Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress Review


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Bad name, good mattress — that’s how we’d sum up the Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Foam Mattress.


There’s a lot to like about this latex mattress, not least the fact that it also benefits from a cooling gel memory foam layer and –best of all — the price tag won’t break the bank.

Of course, no mattress is perfect and the Best 2 Rest is not immune. It’s lacking in edge support, for one thing (make sure you don’t roll off the bed)…

Let’s take a closer look at what’s good and what’s not so good…

Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress: The Details


These specific details are for the Best 2 Rest King-sized mattress in the 10″ configuration.

  • Product Dimensions: 79 x 10 x 59 inches
  • Hardness: Medium firm
  • Mattress Composition: 2 inches of organic natural latex, 1 inch of cooling gel memory foam, and 7 inches of high density support foam
  • Cover: Ventilated latex and organic cotton
  • Warranty: 20 Year warranty

Best 2 Rest mattresses also come in the following configurations: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and California King.

Material Composition

best 2 rest 10 inch natural latex foam mattress review

The King-sized Best 2 Rest mattress is a 10” natural latex mattress consisting of three layers.

First, there are two inches of organic latex, which brings support, bounce and flexibility to the mattress.

Next is the cooling gel memory foam that not only molds to fit your body but also adjusts to match your temperature.

Then, there are seven inches of high-density support foam to allow for that nice medium firm feel.

It’s also worth noting that this mattress comes with a ventilated latex and organic cotton cover to help with airflow.

Finally, it’s certified by CertiPUR-US to guarantee the quality of its materials.

Fortnight Bedding: The Brand

Fortnight Bedding are the creators of the Best 2 Rest latex mattress, and started with a modest 3,000 square foot manufacturing plant, a few products, and a goal of creating a high-quality line of mattresses.

Now with a 75,000 square foot facility in New Jersey, a full line of pillows and mattresses, and thirty years of experience, it’s safe to say Fortnight Bedding achieved their goal. To this day, this company dedicates hours upon hours of effort to ensure their products use high quality materials for their supportive and comfortable designs.

Above all else, Fortnight Bedding established a return policy on their already economical products to guarantee that all customers are satisfied.

Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress Review

Stand-Out Features

Before we dive into the pros and cons of the Best 2 Rest mattress, let’s take a look at the headline features:

  • Latex and Memory Foam Hybridity: This is not just a latex mattress… this is a latex mattress with a memory foam layer for that extra degree of comfort.
  • Made in the USA: We love home-grown products! Plus they have a generous 20 year warranty to get excited about.
  • Allergy-Proof: The latex is natural and organic — great for those of us prone to allergies.

The Positives

Adjusts to Body Heat

There’s little worse than waking up in the middle of the night feeling like you stepped into an ice age or a pit of lava.

You won’t have this problem with the Best 2 Rest natural latex mattress: the inch of memory foam is infused with a cooling gel, while the latex and the organic cotton cover are breathable and promote airflow around the mattress as you sleep.

Regardless of how hot or cold it is in your bedroom, you’ll be guaranteed a comfortable and temperate night’s sleep. And you won’t wake up in the morning to sweaty, smelly sheets…

best 2 rest mattress review

Conforms to Your Body and Minimizes Motion Transfer

Are you fond of flip flopping in bed, or maybe you can never get comfortable enough to lie still?

Again, the memory foam layer comes to the rescue. As soon as you lie down, you’ll find the mattress conforming to your body shape — instead of you having to conform your body to fit the mattress.

Not only does this minimize any pressure points, but it distributes your weight evenly about the bed and delivers that much-desired ‘sleeping on a cloud’ feeling.

The longer you sleep, the more comfortable you become. Good luck getting out of bed in the morning or after your nap.

Also, for those of you who don’t sleep alone, your movements won’t affect those around you because the memory foam is tailored to mold to the consistency of individuals rather than minor movements across the mattress. Motion transfer is minimal.

