that lasts a full year, what’s not to love.

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Searching for the right mattress can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Many are too soft, many are too firm, and some can be way out of your price range.

Dreamcloud might just solve that problem with their DreamCloud Sleep Hybrid Mattress made of both memory foam and spring coils.

best hybrid mattress

It’s necessary to decide whether a memory foam mattress or a traditional spring coil bed is your style – or perhaps even a waterbed. All together – what’s “just right?” A hybrid mattress could be the solution.

The Dreamcloud mattress provides eight different layers to support your body, includes a cashmere cover, and the company offers a lifetime warranty.

But not everyone has fallen in love with the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress. Some users found it too firm or too soft, thought it was too tall, or decided it wasn’t great for heavier people.

But why don’t we take a closer look? Then you can decide whether this mattress is “just right” for you.

DreamCloud Sleep Hybrid Mattress: The Details


  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 80 x 15 inches (Queen-sized).
  • Hardness: Medium-firm.
  • Item Weight: 94 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: Five different types of memory foams, latex, and spring coils.
  • Cover: Cashmere-polyester blend.
  • Expansion Period: 24 hours.
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty with a one-year sleep trial.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King.

Material Composition

The Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress has eight different layers starting with the two-inch cashmere-polyester blend cover, which makes it both breathable and soft.

There is also a heat-treated cotton pad in this layer to help keep the temperatures down.

The next layer is a five-inch, gel-infused memory foam. This will ensure the mattress never gets too hot and will conform perfectly to your body for maximum support.

The next layer is 1.75 inches of quilted memory foam. It gives the mattress a bit of softness among all those layers of support and helps relieve any pressure on your back.

Next comes a ½-inch layer of hypoallergenic natural latex. It gives the mattress a bit of bounce as well as making sure it conforms even more to your shape. This is ideal for people who tend to move a lot in their sleep.

best hybrid mattress

Additionally, those with allergies don’t have to worry about sneezing while trying to have a good night’s rest.

The ÂĽ-inch Dreamplush support memory foam layer comes next, and it works to provide support while also conforming to your body.

This ensures there is a level of plushness to the mattress that the name indicates.

The next layer is arguably the most important. It is the 1.5-inch layer of super-dense/super-soft memory foam.

This will help to keep your back in alignment and hold your spine exactly where it needs to be, no matter the position you sleep in. Waking up with sore muscles or an achy back is a thing of the past.

Dreamcloud’s patented “BestRest” coils are the next layer. This is eight inches in thickness and provides support for every inch of your body while giving a bit of springiness to your mattress.

With the amount of memory foam surrounding the coils, you won’t feel them poking into your back, as you might with other mattresses. The coils are also placed to encourage the escape of heat, which cools the mattress overall.

The next and final layer is a ½-inch of high-density, super-soft memory foam. This helps with your spinal alignment and ultimately cradles you as you drift off to sleep.

As you can see, the name of the game for these layers is making you feel great as you lay down – and better as you get up!

best hybrid mattress

Nectar Brand: The Company

Nectar Brand LLC. is the company behind the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress.

Founded in 2016 in Palo Alton, CA, Nectar’s mission is to make the most comfortable bed possible for their customers.

They want to create a mattress that could work for all sleepers, which led to the Dreamcloud mattress’ creation, with the stated objective of leading “a sleep revolution.”

Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress Review

Stand Out Features

  • 365 Day Trial: Dreamcloud gives you a full year to make the decision on keeping this mattress in your life. If for any reason you decide this mattress just isn’t for you, Dreamcloud will remove and refund your mattress with no hassle.
  • Certifiably Safe: Dreamcloud mattresses are CertiPUR certified so you know that your mattress isn’t made with any harmful materials or ozone depleters. A greener mattress is always the better option.
  • Easy Shipping: No awkward lugging with this mattress. The Dreamcloud mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box right to your door which means less fumbling and huffing. They’ll even take your bed to your room and set it up if you ask (and pay).

The Positives

Back Support

If you have any sort of back pain, the Dreamcloud is just what you’ve been looking for.

Boasting numerous levels of memory foam and coils, almost everyone will feel supported and comfortable no matter what your pain or body issues are.

Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, the Dreamcloud will cradle you as you drift off.

Especially for stomach sleepers, the bed will ensure your spine doesn’t bow as you rest.

