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Considering buying a PlushBeds Mattress? Make sure you read our guide first.

We spend almost one third of our lives in bed, and good quality sleep is essential to our health and wellbeing, so it is crucial to invest in creating a cozy, comfy place to sleep.

The best way to ensure that we sleep soundly is by having the right bed and mattress, but it can be difficult to find a quality, trustworthy brand.

Fortunately there are some excellent brands to choose from, one of which is PlushBeds, which handcrafts their products right here in the USA.

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to their full range of mattresses, bed bases and mattress toppers to help you find your ideal sleep solution.

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What Is PlushBeds?

PlushBeds is a leading online luxury mattress retailer and manufacturer, specializing in natural and organic latex mattresses.

All PlushBeds mattresses are GreenGuard Gold certified which means that unlike many other mattresses they are free from harmful chemicals.

PlushBeds are committed to excellence in craftsmanship and superior customer experience, using only the highest quality materials and the latest innovations to design extremely comfortable beds that promote deeper sleep and better health so that you can have more energy throughout the day and less ache from chronic pain.

All Plushbeds mattresses are available with a 100 night free trial, and a 25 year warranty. Impressive!

Check out our guide to their full range of products below…

PlushBeds Mattresses

Botanical Bliss

botanical bliss mattress

One of PlushBed’s bestselling mattresses, Botanical Bliss is created using 100% natural latex, and comes with a wide range of sizes as well as thickness and firmness options to tailor make the perfect bed to suit your needs.

Layers of organic Dunlop latex from Arpico with different firmness ratings provide relief for pressure points, and are sandwiched between layers of temperature regulating organic New Zealand wool to ensure you stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

The mattress is wrapped up in a soft and breathable organic cotton cover.

botanical bliss mattress review

There are 3 different thickness options to choose from – -9 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch, all of which are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal king sizes, and either medium or medium firm. Both the 9 and 10 inch mattresses are made up of 3 layers of latex, while the 12 inch mattress has an additional fourth layer for added thickness and even more firmness variations.

The density of the medium mattress is the most popular choice and is ideal for side sleepers, whereas the medium firm is better suited to back and stomach sleepers.

A typical medium mattress build has a medium firm latex layer, on top of which is a medium latex layer, and a third soft latex layer is added on top for extra comfort.

However, the firmness of the Botanical Bliss can be easily adjusted by simply unzipping the cotton cover and rotating the layers. King and cal king sizes are built with split layers so that each sleeper can choose the level of firmness that is right for them.

Prices for the Botanical Bliss mattress start at $1,099 for a 9 inch thick twin up to $2,898 for a 12 inch thick split cal king.

plushbeds review

Luxury Bliss

PlushBeds 12-inch Luxury Bliss Medium Natural Latex Mattress With Encased Coils – Twin – $1,199.00

Retail Price: $2,199.00
You Save: $1,000.00
from: Plushbeds

This 12 inch thick hybrid mattress by PlushBeds is a great choice for anyone, but is particularly good for side sleepers, those who sleep with a partner, and heavier people.

The clever design consists of two main layers — a natural latex top layer and a bottom layer of individually wrapped innerspring coils.

These two layers are encased in naturally fire-resistant Joma wool which provides a layer of softness and safety that also regulates temperature to keep you cool while you sleep, plus a soft and comfortable organic cotton stretch cover.

luxury bliss mattress review

The premium fabric encased coils ensure that the mattress conforms perfectly to the shape of your body for maximum comfort and pressure point relief, as well as resulting in minimal motion transfer. The coils also act to promote airflow to help keep you cool as you sleep, and the additional air circulation helps to keep nasty bacteria at bay.

On top of the bouncy coil layer is the layer of responsive organic latex foam which molds to your shape to cradle your body in the most comfortable position possible.

The Luxury Bliss mattress is available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and cal king sizes, and either medium, or medium firm. Prices start at just $899 for a twin size, and go up to $1,898 for a split king.

plushbeds review

Natural Bliss

natural bliss mattress

Available in either 6 inch, 8 inch, or 10 inch thicknesses, the Natural Bliss mattress is made up of layers of natural latex.

The 8 inch model is composed of 6 inches of premium botanical Dunlop latex, designed to provide a core that is comfortably supportive while also being resistant to sagging or body impressions.

