Berger & Strauss Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress Review


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HTS Verdict

The Berger & Strauss Mattress offers comfort and luxury at an affordable price.

While this hybrid mattress is made by a new company, you’ll be backed by a 101-night trial and a 10-year warranty so you can worry less.

It’s made of high quality, eco-friendly materials too so you can feel better about your carbon footprint.

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The Berger & Strauss Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress might not be at the top of everyone’s wish list now, but there’s a good chance people will start raving about it in the near future.

It’s the flagship (or rather, the flag bed) of the Berger & Strauss company and, as such, no costs have been spared in making this mattress the eye catcher of any bedroom.

best hybrid mattress

Not much is known yet about this enigmatic company, but if we’re to make a guess based on their first mattress, it’s safe to say they’re planning to deliver good-looking luxury products for an affordable price. And, as you know, there’s little we value more than being able to afford a good night’s sleep!

Finding a good hybrid mattress isn’t hard in a world where this type of bed has met popular demand.

However, finding a hybrid mattress that can stand out from a crowd is always a treat, and we believe that the Berger & Strauss Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress isn’t just standing out – it’s one of the best hybrid mattresses you can hope to find.

From the looks that could belong in any five-star hotel, all the way to the design that integrates bamboo as a naturally sustained source of fiber – this mattress offers all the bells and whistles needed to become one of the very best.

The only things necessary to take into account are some heat retention cases (an issue all memory foam mattresses struggle with) and some initial odor when opening the package.

Now that’s we’ve broken the ice and have introduced a mattress with personality, let’s get into the details and see if this is the right pick for you!

Berger & Strauss Luxury Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress: The Details


Please remember that these are details for the Queen size.

If you are shopping for a different size, it would be wise to remember that aspects such as weight will be altered.

  • Product Dimensions: 64 x 17 x 17 inches.
  • Item Weight: 132 lbs.
  • Mattress Composition: Memory foam, fiber pockets, and separated inner springs.
  • Cover: Bamboo-infused Jacquard cover.
  • Expansion Period: Around a day.
  • Warranty: 101-nights free trial and a 10-year limited warranty.

This mattress is available in King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes, though the general makeup of the mattress will always be roughly the same no matter which size you choose.

There are no varying thicknesses.

Material Composition

Looking for the best memory foam mattress isn’t just a matter of finding a bed consisting of just one material.

You’ll find the main component of this mattress is still memory foam, which is good news for those who need extra support during the night.

Memory foam has long been loved by anyone who needs a firm surface as they sleep, and it remains a crucial component in most mattresses.

Due to memory foam’s heat retaining qualities, however, it has been suffering more backlash in recent years, giving rise to the hybrid mattress.

hybrid memory foam mattress

The Berger & Strauss mattress has offset the middle layer of memory foam with two other components.

The quilted memory fiber pockets make up the top layer of your mattress. They’re on top of the other layers because they provide the necessary air circulation as you sleep.

While not as effective as cooling gel, they generate less harmful materials during production and are a more eco-friendly choice.

The third layer consists of springs incorporated with the density foam, located conveniently near the bottom.

By adding separate springs instead of attaching these together, the mattress is more responsive to your personal sleep profile, providing support where necessary.

Berger & Strauss Mattress Review

Stand Out Features

  • 101-Night Trial: No longer do you have to make a decision based on a quick jump in a store, this company really wants you to be satisfied with your purchase. Should you not be, they’ll take it right back.
  • 10-Year Warranty: And when your trial expires, you’ll have a long 10-year warranty to keep you covered should you notice any faults in the making of the mattress. It’s great to know a company has your back, especially when it’s a new one.
  • Eco-Friendly: Berger & Strauss has gone through a number of methods to ensure their mattress plays nice with our environment. This includes a comfortable, natural bamboo cover and a Certi-PUR US certification.

The Positives

Ecological Cooling

While cooling gels have slowly become the standard (and they are qualified for numerous certificates) the Berger & Strauss luxury hybrid memory foam mattress has taken a more ambitious route. By infusing their fabric with bamboo, the natural cooling effect is increased.

Furthermore, bamboo can be harvested more ecologically and doesn’t need to be fabricated in a factory.

Since bamboo grows back fast, it’s becoming more wide-spread as a viable ingredient for many goods.

berger & strauss mattress review

We like seeing these kinds of innovations, as it will surely lead to many more sweet dreams.