No Motion Transfer

There’s no worry of waking your partner (or your dog or cat) when getting up in the middle of the night.

Dreamcloud hybrid mattress review

The coils absorb most of the movement you make when tossing, turning, or rising, and since the layers of foam absorb the vibrations, your partner will barely know you’ve gone.


You are in for a plush and comfortable sleep experience with the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress.

There’s no worry about sinking into the mattress, as you might with an all-memory-foam bed, and you won’t have to deal with an ultra-bouncy alternative either, as you might with one only made of coils.

This is the perfect in-between, making for a soft, comfortable, but supportive mattress.


Dreamcloud even provides cleaning after your first year of ownership and a full reconditioning after five years.

They understand that no mattress can last forever, and they will help you ensure the mattress lasts for as long as possible.

You’ll get the most out of your money with the Dreamcloud.

If you need to clean the mattress for any reason (such as eating cookies in bed) in between cleanings, you’ll only need a bit of cool water and a mild dish detergent.

This will remove any dirt or stains, so long as gentle, circular motions are used during the process. Don’t try to rub the stain out!

You can also put on a water-resistant mattress cover to ensure the problem is eliminated entirely.

Sleeps Cool

Even on the hottest of nights, you can be sure your Dreamcloud mattress will stay cool.

The coils not only allow for support, but they ensure the mattress is breathable and that the air circulates well.

Some of the memory foam layers also include gel to help keep your mattress cool. The natural latex layer is also aerated, guaranteeing your comfort all night long.

Edge Support

Sinking or sliding off the mattress when you sit on the edge is a thing of the past.

There is plenty of edge support to ensure you feel stable as you put on socks or shoes in the morning.

You also won’t have to worry about slipping off the edge when sleeping either (never a good way to wake up in the middle of the night!).

Good Customer Service and Warranty

Dreamcloud also offers exceptional customer service. Beyond the 365-day trial to sample the mattress, as well as the lifetime warranty, the bed is delivered right to your door for free.

It will be set-up, and if you choose, your old mattress will be taken away for you.

best hybrid mattress

Their warranty is really like no other. For the first 10 years you own the mattress, Dreamcloud will replace it with a brand new one for no charge if it turns out to be defective in how it was made.

After 10 years, Dreamcloud will repair, re-cover, or replace your mattress, but you’ll have to pay for shipping. If it turns out that it is a manufacturer defect, then that charge will be waived.

If you don’t think the Dreamcloud is for you within a year’s time, they will take back the mattress, give it to charity, and refund you for your full purchase.

Dreamcloud even offers financing options if you feel you can’t afford one large payment. They will spread the payment over six months so it’s affordable for everyone!

The Negatives

Too Firm/Too Plush

The too-firm or too-plush levels vary with every mattress, but some users stated that the Dreamcloud was not right for them.

If you are more sensitive to these levels and need a bed resolutely in one category or the other, be sure to take note – this is a medium mattress and can tip in either direction.

Not Great for Heavier People

If you are a heavier person, near or over 300 pounds, this may not be the mattress for you either.

The bed will most likely sink too deep, eliminating the cradled sensation this Dreamcloud mattress intends.

The opposite goes for lighter people: you won’t sink into the mattress at all, causing it to be too firm.

Difficulty Getting in the Bed

If you are shorter, be aware that the mattress is 15 inches tall. You may have difficulty getting into the bed.

Whether you want to hike up onto the mattress or jump at it with a running start, it’s up to you.

Not Made in the U.S.A.

While it may not be an issue for some, for others, it can be a matter of principle.

This mattress isn’t made in the U.S.A., instead, it’s manufactured in China and then shipped to the U.S.

This may be why it smells upon arrival, though the odor fades away after it airs out for 24 hours.

Here’s a video showing what the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress looks like out of the box.

Overall Verdict

After going over all the positives and the negatives, we do recommend the Dreamcloud Hybrid Mattress.

It is quite affordable compared to the other luxury mattresses on the market and lives up to the hype in comfort levels.

While you may need a step ladder to reach the bed, and your weight does play a role in its suitability, it can support those who want that “just right” middle ground, while also providing superior comfort.


dreamcloud sleep review

That’s it for our DreamCloud Sleep review. Tempted to give it a try?


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