On top of this is a 2 inch layer of springy natural Talalay latex which reduces pressure and provides fantastic comfort as if you were floating on a cloud. This is topped with a plant based fire resistant layer and a lightweight stretch organic cotton cover.

The 6 inch model does not have the 2 inch comfort layer of Talalay latex, and the 10 inch version has an additional 2 inch Talalay latex layer.

natural bliss mattress review

Every material used to create the Natural Bliss mattress is 100% natural and eco and animal friendly, so it’s an ideal choice for vegans and the environmentally conscious.

It also provides great support for all sleeping positions as well as excellent motion isolation. It comes in a wide range of sizes which include twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, cal king, split king, split queen, and split cal king.

This mattress is also available in four firmness settings – soft, medium, medium firm, and extra firm – so you’re sure to find the perfect level of firmness to suit you. Prices range from $799 up to $2,498.

plushbeds review

PlushBeds Adjustable Bases

Reverie Signature 5D

plushbeds review

This wireless remote controlled electric adjustable bed base is the perfect compliment to the PlushBeds mattress range.

With just the touch of a button you can adjust the head and foot angles without the hassle introduced by a cable, and the frame adjusts without making hardly a sound.

Not only that but you can also choose between 3 different massage modes to soothe away aches and pains, or activate the anti-snoring feature which automatically raises the head of the bed, putting the head of the sleeper in a position which opens up their airways to allow for easier breathing.

The zero gravity setting adjusts the bed frame into a position designed to make you feel weightless and relieve pressure on the lower back, as well as providing ultimate head and neck support.

It’s also possible to store 2 customized frame positions in the remote memory, which is incredibly convenient when you want to find your perfect position quickly and easily.

Offered with a 20 year warranty, the finely crafted Reverie Signature 5D powder coated bed frame can either rest directly on the floor or be mounted on adjustable legs and raised to the desired height of 3 inches, 5 inches or 8 inches tall.

It is available in twin, queen, cal king, and split cal king sizes and costs between $899 and $1,799.

plushbeds review

Reverie 8Q

plushbeds reverie review

The Reverie 8Q is PlushBeds premium adjustable bed frame, and does so much more than just elevate and recline.

It can be controlled using the remote control, but thanks to the built in Bluetooth it can also be controlled with the Apple and Android smartphone app.

The remote stand also doubles up as a charging dock with a USB port and 2 AC outlets. As with the Reverie Signature 5D, the Reverie 8Q features anti-snore and zero gravity settings, plus 2 programmable memory positions for locking in your favorite bed frame positions.

However, the Reverie 8Q also boasts a powerful motor which provides a blissful 3D wave head and foot only or full body massage with 10 different levels of intensity, plus a light underneath the foot of the bed which acts as a nightlight to safely guide you to your bedside when it’s dark.

Split frame models have the added advantage of providing each sleeper with the power to control their own adjustable foundation independently of their partner.

The Reverie 8Q is available in twin, full, queen, king, split king, cal king, and split cal king sizes, with height options of 10, 12, or 15 inches.

The price for a queen sized frame is $1,299, while a cal king costs $2,099.

plushbeds review

PlushBeds Mattress Topper

PlushBeds 2-inch Soft Natural Talalay Latex Topper – Twin – $219.00

Retail Price: $319.00
You Save: $100.00
from: Plushbeds

If you’d love to experience the comfort and luxury of a PlushBeds mattress but haven’t quite got the available budget, the PlushBeds mattress topper is the perfect solution.

Made from 100% natural talalay latex, these organically pure toppers create airflow and regulate temperature, provide excellent support and relief from pressure points, and are hypoallergenic and resistant to mites, mold, and bacteria.

Toppers are protected by a soft organic cotton cover or not, depending on your choice. You can decide between either a 2 inch thick topper or a 3 inch thick topper, and there are 3 levels of firmness to choose from.

plushbeds mattress topper review

Soft is ideal for side or back sleepers, medium is great for any sleeping position, while medium firm is just that bit firmer for stomach and back sleepers.

Available in a wide range of sizes, the PlushBeds mattress topper can be placed on top of your existing mattress within seconds. Prices start at $219.

plushbeds review


Overall PlushBeds offer a fantastic range of quality, natural mattresses, beds, and mattress toppers, with enough customized options for even the most finicky sleepers to find their dream sleep solution.

While they may not be the cheapest brand, they offer excellent value for money, and investing in a PlushBeds product ensures that you will have a comfy, luxurious bed for many years to come.

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