CertiPUR-US Acknowledged

The CertiPUR-US certificate is awarded to mattresses that conform to all security norms in North America.

This certification is given to mattresses that have undergone strenuous testing to ensure harmful materials aren’t used in manufacturing.

This includes formaldehyde, mercury, and flame retardants so you can rest assured knowing you or your loved ones won’t be harming the environment or themselves.

With all the mattresses available on the market, you’re better off choosing a mattress that went through the effort of getting this qualification. Doing your bit for the planet can be easy too!

No Motion Transfer

Separate coils are great, and not just because they offer additional support in places where you need it most.

If you or your spouse gravitates toward shifting and turning in the night, separate coils mean that nobody else has to be the wiser.

It beats seasickness from an overactive bed partner, and we’re a big fan because of it. You won’t be stirred awake and left restless from your partner’s tossing and turning, or if they need to get out of bed before you do.

101 Nights Guarantee

A 10-year limited warranty is pretty sweet – but even sweeter is the 101-nights guarantee, where you get the test out this bed and see if it’s the match you’ve been dreaming of.

Not convinced? No problem! You have three months to decide on whether or not this is a keeper, or worth shipping back to the company at no cost to yourself.

While most brick and mortar stores allow you to take a five-minute rest on their mattresses, this company knows that that’s simply not enough to really know if a bed is a fit.

Now you’ll be able to know for sure before making a full commitment. And even then, should there be any faults in your mattress, you’ll have 10 years to get a replacement.


With all the features mentioned, it would be no surprise if this mattress came with a hefty price tag. What is surprising, is that it’s actually really affordable.

Compared to other mattresses of its kind, the Berger & Strauss mattress won’t empty your wallet making it an option for anyone on a budget.

This is even better news for those furnishing their first home, or those looking for a quality occasional bed for a guest room or cottage.

You won’t have to sacrifice quality with this mattress.

Easy Shipping

If you do decide this mattress is for you, you won’t need to worry about lugging your mattress through tight doorways and hallways to get it to your room.

Berger & Strauss mattress review

Berger & Strauss mattresses come compressed, rolled and packaged in a box so you can easily take it to its resting place.

After that, it’s just a matter of unwrapping and letting it expand. Easy-peasy.

The Negatives

Some Heat Retention

Since memory foam is a large component of this mattress, some heat retention is to be expected.

While perfect for ecological fans, the lack of cooling gel really becomes noticeable during particularly hot nights.

It’s a tossup on whether or not this is something you can cope with, so we recommend testing this mattress during hot months when possible.

Odor When Unpacking

Memory foam as well as sealing and shipping a mattress comes with a downside, and that’s having to air out the bed.

Luckily, all you need is patience during the expansion period and a well-ventilated room. It couldn’t be easier.

Relatively New

Because the company is fairly new, you might have a hard time finding others who have already tested this mattress.

While an adventurous spirit or someone with an eye for quality won’t be deterred, it is a drawback that you can’t ask a friend about their opinion.

Luckily, you can take advantage of their 101-night guarantee, meaning you stand to win big if you feel like being a pioneer.

Overall Verdict

The Berger and Strauss luxury hybrid foam mattress is a great first creation by a company that’s dedicated to creating the hottest looks for the coolest price.

Due to the design and creative use of bamboo in the fabrics, this is a sure winner for the shopper that wants to do more for the environment.

The classy finish also makes it a great fit for a guest room when you want to wow your visitors with a sense of taste.

This mattress would be least liked by people who are extremely prone to overheating or who live in hotter climates.

Luckily, it’s easy to test this with the 101-nights guarantee, so if you’re still on the fence, it’s simple to see how this pans out for you.

The Berger and Strauss mattress could be the beginning of something great, so keep an eye out for more.

Berger & Strauss luxury hybrid memory foam mattress

Where to Buy the Berger & Strauss Mattress

As we mentioned, Berger & Strauss is still a new company without much of an online presence or a website with more information.

Fortunately, this new company has produced a solid mattress made of quality that’s sure to satisfy a number of customers.

Since this mattress and company seems to have been established just this year, we’re hoping to see more products and information in the near future.

So just where do you get your hands on this mattress?

For now, you can find the Berger & Strauss Mattress on Amazon.

berger & strauss luxury hybrid memory foam mattress

That’s all for our Berger & Strauss mattress review. Curious enough to give it a try?


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