Helps Back Pain

Mattresses can be magical, but they can also be malevolent if they don’t care for your spine.

We’ve all had a few bad experiences with mattresses where we feel much stiffer the next morning, but that isn’t an issue with the Best 2 Rest mattress — quite the opposite actually.

While the memory foam works to create comfort and ease the body, the natural latex and high density foam layers provide robust support, aligning your spine and neck. That means no soreness in the morning!

Rather than forcing you to shift your neck and spine unnaturally, this mattress cares for your body’s needs to help you restore both your energy and your back health.

Plenty of Bounce

One of the compromises you often have to make with memory foam mattresses is to say goodbye to bounce.

However, the bounce and flexibility of the latex in this Best 2 Rest is very impressive — ideal for, cough cough, intimate bedroom-based activities!

It also means that you aren’t stuck with a sinking mattress after a couple of years of use. It retains its shape excellently.

If you’re wondering about the different textural differences between latex and memory foam, check out this handy video:

Dust Mite and Allergy Proof

This one’s for everyone who wakes up in the middle of the night — or can’t fall asleep in the first place — because of coughing or sneezing. Allergy seasons are bad enough without having to worry about how your mattress will affect you.

Thankfully, this Best 2 Rest latex mattress comes with a ventilated latex and organic cotton cover that regulates airflow. Now, regardless of the season, you can snooze without sneezing.

Smart Shipping

We love that most online mattress retailers are investing in smart shipping technology nowadays and thankfully the Best 2 Rest natural latex mattress is a member of this gang.

It’ll be delivered compressed and boxed right to your door. All you need to do is carry it to your bedroom, unpack and wait…

best latex mattress

The Negatives

Lengthy Expansion Period

We get it: you bought a new mattress, you want to sleep on it immediately and hopefully never get off of it.

Sadly, since the Best 2 Rest mattress is rolled before being packaged — which is great for easy maneuvering — the mattress requires anywhere between 24 to 48 hours to expand to its original size.

We also advise leaving this mattress to expand atop your bed frame or wherever else you plan on sleeping so you don’t have to worry about moving it later.

So, when tracking your delivery, be sure to prepare alternative bed space for potentially two extra days before sleeping on this mattress for the full comfortable effect.

Fiddly Unpacking

We’re not saying you might accidentally stab your mattress while unpacking it, but let’s just say: don’t invite Edward Scissorhands to the unboxing.

Similar to most online mattress stores, the Best 2 Rest mattress is delivered in a small box to facilitate easy moving, which is lovely. What’s not so lovely is that one of the steps of unpacking involves cutting through a thick and opaque plastic wrap so you can unroll the mattress.

Since the company itself warns of such a risk — accidentally cutting a hole in your new bed fellow — we advise everyone to unpack with caution.

Lacking in Edge Support

We’ve found that too many latex — and hybrid latex — mattresses don’t have especially strengthened edges.

That’s not to say you’ll fall off this mattress, but if you tend to roll around in your sleep, the lack of edge support is definitely something to consider.

There are ways to reinforce a mattress’s perimeter such as: purchasing a higher/stronger bed frame, using walls for support, and padding the edges with blankets.

While edge support is more of a preference — some people choose softer edges to make sitting on the edge of their mattress more comfortable — we found this a bit of a let-down, for an otherwise excellent mattress.

Overall Verdict

The Best 2 Rest Natural Latex Mattress may not be the easiest product to unpack, but we were generally very impressed with it.

Support, comfort, temperature regulation and bounce — what else could you want in a mattress? Well, tougher edge support for one, but we won’t hold it against them.

We highly recommend this mattress and consider it great value for money. Little extras like the 20 year warranty and allergy-proof cover certainly help to sweeten the deal as well!

Where to Buy the Best 2 Rest Latex Mattress

Perhaps we’re not looking hard enough, but we could only spot this mattress as available on Amazon.

best 2 rest mattress review

Will you be trying the Best 2 Rest Mattress?


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